Review Policy


To avoid long waiting lines and problems, I would like to apologize to all lovely authors and publishers that arrive on this page, but it won’t be possible for me to take up more requests right now. I promise to open my review requests spots again soon 🙂 I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello! Before submitting your book for review, I’d like to talk about my personal tastes and work style. I’m an avid panda reader but, as everybody else, I have my preferences and work pace. 🙂

I’m a graduated Journalist and have over nine years of experience with reviews of all kinds – which explains both my honest, deep and analytical rambling thoughts and why I take a little while to get to your book, haha! But don’t worry – if your book hasn’t been published yet, I will prioritize it so the review goes out before the book does. 😀

My analysis will always be professional, but my ratings are totally personal, sorry. 🙂

Book preferences

As I mentioned, I am an avid reader, but I don’t read some type of books and I apologize in advance for that. It’s nothing personal against you or your work, but everybody has their tastes. 🙂

Don’ts of my shelves

  • Fitness and health books
  • Diet books
  • Self-help books
  • Christian / Religious books (I do read books that talk about religion in a historic way, romances involving characters that are religious, but I don’t like the ones that try to indoctrinate the reader. Please have this in mind that when submitting a book for review)
  • Books that teach you a lesson through a spiritual journey (example: The Shack)
  • Books without a happy ending (okay, I do read them, but I can’t guarantee a good final rating)

Do’s of my shelves

  • Fiction
  • Historical romances (specially those set in Europe, 19th century)
  • LGBT romances (my favorites!)
  • Y&A
  • Fashion
  • Supernatural
  • Terror/horror
  • Thrillers/Mystery
  • Ghosts, vampires, zombies, werewolves (specially if it includes a male/male couple, hehe), witches, fairies…
  • SCI-FI
  • Fairy-tales retellings
  • Epic books (like Lord of The Rings)
  • Classics
  • Dystopian
  • Futuristic books
  • Art related
  • Journalism related
  • Animal related

Really, I read most anything, haha! If you don’t know if your book fits my tastes, just shoot me an e-mail and we can talk =)

Review copies

As I live in Brazil, I ask only for epub, pdf and mobi formats for reading. I love paperbacks, but the shipping can be a bit expensive to my address. I don’t want to burden anyone, so I stick to digital formats. 🙂 Of course that, if you are a beautiful soul and really insist on shipping me a physical copy, I will love it! 😀

Work Pace

  • After I receive the book, I’ll list your name at my Partnerships page, to spotlight you and your work ❤
  • The waiting line is about 2 weeks before I get to your book. However, if your book hasn’t been published yet, I will prioritize it for the review to be out before the launch;
  • During reading time, I usually mark the book as currently-reading on my Goodreads account – and if I don’t, it’s because I’ve read your book in one sitting and you were that awesome to keep me glued to it with that intensity, haha!
  • After I finish the book, the review is posted on three places: this blog, my Goodreads account and Amazon. The review takes one to three days after I finish the book with luck to be up everywhere, as it is very analytical. You can take a look at my style here.
  • After all is up and good, I’ll send you a complete list with all the links of the places that I have talked about your book as soon as I can. This list will include my blog posts, Amazon and Goodreads review and my Twitter posts.

Star Rating System

I use Goodreads’ star rating system: 1 to 5, without half stars.

  • 5 stars: I really loved the book, so I will push it to people everywhere and intend to eventually buy myself a copy for my physical collection, when available.
  • 4 stars: I liked the book, but felt that something was missing or had minor issues with it.
  • 3 stars: it was an enjoyable read and I don’t regret grabbing it at all, but there is little chance that I will read it again or brag about it. Higher chances of complaints during the review.
  • 2 stars: I had several issues with the book and came to the conclusion that I was the wrong audience for it.
  • 1 star: I don’t want to talk about it because I won’t be able to be civilized or express a fair opinion about this book. It was that bad for me.

That’s it! Currently, as of May 22th, 2022, my review requests remain closed, but my rating system is still valid.

If you want to know more about my panda self, click here.


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