Hello! This is the place on the blog where I’ll leave listed my author partners, by alphabetical last name order, and their book reviews so far! Thanks so much, guys! If you want to submit a book for review, just give me a call at! It will be a pleasure to meet you and your book! 😀

AICHER, LyndaThe Harder He Falls, Kick #1 (review here!) [Publisher]

AICHER, LyndaThe Deeper He Hurts, Kick #2 (review here!) [Publisher]

AICHER, LyndaThe Farther He Runs, Kick #3 (review here!) [Publisher]

ANDEM, Olivia M.Ashes of Waterloo (review coming soon!) [NetGalley]

ANDERSON, Ted & COOK, KatieMy Little Pony: Equestria Girls (review here!) [NetGalley]

ASHFORD, ElaineJunior Jolt, Straight College Guys #3 (review here!)

AXE, LanaThe Golden Owl, Clockwork Calico #1 (review coming soon!)

BARTES, SybilTalon, The Uncompromising Series #1 (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

BOWEN, GerriEscape to Gettis… And Love, Love in Gettis #1 (review here!)

BRADFORD, BaileyPrey Mate (review here!)

BLAIR, Jamie & MILLER, Dawn RaeMurder Madness Such Sweet Sadness, Kiss Kill Love Him Still #2 (review here!) [YA Bound Book Tours]

BRAILSFORD, LeeStepping Out of Midnight (review coming soon!) [Publisher]

BRANCHES, RitaPainting Sky (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

BROOKE, TaylorOmen Operation, Isolation #1 (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

BROOKE, TaylorECHO Campaign, Isolation #2 (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

BYRNE, Amanda K.Broken Down, Hidden Scars #2 (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

CALVANI, MayraThe Luthier’s Apprentice, Violinist Detectives Series #1 (review here!) [Lola’s Blog Tours]

CAMERON, CaseMore Than Luck, Legendary Pairs #2 (review here!)

CAMERON, CatePlaying Defense, Corrigan Falls Riders #2 (review here!) [Chapter by Chapter]

CAMERON, CateWinging It, Corrigan Falls Riders #3 (review here!) [Chapter by Chapter]

CHAPMAN, BrynnThe Requiem Red (review here!) [Publisher]

CHUPECO, RinThe Bone Witch, The Bone Witch #1 (review here!) [The Fantastic Flying Book Club]

CHURCH, M. A.Beneath the Surface (review here!) [Bewitching Book Tours]

DAHM, Leyla KaderAnnabeth Neverending (revew here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

DALEO, LauraImmortal Kiss (review coming soon!) [NetGalley]

DEE, BonnieThe Copper (review here!)

DEE, BonnieThe Tutor (review here!)

DEE, Bonnie & DEVON, SummerThe Merchant and The Clergyman (review here!)

DEMPSTER, Kerr-AnnThe Reluctant Sacrifice, The Aramithians #1 (review here!)

DeROSA, G. K.Wilder, The Guardian #1 (review here!) [Chapter By Chapter]

DeROSA, G. K.Wilder Destiny, The Guardian #2 (review here!) [Chapter By Chapter]

DeROSA, G. K.Wilder Revelation, The Guardian #3 (review here!) [Chapter By Chapter]

DERR, MeganThe Only Option (review here!) [Bewitching Book Tours]

DIMON, HelenKayMr. and Mr. Smith, Tough Love #1 (review here!) [Give Me Books]

DIMON, HelenKayThe Talented Mr. Rivers, Tough Love #2 (review here!) [Publisher]

DIMON, HelenKayGuarding Mr. Fine, Tough Love #3 (review here!) [Publisher]

EADON, KellyThe Wedding Date (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

EASTON, TobiEmerge, Mer Chronicles #1 (review here!) [Publisher]

FINN, K. C.The Book of Shade (review coming soon!) [NetGalley]

FITCH, E. M.Of The Trees (review here!) [Publisher]

GAMBARINI, LivioEternal War: Armies of Saints (review here!) [Publisher]

GARREN, JaxStripped with the Vampire (review here!) [NetGalley]

GOODMAN, JoMore Than You Wished (review here!) [eBook Discovery]

GREATHOUSE, AudreyThe Neverland Wars (review coming soon!) [YA Bound Book Yours]

HAGER, Krysten LindsayTrue Colors, Landry’s True Colors #1 (review here!) [YA Bound Book Tours]

HAMMERLE, JulieAny Boy But You, North Pole, Minnesota #1 (review here!) [Chapter by Chapter]

HAMSTEAD, KatiePrincess of Tyrone, The Fairytale Galaxy Chronicles #1 (review here!) [YA Bound Book Tours]

HAMSTEAD, KatieMyths of Mish, The Fairytale Galaxy Chronicles #2 (review here!) [YA Bound Book Tours]

HANNAH, S. L.The Need (review here!)

