My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, graphic novel from Ted Andersen and Katie Cook

Hi, there! Hope everybody is having an excellent Wednesday! I just got over my finals and I think I rocked them out, haha! YASS, I’M GRADUATING, BABY!

Also, today I’m doing my first graphic novel/comic book review for this blog! Yaay! Lots to celebrate, haha! I received a copy of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, from Ted Andersen and Katie Cook, through NetGalley in exchange of an honest review. Thank you! Let’s go 😀

From my Instagram: My Little Pony notebook ❤

The Story

The graphic novel has two stories based on previous movies from the franchise.

In the first one, Sunset interviews Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack and Pink Pie to discover how they met and became friends. When remembering all that they went through together, the bond between the five girls gets stronger.

The second one is about the spirit of holidays. When Sunset tells Applejack that she never has a proper holiday time at home, the girls arrange their schedules for Sunset never to be alone during the date. However, as the girls open up with Sunset, their secrets start to pop up in their school. Now they have to decide whether they believe Sunset’s claims for innocence or not.

The Analysis

Just remembering that those were my experiences and opinion as a reader 🙂

I’ve been in love with My Little Pony for a long time now, but I confess that I never watched the cartoons – I only have this notebook from the picture and a toy, oops! Haha! So, when I saw the opportunity of reviewing this graphic novel at NetGalley, I jumped on it ❤ Oh boy, I regret nothing! The draws were amazing and the stories were so cute! Definitely they are meant for teenies, but you are never old enough to like something, haha! I wish I had a physical copy of this, as it is awesome. A fun and fast read with lots of laughs: 5 stars!

The narrative wasn’t build on the mainstream style of graphic novels or comic books: on the first story, the girls share the narration with Sunset, that guides their story. On the second one, the narrator is almost completely absent, only marking passages of time. I liked that style, it worked very well for me ❤

On plot matters, the first story is more interesting, as it is build on the girls’ memories, so you don’t know exactly what to expect until they become friends – or maybe you can if you watched all the cartoons, I don’t know, haha! I had a good experience with it and, as some parts were very predictable, others were very surprising. The second story had a more sophisticated plot, as there is a mystery to be solved. I had my theories, but I wasn’t sure until the end who had done it. Again, maybe I would know if I watched the cartoons, oops! 😡

I like the girls a lot, they remind me of my personal group of friends (we also are five and the personalities have a big match, haha!). Rarity is my favorite and I think that’s who I would be if I was 10 and wanted to call deeds on a My Little Pony character (I guess I just did it with 21, but anyway). I think they all are fun and with the perfect touch of imperfectness, haha! Also, they show that the villains of the day can be people very close to you, so it is good to always keep an eye open.

Also, the illustrations were marvelous. Tony Fleecs and Andy Price rocked this as much as Ted Andersen and Katie Cook rocked the script /o/ A strong point of this graphic novel is that the illustrations were very colorful and alive, but the draws weren’t completely feminine, even that My Little Pony’s target is girls. The draw style is more relaxed and fluid, creating harmony with the vibrant colors. I just loved it! Look at there:

a glimpse of page 31 of the graphic novel ❤

Ps: I erased the lines as to not spoiler anyone, as this is just an example of illustration 🙂

Overall, I loved this and will love to get to know more about My Little Pony’s world!


That’s it, thanks for reading! Who is or used to be a fan of My Little Pony here??


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