Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

Hi, there! I’m alive after a very unproductive Saturday – Jess, from Mud and Stars, can testify that, haha!

Anyway, it’s time for a tag and lovely Victoria, from Addlepates and book nerds, nominated me to the Dragon’s Loyalty Award 😀 Thanks so much, dear! It’s my first time receiving it and I’m beyond happy, haha!

dragons loyalty award


(x) Display the award on your blog and announce your win with a post;

(x) Link the blogger who awarded you;

(x) Present six deserving blogs with the award and link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded;

(x) Write seven interesting things about you.

Seven interesting (?) facts about me

 1) I just started to work again after a year break to finish college and put my health back on track 🙂 I’m enjoying it a lot and hope to stay there for a while, as I like my clients and my co-workers!

 2) I’m totally not a movie person. I always have déjà vu feelings when I read movie synopsis and I never was much of a movie watcher to say that I’ve “seen it all”. I’m okay with tv shows, though. I like to marathon them all at once, because if I stop, I will pick it up again only months – OR YEARS – after. Also, I have an extreme difficulty in ending them for this reason. In 21 years, I’ve only finished watching the classic Scooby Doo season, The Little Mermaid tv series from Disney, and I Dream of Jeannie. Btw, I finished I Dream of Jeannie last month, so yay for me, haha! Now I’m hell bent on finishing Bewitched. I started it all over again and am on the middle of the second season – work got in the way of this plan, but I’ll be watching more episodes tonight, for example 🙂

i dream of jeannie main cast
I Dream of Jeannie ❤

 3) I’m a linguistics nut. If I could, I’d learn all the languages in the world. I currently only speak Brazilian Portuguese and English fluently unfortunately, but I’m working on my French now – I’m learning by myself for now, but I think I’ll enter a proper course on the next semester 🙂 My top priority languages to learn after mastering French include German, as I’m a German descendent, Japanese, as I HATE to depend on online translators and editors to read the titles that I want, and Russian just for the fun of knowing it, haha!

 4) I’m a sucker for gay romance and gay manga. I’m often asked whether I’m a homosexual myself, but it’s not the case. Actually, I’ve never had sexual desire towards any real living person, be it a girl or a boy. I recognize their beauty, but I have no desire to touch or be touched. I’ve only fell truly in love once and it was for a boy, in my last year of high school. Complications aside, I’ve never once felt the need of kissing him or even touching him. However, as he was sort of in love with my best friend, I admit I didn’t put an effort on this and, ever since, I haven’t truly fallen for anyone else. I tried to fall for one of my best male offline friends, but that didn’t really work out either – his fault for not making the effort of going out with me even as friends, haha! So yeah, I’m heterosexual that lives desire through fictional gay men. Totally natural, yeah.

 5) My 22th Birthday is on August 12th of this year and I don’t know how to feel about it. You see, this week I found a very white hair among my dark blonde others and I still sport the same face that I had when I left high school at 17, so I don’t feel like 22. I also still need to take my driver’s license, so I guess that helps me not to feel as I’m not a teen anymore. Even with my college being proudly over with all the stars and all and working since I turned 18, I feel froze in time. I’m not saying that I wish to look older, but I wish I could feel older. I wish I could feel like 22 and not like I’m still 17. But oh well, at least I get some funny jokes from my friends on the matter. I’m often called a vampire because of my never aging face and the fact that I tend to oversleep during the day given the chance – my regular sleep time if allowed is of at least 10 hours. My personal record is 18 hours of uninterrupted sleep, oops!

 6) I have a small Lhasa Apso called Lady that is one of the beings that I love the most. She’s a stubborn and lazy girl, but she seems to have a sixth sense that never fails to alert her if I’m not feeling well or if I’m upset. She hates taking pictures, but I pretend I don’t know that, haha!

Lady in dress - 2016

 7) I love to travel, but I haven’t been getting many opportunities to do so, especially to new places. I do have to travel to visit my family, but that results in always going to the same places. My goal for the next year is to travel to a new place, let’s see how that will unfold, haha!

Hmm, that post ended up being way more personal than I intended it to, but oh well. Sorry guys, thanks for indulging my reflections, haha!

