The Answer, from D. M. Thornton

Hello, there! I can already say that my trip today to my hometown was one of the worst that I had. Screaming children, a fucked up traffic and never-ending stops don’t even begin to describe it! But one good thing came out of it: I’ve finally finished The Answer, from lovely D. M. Thornton! ❤ I have received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review and the time has arrived!


the answer
from my Instagram 🙂

The Story

Jax Levi is a hell of a successful man. With a golden gut for business, Jax has earned heavy money since his early adulthood. The only thing he never found was true love.

Until watching this wonderful woman ordering at the same deli that he was having his lunch.

Chloe Nespoli is a jaded woman. After the tragedy that took both her husband and son, Chloe knew that a piece of her soul was taken from her as well. She had been managing herself quite well on the last years, picking up her scattered pieces one by one.

Until she crosses paths with Jax Levi, the walking figure of sex and temptation.

Their connection is instantaneous and undeniable, but soon enough both Jax and Chloe realize that sex is not the answer to all the unspoken questions and ghosts from their pasts.

The Analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

I started this book with highly expectations, as my lovely friend Lindsey loved The Answer to her bones and she’s not usually one to enjoy romances. D. M. Thornton was kind enough to send me a copy for this review and I’m deeply thankful. However, The Answer didn’t swept me off my feet as I expected it would. Whereas it is a wonderful story about healing through love and personal growth, I wasn’t impressed or the correct audience for it. It kept me pinned to know how it all would end until the last page, but rather for not knowing what was Thornton’s point with it. Overall, a three stars book 🙂

The narrative was third person styled with switching points of view between Jax and Chloe, which I found great ❤ Thornton’s writing style is sensible and involving, pure art. It is one of the strongest points in The Answer, along with character constructions, but we will get there, haha!

The plot was basically were the book lost stars with me. Lacking boy meets broken girl, they hit it off and heal each other. It is adorable, but in a month’s time. I was highly bothered by how fast they got intimately involved, especially given Chloe’s background. On the second day of acquaintanceship, they already acted as a 20 year married couple 😦 Also, I don’t see the need for so many sex scenes. Of course, some are very important for the story, as Chloe has insecurities regarding her body and Jax wants to teach her that she is beautiful even with her flaws – physical or mental. But honestly, I would be cool without half of the scenes.

The good side is that Thornton tied all up very well in the end. I really liked the point which she decided to stop the story ❤ I wish I could say more, but no spoilers 😉

The characters were a blast. I have to pick favorites, as Chloe was brilliant. Of course that sometimes I wanted to hit her with a baseball bat, but it’s part of the book friends thing, haha! Chloe has OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and Thornton’s description and portrait of her case made me want to hug Chloe and assure her everything was okay. In my early teenage years, I was diagnosed with a light case of OCD. It would only surface under severe pressure and stress or depression, so I never had to deal with it on a daily basis. I admire Chloe’s strength in a fashion that I can’t even put into words.

I can’t say the same about Jax. I disliked him since the beginning and it didn’t get better. I don’t like forceful males in any way of the word and he didn’t have the minimal sense of borderlines and limits. He can be beautiful as hell and sin very far away from me. However, I do recognize that he was very good for Chloe and was there for here every time she needed him. He was supportive, caring and loving, healing her.

Nevertheless, even having my problems with Jax, I have to admit that he was incredibly well built as a character, as everyone in the book. They were real, for good and bad. The strength, the weakness, everything!


Bonus point: can we just stop everything and talk about this cover, please? So awesomely beautiful *–* It is one of my favorites among my ebook collection ❤

the answer 2

Overall, this is a great contemporary romance. If you like bossy males, sassy females, hot sex and characters to keep in your heart, give a try to The Answer 🙂


That’s it, thanks for reading! Thank you again to D. M. Thornton for trusting me with your work ❤ Do you like contemporary romances??


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