Prey Mate, from Bailey Bradford

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Hi, there! We’re back to the gay romance review schedule, but don’t worry, it’s going to be the last in a while – I think, haha! Our star of the day is a book that I received from Bewitching Book Tours in exchange for an honest review, so thank you! I’m talking about Prey Mate, from Bailey Bradford 🙂 (you see what she did there, right? Haha!)

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from my Instagram 🙂

the story

Cody has been on the run for months and he definitely is tired. After a hook up with a rich man that went awfully wrong, Cody never stopped looking over his shoulder, making sure his freedom would be untouched. It’s not his fault the guy was a crazy mess, he refuses to be affected by it.

Cody won’t stop running until he becomes free.

Derrick has just been entrusted with a very important mission from his alpha: to find and bring back a human called Cody Sanderson. Derrick knows that his alpha doesn’t trust him and that he’s got little time to find Cody and save his ass, but he will chase Cody down until the center of the Earth if he has t.

Derrick won’t stop chasing until Cody is free.

What neither of them could anticipate was how high was Cody’s freedom’s price.


the analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

This book is a novella – only 114 pages – but a very well planned one. The story is highly satisficing even with the small holes in the plot, I really liked how dense the characters were and I may enjoy a gay biker when I spot one, haha! I’ve read Prey Mate in an hour and a half yesterday’s afternoon and I ended the book with butterflies in my stomach and lots of “what ifs” on my head. A great 4 stars quick read 🙂

The narrative is third person with switching points of view between Cody and Derrick and I loved both of them. Cody could be bossy and whiny at times, but I can’t really blame him after so many shit regarding werewolves. Derrick was calmer and more rational, and that’s greatly on his nature’s account. Bradford’s writing style isn’t anything out of this world, but it kept me entertained without bugging me, so it’s okay, haha!

The plot was nice and well connected for the book. Bradford proves my point that you don’t need to drag a story to make it good, developing her characters very well along the way and without abusing of the mate deal to use instalove on Prey Mate 🙂 Even being kind of okay with instalove in shifters cases, I still prefer when authors don’t do it, haha!


The characters were my favorite part of the novella. Derrick even made it to My Bookish Boyfriends list ❤ I really like kind and thoughtful males *–* Also, Candice was a kickass surprise and I’m sad we didn’t see more of her in the book, as she was awesome! Maybe another time? Haha!

I liked that both Cody and Derrick were very resolute men, confident and relaxed about the important things in life. I admire how Cody was able to stay out of Derrick’s boss’s radar for so long being essentially human and how considerate was Derrick towards Cody’s feelings ❤

miley cyrus hannah montana hugging stuffed animal

And there are the sex scenes. They’re three and a half and all were utterly important for the plot in my opinion. Cody and Derrick were all feelings for each other – desire, need, lust, curiosity – and I can see this turning to real love eventually. Bradford knows her business and I felt the need of a cool beverage after finishing Prey Mate, haha!

oh god i think i've just come the wedding date

Again, can we just stop to admire this piece of art that is Prey Mate’s cover? *–* Seriously, I want all my books done with this designer, haha! ❤

Overall, if you enjoy werewolves, complex characters, steamy hot sex and quick reads, Prey Mate is a wonderful choice for you!


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Thanks for reading my review! Bellow you can find info on where to buy Prey Mate, about the author and a lovely giveaway 🙂

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You can find Prey Mate in ebook format only 🙂

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 the author

Bailey Bradford is a married mom of four who spends most of the day writing, either on stories or at the blog. She loves to write as much as she loves to read. Baily is generally quiet and laid back, choosing to let things slide off rather than stick and irritate her. Although like many authors, she finds it a challenge to talk about herself, but she does answer emails and invites readers to leave comments on her blog if there’s something specific they’d like to know.

Website | Twitter | Facebook


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