I nominate…

So, the people that most comment on my blog are:

  • My lovely friend Vinnie, which has a wonderful sense of humor and an endless patience with me, as I tend to read his blog posts all at the same time from month to month, haha! Sorry, darling, know that I love your blog even with the lateness of my comments 🙂 If you guys like movies, go follow him! He writes the BEST MOVIE REVIEWS EVER!
  • My best online friend Jess, from Mud and Stars, that not only tolerates me on WordPress, but also on Twitter, haha! Thanks for spending time with me whenever you can and for indulging me on book club ❤ Her blog is as amazing as she is and that’s saying a lot, trust me. So go follow her, haha! Love you, Jess!
  • My online bff Jeany, from JeanyJanez ❤ Thanks so much for always stopping by and always having something nice to say, dear! Also, thanks for being my friend ❤ If you guys like music and books, you need to follow Jeany!
  • My awesome kick-ass bff Mandy, from The Reading Diaries, that is someone that I admire from the bottom of my heart. She has endless patience with me on Instagram, pops up in here whenever she can and is awesome pretty much 24/7. If you like books, DIY projects and cooking, you have to follow Mandy! I’m sure she’s one of the best cooks in the USA!
  • My offline best-friend Jenny, who insists on reading my blog when she should be writing her dissertation and for that, I’m very proud of her ;D Thanks, twin!
  • My new-found blogger friend, Amanda, from the Cover2CoverMom. In those few months that I’ve known her, I can already tell you that she is one of those precious people that you keep in your heart and I’m really grateful to have met her ❤ Also, her blog is terrific, go follow her!

You guys don’t need to do this award, I just wanted to say how much you all mean to me! Also, thank you that is reading this too! *–*

And that’s the end of an unnecessary long post, haha! How is your weekend so far? 🙂


16 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

  1. Aww thank you so much for saying such lovely things! Love you too dear ❤ Lady looks sooooo cute in that outfit 🙂 And I completely know what you mean about wishing to feel your age, instead of feeling 17. I feel EXACTLY the same way. I really feel like a teenager instead of an adult most of the time lol. I think it's because I moved back home after uni so I am still the kid of the household. I also relate to the not being a movie person thing. I hardly ever watch movies, and there are so many I'm *supposed* to have seen that I just have no interest in watching. Loved reading this and finding out more about you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I only said true things ❤ And thanks so much for the support, haha! It's so weird not feeling how we "are supposed to" feel hahaha
      I alos live with my parents, but I never stopped to think that maybe this is a factor in my feeling younger =O Good point! Also, it doesn't really help that I have the same face since I'm 12 with barely any changes… Have I showed you pictures? Hahahaha! It's scary, seriously!
      And I really think we are twins, darling. There are not many people out there like us that don't really care about movies lol I'm glad you enjoyed this post ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahah no you haven’t shown me the comparison pictures! Maybe you are a vampire as well as a zombie mermaid?! And yes – I think living with parents could definitely be a factor. I don’t have the same independence I had when I was at university and did everything for myself. Now I am kind of ‘looked after’ like I am little again haha. I think we really are twins! Yes, people always think it’s weird when I say I don’t really like movies. I mean, I like some, but I just prefer books and TV shows. I feel like movies don’t give enough opportunity to get into the characters, so I never connect with them very much. x

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think that may be a thing, haha! Oh God, I’m a vampire zombie mermaid =O Labs will kidnap me anytime now, haha! You’re right, we always end up being looked after when we live with our parents, even if we don’t realize it 😦 But the good thing is that it is all temporary, haha! AND YES!! I think exactly the same thing!!! =O Honestly, we were separated in heaven seconds before you got yourself born hahahahahha! #what

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m a precious person!!! Awwww shucks!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and tag 😘

    Becoming an adult is a weird happening… I literally have only JUST started feeling like an actual adult and I’ll be 30 next year 😱 The white hairs are coming more often now, but I think having 2 crazy kids may play a role in that…

    I really respect how you put yourself out there. You are so REAL and raw! I enjoyed reading this post very much!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, you are!! Thanks so much for supporting me and my white hairs, haha! I probably will be able to dye my hair in candy colors without troubles when I reach 30 and have kids if my history says anything, haha! I’m really happy that you enjoyed the post, I’m not used to be so personal >.< Being personal means talking about real life and that's hard, haha! Thanks for being my friend, I'm really happy we met and I admire you a lot!! *–*

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  3. I’m the opposite to you, I seem to watch way more movies than tv shows! I’m not a huge movie nut or anything, but I do love finding new ones to watch. And your pet is ADORABLE. Thanks for doing the tag! 🙂


  4. […] Huge shout out to Annelise @The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange for tagging me in this award.  Head over and check out her fabulous blog!  You can also decide for yourself if she is indeed human, I am not convinced she is not some sort of reading robot… Plus she is super duper nice and always knows just what to say to make you feel special 🙂  You can read her post here → Annelise’s Dragon’s Loyalty Award […]

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