March’s Wrap Up + Book Haul + April TBR


THE TIME HAS ARRIVED, PEEPS. March is over, the math is done and we’ll finally know how this panda fared in this last reading month =D You’ll also find which books I got for exchanged bamboos (they are precious, just saying!) and my TBR list for April in this post ❤

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December’s Wrap Up + Book Haul + January TBR

Good evening, again! I was going to post this tomorrow, but when I saw all my productiveness during the holidays’ month, I couldn’t wait to share my happiness over being full back on blogging, haha!

the club can't even handle me

In December, I kept last month’s statistics by reading 11 books, 4 mangas and 1 comic book. Okay, so I read way less manga, but I’m proud of myself. This month was CRAZY busy, of course, so I feel like a champ for not dropping my reading stats, haha!

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November’s Wrap Up + Book Haul + December’s TBR!

Hello, beautiful people! Welcome to my November Wrap Up and thanks for being here today ❤ All in all, November was pretty good for me, being my first month where I felt in control of my life since I started the new job and since I lost my beautiful darling Lady. The month flew off the window and I can’t believe we have just 23 days now until Christmas ❤ I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MY FAMILY AGAIN! ❤ ❤

the club can't even handle me

Soo, November was a so-so month for my standards. I’ve read 10 books, 22 volumes of manga and a comic book. I should have known I wouldn’t be able to beat my records of September (book-wise, haha!) and October (pages-wise, haha!). Maybe my reading slumped a little exactly because of all the intensity of the other months… #mystery

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Massive Wrap Up for September and October + November’s TBR!

Good day to you! It is I, the urban legend of book bloggers back once again from the hiatus sea. I’ve realized I never got to do a wrap up for September and we are totally still in schedule for an October one, so why not do both in the same post, right? =D It will save time for everyone, yay!


Wrap Up

*titles with links are already reviewed, isn’t this a miracle?!! =O*

So, September was a crazy reading month for me. I do promise I kept my life on its regular tracks and that I didn’t skip work to read as I say that I’ve read 26 books that month.


I’ve broken another reading record, haha!


Unfortunately, I can’t remember if I bought any books that particular month or if I bought something in October, so no Book Hauls =( Sorry, my memory sucks! I used to document each book bought on a word doc, but oh well. I think I’ll go back to it on December, haha!


Wrap Up

In October, I didn’t manage to read so many books as in September because of my Game of Thrones Challenge, but I read all the mangas I hadn’t in the previous month in between the bloody pages of GOT, oops! So I’ve read only 6 books… But also 26 volumes of manga, haha!


the reacion of all my off-line friends to this info


I have been asked where in all seven hells I have managed to squeeze in so many mangas in the middle of a Game of Thrones challenge, but I’m not really allowed to talk about my time turning abilities? Hahaha! No, seriously, I don’t have a good explanation, sorry =/


  • A Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) – read from Sept. 27th to Oct. 4th | 4 stars
  • A Clash of Kings, by George R.R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire #2) – read from Oct. 4th to 10th | 4 stars
  • A Storm of Swords, by George R.R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire #3) – read from Oct. 10th to 17th | 4 stars
  • A Feast for Crows, by George R.R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire #4) – read from Oct. 18th to 24th | 2 stars
  • A Dance with Dragons, by George R.R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire #5) – read from Oct. 24th to 27th | 5 stars
  • Nobody’s Goddess, by Amy McNulty (Never Veil #1) – read from Oct. 16th to 29th | 5 stars



*I forgone the reading dates because I usually read a manga volume in 20 minutes =)

  • Not Equal, by Reibun Ike (2 volumes) | 4 stars
  • Kiss Blue, by Keiko Kinoshita (2 volumes) | 3 stars
  • Amayakana Toge, by Kano Miyamoto | 3 stars
  • Sweet Chapel, by Junta Mio | 5 stars
  • 3-manen no Kareshi, by Junta Mio | 5 stars
  • Uwasa No Oujisama, by Junta Mio | 5 stars
  • Sweet Tears, by Junta Mio | 4 stars
  • Love Monster, by Junta Mio | 5 stars
  • Sugar Pain, by Junta Mio | 4 stars
  • Smile Kudasai, by Junta Mio | 4 stars
  • Best Ending?, by Junta Mio | 5 stars
  • Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishikata, by Aya Sakyo (2 volumes) | 4 stars
  • Kami-sama Onegai!, by Junta Mio | 4 stars
  • Oboreru Hitomi, by Garasu Hino | 4 stars
  • Houkago no Love Call, by Kyou Kitazawa | 4 stars
  • Eroman – Kami to Pen to Sex to!!, by Delico Psyche | 2 stars
  • Kuroneko Kareshi no Afurekata, by Aya Sakyo (2 volumes) | 4 stars
  • Kuroneko Kareshi no Ouji Sama, by Aya Sakyo | 4 stars
  • Fukigen Kareshi no Nadamekata, by Aya Sakyo | 5 stars
  • Roman Gousha, by Kyou Kitazawa | 4 stars
  • Hanazono no Kioku, by Garasu Hino | 4 stars
  • Seinen wa Ai o Kou, by Garasu Hino | 4 stars


I promise I slowed myself down on November – we are on the 12th and I’ve only finished three books and no mangas! I’m behaving… For now? Hahaha!