HANSEN, Emily AnnGrimm & White, Heartless #1 (review here!) [Bewitching Book Tours]

HARPER, HelenEros, Olympiana #1 (review coming soon!)

HARPER, HelenGifted Thief, Highland Magic #1 (review here!) [NetGalley]

HARPER, HelenHonour Bound, Highland Magic #2 (review here!)

HARPER, HelenVeiled Threat, Highland Magic #3 (review here!)

HARPER, HelenLast Wish, Highland Magic #4 (review here!)

HARPER, LouSecrets and High Spirits, Spirtis #4 (review here!) [NetGalley]

HART, A.Braver With You, Great Love #1 (review here!)

HART, StaciWasted Words (review here!) [Give Me Books]

HARVEY, AlyxandraLove Me, Love Me Not (review here!) [Chapter by Chapter]

HAWK, Jordan L.Dangerous Spirits, Spirits #2 (review here!)

HAWK, Jordan L.Hexbreaker, Hexworld #1 (review here!)

HEALY, CarolineThe Wolf Mirror (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

HENRICKSEN, TomCracking the Career Code (review coming soon!)

KENDALL, A. E.The Quartermaster & The Marquis’ Son, Clash at Sea #1 (review here!)

KERIC, MiaIn a Gilded Cage (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

KING, Mark C.Sigmund Shaw: A Steampunk Adventure (review here!)

KING, Mark C.Whispers of Bedlam Asylum (review coming soon!)

KING, Mark C.Tomb of Hannuh (review coming soon!)

KNIGHTLEY, ErinVexed by a Viscount, All’s Fair in Love #4 (review here!) [NetGalley]

KNIPPLING, DeAnnaAlice’s Adventures in Underland: The Queen of Stilled Hearts (review coming soon!)

KNIPPLING, DeAnnaHow Smoke Got Out of The Chimneys (review here!)

KOEVOET, CherylThe Carnelian Legacy, The Carnelian Legacy #1 (review coming soon!) [NetGalley]

KRUPPA, Kristine27 Days to Midnight (review here!) [YA Bound Book Tours]

LACY, Mark AnthonyRetro Glamour Photography of Mark Anthony Lacy (review here!) [Publisher | Edelweiss]

LANGLINAIS, M. PepperThe Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller (review here!) [Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours]

LEAH, Archer KayFour, The Republic #2 (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

LOGAN, HarperMy Leading Man, The Neeson Boys #1 (review here!)

LOGAN, HarperGroomed to Perfection, The Neeson Boys #2 (review soming soon!)

LOGAN, HarperBaby Daddies, The Neeson Boys #3 (review coming soon!)

LOGAN, HarperSomething New (review here!)

LOMBARDO, RebeccaIt’s Not Your Journey (review here!)

MADSEN, CindiOperation Prom Date, Tactics in Dating #1 (review here!) [Chapter by Chapter]

MARCH, AvaViscount’s Wager, Gambling on Love #3 (review here!)

MARCH, AvaConvincing the Secretary, London Legal #3 (review here!)

MARKS, Rachel A.Darkness Brutal, The Dark Cycle #1 (review here!) [YA Bound Book Tours]

MARKS, Rachel A.Darkness Fair, The Dark Cycle #2 (review here!) [YA Bound Book Tours]

MARSHALL, KaleeRoses of the Angel (review here!)

MCATEE, MartinaDark Dreams and Dead Things, Dead Things #2 (review coming soon!) [YA Bound Book Tours]

MCCONNEL, JenDaughter of Chaos, Red Magic #1 (review here!) [Chapter by Chapter]

MCCONNEL, Jen – Gods of Chaos, Red Magic #2 (review here!) [Chapter by Chapter]

MCCONNEL, JenTriumph of Chaos, Red Magic #3 (review here!) [Chapter by Chapter]

MCNULTY, AmyFall Far From The Tree (review coming soon!)

MCNULTY, AmyJosie’s Coat (review coming soon!)

MCNULTY, AmyNobody’s Goddess, Never Veil #1 (review here!) [Chapter by Chapter]

MCNULTY, AmyNobody’s Lady, Never Veil #2 (review here!) [Chapter by Chapter]

MCNULTY, AmyNobody’s Pawn, Never Veil #3 (review here!)

MELLOW, E. J.The Dreamer, Dreamland #1 (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

MELOY, PaulThe Night Clock (review here!) [NetGalley]

MORELLI, PattiShielded Past (review here!)

