Last Wish, from Helen Harper (Highland Magic #4)


Good night, lovelies! I know you all are too gracious to have ever noticed, but I can be slightly crazy sometimes – for example, I was sure that Last Wish, the fourth and last book in the Highland Magic series (#tears), from my goddess Helen Harper, would only be published on Dec. 6th. Guess what? THE DEAL IS TODAY!


I don’t even know why I thought it was on the 6th! Honestly, I wonder what goes on inside my mind most of the time, ugh. Point is, you all get to see my opinion on this wonderful (spoiler?) conclusion sooner! Helen sent me a copy of Last Wish in exchange for an honest review and here we go!

Oh, no, scratch that, please. First, in case you aren’t living on the same world as I haven’t checked out my reviews for the previous books in the series, you can do it first:

Gifted Thief (Highland Magic #1) | Honour Bound (Highland Magic #2)

Veiled Threat (Highland Magic #3)

Now we’re good =) Let’s start!


the story

When Integrity Aidar decided to play dead for the sake of her master plan to bring down her sworn enemy, Aifric Moncrieffe, no one told her the deed would be so. Annoying. Do you know how hard it is to run a reform without being able to be seen by pretty much anyone outside your clan? Integrity can tell you: a pain in the ass.

And let’s not forget the damn prophecy that dictates she’ll save the world. Or the fact that her crush, Byron, seems to be already arranging a weeding despite just watching Integrity ‘die’. Talk about a turn off in the relationship.

Among so many uncertainties and pressure, there is only one thing Integrity knows for sure: she is so screwed.


Me after finishing the book:


the analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

If I had to define Last Wish with just one word, it would be: OMGTHATWASSOAWESOMEWHYDIDITHADTOEND?! #cheating #sorrynotsorry Alright, let’s be serious for a moment: this was a stunning and breath-taking end to one of the most kickass series that I had the pleasure of reading in a looong time! Integrity Aidar will forever be one of my all-time favorite female protagonists and I can’t even start on how much I’ll miss her REALLY BAD jokes and her passion for hot pink. I’m in denial, don’t try to make me feel better.

i'm depressed I need a cookie

The book didn’t get 5 full stars, however, because I felt Harper lost a little her touch with the lightness of the book. So far, in all three books, no matter how bad things got – there were always moments of fun and laughter here and there, because that’s who Integrity is: she always cheers up the people she loves. I missed seeing this on Last Wish and I was a little disappointed with that thing that happened right before the happy ending and that I never quite saw Integrity’s face after that other deal in the end, so… Four wonderful and brilliant stars to close off one of my favorite series!


The narrative follows once more our darling Integrity Aidar, first person styled. While I will love Integrity forever, I must say this book dragged a little on some parts, as Integrity is too shaken to cheer herself up – imagine cheering her friends. Her peace and love mood is seriously breaking and she wants to remain true to her beliefs no matter what, so she turns into someone quieter and jaded. Still awesome and kickass, but less funny and flirty, and her chance reflects deeply into the story pace – still quick and delightful, but heavy.

As I already sort of started talking about characters here, I’ll just jump to it and then we talk plot, okay? #rebel Many people surprised me on Last Wish, but no one more than Bob, the little genie. I knew he was friends with Integrity, but only on this book we really understand how true and faithful he is and I can’t lie, it got me tearing up a bit. Of course there’s also betrayers and too many innocent deaths for my tastes, but nothing felt “too much”. Harper makes her reader understand on their hearts why those people were gone, in a way or other, and eventually, we accept it. Just like Integrity. That’s how much of a connection we form with her ❤

let me love you

Regarding the plot, well, that’s where one star was truly lost. I was highly unimpressed with two points in the story. I can’t go on a full ranting mode because it would be too much of a spoiler, but the first case, right before the end, wasn’t consistent with Integrity’s personality. She is a pacifist, but she is also an opportunist in the best way, but she didn’t try to retrieve some things that someone stole from her – and she could have, as the person dies right after. Let’s just say she allowed the person to die thinking they had won and it was so not Integrity! First, because she would do all in her power to prevent the death and second, she would never allow anyone to think they had the upper hand if she doesn’t need to.

i don't get it.gif

The second point was the end itself. I don’t deal well with open ends for closing books and standalones, so I was highly bothered that I didn’t even get to see Integrity’s full reaction to the last happening of the book. I’m one of those crazy old ladies that need closure in life, you know? I know many people love wide open endings, but I’m not one of them >.< Sorry!!

selfie pouting.gif

Now that my ranting moment is over, back to the plot! OMG, THE TWISTS! I love books that can mix predictable twists with face-slap twists! You think you got it all figured out and BAM, Harper pulls your metaphorical carpet and laughs to your face. Boy, I love this woman ❤


Also, this was one of those rare cases in which I read and could connect the book to a song! Of course it’s Beth’s fault, as we won’t shut up about music together, but still! Every time I came across scenes of Integrity and Byron and their so-not-everyday love, Tremors, from Angels & Airwaves, started to play on my head, haha!

Hmm, now that I think of music (Beth, this is sooo on you!), I think that is safe to say that Integrity’s theme song is How To Be a Heartbreaker, from Marina & The Diamonds. Like, through the whole series, haha! She doesn’t get around in any way, but she plays Byron to such levels!

Alright, so let’s get going. Can I just call your attention to the BEAUTIFUL cover? ❤ I think the only cover I didn’t love in the series was for book number 2 – Integrity’s eyes got a little weird. My favorite, for sure, it’s book’s three cover – those orange shades made such a nice contrast with Integrity ❤ Which one do you think it’s best??

To wrap this up (I SWEAR!), I’ve got a handful of quotes to convince you why you need to read the Highland Magic series ❤

“(…) rationality has no place when it comes to affairs of the heart;” – Integrity’s thoughts


“I rather liked the idea of being Hercule Poirot; maybe I could invest in a moustache to twirl at appropriate moments. Hot pink, of course” – Integrity’s thoughts


“Revenge isn’t psychotic, Uh Integrity, it’s noble. This world has been built on the pillars of revenge.” – Bob


“Love isn’t about possession.” – Integrity’s thoughts


And those winning dialogues:

Morna: Does the Scrymgeour lass know that she’s screeching at the source of all magic?

Integrity: Oh yes. She has no qualms about who she yells at.


Taylor: How often do the good guys win?

Integrity: Sometimes it might take them a while but they always win in the end.

Taylor: How do you know?

Integrity: George Lucas.


Everybody is properly wooed to read the Highland Magic series now and, if you aren’t still convinced, I can throw the book in your face tell you that, if you like Urban Fantasy, Kickass females, adventure and an emotional ride full of gorgeous men and lovely sidekicks, YOU WILL LOVE IT!


goodreads icon

AND WE ARE DONE! Omg, I can’t believe you made it all the way here! Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed the review and that we can fangirl about Integrity together someday =D Also, thank you again to Helen Harper for all my copies from this series ❤ You made my life unbeliaveable more happy!!!

With love,


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