Infinity Dreams Award!

Hi, there! Wow, it has been a while since I was able to set up a post for Saturday, haha! Anyway, I come back to you now with another award! I’m so honored ❤ Thank you, Kim! 😀 She’s from The Spines Breaker and a blast of fun. Don’t forget to check her out!


Here we have DA RULEZ:

Thank and follow the blog that nominated you. (Thank you, Kim!)

Tell us 11 facts about yourself.

Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.

Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.


11 Facts About Me

  1. I love Britney Spears to the point of being delusional about her lately trashy music, haha!
  2. I’m current on vacation at my uncle’s place, leading a very difficult life that includes sighseeing, eating wonderful food and swimming in the pool, as it is summer over here 😉
  3. One of my favorite games ever is Lara Croft Tomb Raider. I’ve played almost them all so far and closed two; the first one and Legend, haha!
  4. I’ve been reading mangas since I’m 8, thanks to a very dear Japanese friend ❤ Yas, I’m talking about you, Hachiyumi! *–*
  5. I’m trying to convince my parents that I need to keep up with my education after ending college last December… By having piano lessons LOL
  6. I love visiting cemeteries. To imagine the stories of the people buried there and wonder if their families still exist 🙂
  7. One of my favorite jobs ever is to beta-read. I finished a book last year with an author and have two more in the oven! I love being the extra set of eyes, haha!
  8. I love to write fanfiction. I’m currently finishing edits on a fanfiction about Elsa, from Frozen, and Jack Frost, from Rise of Guardians. I also am doing one with Aragorn and Legolas and promised a friend I’d write one about Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio, haha! Let’s see how those go.
  9. My favorite part of the day is sunset. Sunset reminds me of decadency and ghotic romantic notions, haha!
  10. This is the fifth blog award that I have received! (Well, Sixth if you count that I have been nominated twice for the Liebster Award, haha!) Thank you all, you rock ❤
  11. I’m forever thankful for the friends that I have made since I started my bookstagram and blogging ❤


Kim’s questions

  1. Do you have a pet? What animal is it? If you don’t, would you like one?

I do! She is a lovely Lhasa Apso called Lady! I miss my baby so badly, she stood home with my parents…


  1. Recommend me some Christmas songs please ^^

I’m terrible late for this! But I love My Kind of Christmas from Christina Aguilera, Jingle Bell Rock from Within Temptation, Santa Baby from Taylor Swift and Winter Wonderland from Vanessa Hudgens. Those are the ones that come to my mind now. Sorry, haha!

  1. Recommend me some road trips book please (sth like Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour :D)

I’m afraid I don’t know any, sorry 😦

  1. Top 5 travel destinations?

Curitiba, Brazil; Toronto, Canada; New York, USA; Berlim, Germany; London, England ❤

  1. Beach or Historical Monument or Disneyland?

In an utopic world, Disneyland (as I have never been to any), Historical Monument and then Beach 🙂 I grew up in beaches, they are not all that special, haha!

  1. Favourite Disney Princess? Fav Disney Character?

In chronological order: Ariel, Jasmim, Bela, Meg, back to Bela, Elsa and nowadays, Aurora. Come on, can you just imagine if the recipe for all your problems to vanish was taking a nap? COUNT. ME. IN. This is my ideal for life now, haha! And my favorite character all time is Goofy ❤

  1. How much do you loathe Umbridge? (you can skip this question if you don’t know bout her)

Enough to imagine her immortal and being tortured by the Inquisition until the end of times!

  1. Contemporary Fiction or Dystopia or Fantasy?

Hmm, Fantasy. Then Dystopia. Then Contemporary Fiction, but this is so not one of my go-to genres, haha!

  1. Where are you from? 😀

I’m Brazilian – I think I already said this before, but I realized that many people didn’t know, haha!

  1. Current mood?

Melancholic. This post has been previously written in the same day we all found out about Alan Rickman’s death. RIP.

  1. Do you love me? Kidding lol some cry-worthy books?

I LOVE YOU! ❤ And I would say What Lies Within, Shattered Blue and Chasing Rainbows 😀


Nominated ones

My Questions for you!

  1. Where are you from? 😀
  2. Besides reading, which are your hobbies?
  3. Do you prefer the beach or the montains?
  4. Favorite music genre?
  5. Which one is your favorite social media site?
  6. How many books have you read in 2015? Do you have a goal for 2016?
  7. Which are some of your favorite authors?
  8. Do you prefer hot or cold weather? Rainy or dry? ;D
  9. Are you found of Hello, from Adele?
  10. In which Hogwarts house are you in?
  11. Are you pro or con books turned into movies/tv shows?


That’s it, thanks for reading 😀 And thanks for the award again, Kim! ❤


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