MORENCY, DayanaFalling Light (review here!) [YA Bound Book Tours]

MORRIS, JamesMelophobia (review coming soon!)

MORRIS, JamesWhat Lies Within (review here!)

MURPHY, DerekShearwater, Part One (review here!)

NGUYEN, Jenn P.The Way to Game the Walk of Shame (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

NICOLLE, KristySomething Blue (review here!) [Quill & Ink Book Tours]

NOELLE, ErinThe Hidden Life (review here!) [Love Affair With Fiction]

O’BEIRNE, EmilyFuture Leaders of Nowhere (review here!) [YA Bound Book Tours]

OAKS, LindaChasing Rainbows, The Chasing Series #1 (review here!)

OAKS, LindaFinding Forever, The Chasing Series #2 (review here!)

OAKS, LindaThe Way Home, The Chasing Series #3 (review here!) [Love Affair With Fiction]

OATES, Joyce CarolThe Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror (review here!) [NetGalley]

ONTAMAHatsune Miku: Mikubon (review here!) [Publisher/Edelweiss]

PENNY, JoyA Love for the Pages (review here!)

PURDY, Rebekah L.Incriminating Dating (review here!) [Publisher/NetGalley]

REAVES, MalloryBeauty and The Beast: Belle and Beast’s Tales (review here!) [NetGalley]

REED, EmilyFairy Tales for Modern Queers (review coming soon!) [NetGalley]

RENWICK, AnneThe Silver Skull (review coming soon!)

REYNE, LaylaSingle Malt, Agents Irish and Whiskey #1 (review here!) [Barclay Publicity]

RHODES, DeclanOrder Up (review here!) [Hidden Gems]

RIVERS, JeanNicoleBlack Water Tales: The Unwanted, Black Water Tales #2 (review here!)

ROMAN, TeresaDaughter of Magic (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

SCHWARTZ, Sharon & SUTTON, LauraEisenberg Originals: The Golden Years of Fashion, Jewelry, and Fragrance, 1920s-1950s (review here!) [Publisher | Edelweiss]

SLOAT, ChristySlumber, The Slumber Duology #1 (review here!) [YA Bound Book Tours]

SMITH, Jacqueline E.Cemetery Tours, Cemetery Tours #1 (review here!)

SMITH, Jacqueline E.Between Worlds, Cemetery Tours #2 (review here!)

SMITH, Jacqueline E. – After Death, Cemetey Tours #3 (review here!)

SMITH, Jacqueline E.Boyband (Boyband #1) (review here!)

SMITH, Jacqueline E.Backstage (Boyband #2) (review coming soon!)

SMITH, LaurenThe Rakehell’s Seduction, Seduction #2 (review here!) [Barclay Publicity]

SPATUCCI, SteveBreach Point (review here!)

SPARKS, HolyEnrule, The Enrule Series #1 (review coming soon!)

SPEARS, SpencerSugar Season (review here!)

SPEARS, SpencerStrawberry Moon (review coming soon!)

STARLING, StellaBe True, At Last, The Beloved Series #1 (review here!)

STARLING, Stella Be Loved, At Last, The Beloved Series #3 (review here!)

THORNTON, D. M.The Answer (review here!)

THORNTON, D. M.Distracted (review coming soon!)

THORNTON, D. M.Lost (review coming soon!)

TOMPKINS, Sarah VanceKisses on a Paper Airplane (review here!) [YA Bound Book Tours]

VALENTINO, AnyaMisunderstood: Secrets of a Teen Queen (review here!)

VOISEN, AngeliqueRightfully His Omega (review here) [Bewitching Book Tours]

WADE, KrystalAsleep (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

WILDE, JenQueens of Geek (review here!) [Xpresso Book Tours]

WINTERS, Elsa & VANCE, BradThe Road Home (review here!) [Hidden Gems]

WOLF, SaraLove Me Never, Lovely Vicious #1 (review here!) [Chapter by Chapter]

WOLF, SaraForget Me Always, Lovely Vicious #2 (review here!) [Chapter by Chapter]

WOODRUM, ElizabethMaisy and the Missing Mice, The Maisy Files #1 (review here!) [Lola’s Blog Tours]

WOODRUM, ElizabethMaisy and the Money Marauder, The Maisy Files #2 (review here!) [Lola’s Blog Tours]

WOODRUM, ElizabethMaisy and the Mystery Manor, The Maisy Files #3 (review here!) [Lola’s Blog Tours]

WRIGHT, J. D.Everealm (review coming soon!) [NetGalley]

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