I don’t have anything fancy planned to November yet, but in my TBR you’ll definitely find…

November TBR

After I knock these down, I’ll just be a rebel and fish all the lovely books I’ve received this year from authors and publishers that remain unread for a reason or another and start a slow and steady process of reading and reviewing them all. #ambitious

BONUS: The next reviews you can expect to see here are for the Never Veil series =D

That’s it, guys! Once again, thanks so much for sticking around until the end of the post, I know I have been writing too much, oops! Love you all!


June TBR!

Sorry, I know this is like super late, as we are already on June, but oh well, at least I made the effort, haha! Let’s go to my list:

  • It’s Not Your Journey, by Rebecca Lombardo (which I ended up finishing this week);
  • The Way to Game The Walk of Shame, by Jenn P. Nguyen (which I ended up finishing this week);
  • The Reluctant Sacrifice, by Kerr-Ann Dempster (which I ended up finishing this week);
  • The Harder He Falls, by Lynda Aicher (currently-reading);
  • Maisy and the Mystery Manor, by Elizabeth Woodrum;
  • Grimm and White, by Emily Ann Hansen;
  • Dominic’s Nemesis, by D. Alyce Domain;
  • Enrule, by Holly Sparks;
  • Daughter of Magic, by Teresa Roman;
  • 27 Days to Midnight, by Kristine Kruppa;
  • Boyband, by Jacqueline E. Smith;
  • Backstage, by Jacqueline E. Smith;
  • Melophobia, by James Morris;
  • Lost, by D. M. Thornton;
  • Distracted, by D. M. Thornton;
  • Nobody’s Goddess, by Amy McNulty (re-read <3);
  • Nobody’s Lady, by Amy McNulty (re-read <3);
  • Stepping Out of Midnight, by Lee Brailsford;

 + all my current reads, haha!

You can see that my list isn’t too absurd like on previous months; I’m working now, so I held back a bit 🙂 Well, not that much, there are still 18 books in the list and 30 days in the month. Hmm.

Oh, and yes: no paperbacks involved, unfortunately. I plan to change that in August 🙂

Oh, let’s see how this unfolds. I’m on 3/18 🙂 Do you have a planned TBR for June?


May TBR!

Hi, there! Welcome to my very optimist TBR list for May! 😀

under the dusty moon
from my Instagram 😀
  • Daughter of the Sun, by Zoe Kalo
  • The Hidden Life, by Erin Noelle
  • Hexbreaker, by Jordan L. Hawk
  • Kiss Kill Love Him Still, by Jamie Blair & Dawn Rae Miller
  • Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness, by Jamie Blair & Dawn Rae Miller
  • Rightfully His Omega, by Angelique Voisen
  • Prey Mate, by Bailey Bradford
  • The Luthier’s Apprentice, by Mayra Calvani
  • Asleep, by Krystal Wade
  • Death in Neverland, by Heather C. Myers
  • Black Water Tales: The Unwanted, by Jean Nicole Rivers
  • Kisses On A Paper Airplane, by Sarah Vance-Tompkins
  • Winging It, by Cate Cameron
  • Under the Dusty Moon, by Suzanne Sutherland
  • The Secret Life of Thomas Commons, by Brittany Weekley
  • The Only Option, by Megan Derr
  • Mr. and Mr. Smith, by HelenKay Dimon
  • Maisy and the Missing Mice, by Elizabeth Woodrum
  • Maisy and the Money Marauder, by Elizabeth Woodrum
  • Under My Skin, by Zoe Markham
  • The Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror, by Joyce Carol Oates
  • The Dreamer, by E. J. Mellow (book club with Jess, from Mud and Stars!)

Yes, only one paperback involved… For now! One never knows when I’ll cheat my TBR again, haha! Wish me luck 😀

Have you decided on a TBR for May??


April TBR!

Hello, there! If you have a weak heart, please stop reading this post right now, as my April TBR is INSANE.

daughter of smoke and bone.JPG

Don’t you believe me because you only see one book in the picture? Okay, here we go:

  • The Copper, from Bonnie Dee
  • Annabeth Neverending, from Leyla Kader Dahm
  • Princess of Tyrone, from Katie Hamstead
  • The Requiem Red, from Brynn Chapman
  • True Colors, from Krysten Lindsay Hager
  • The Wedding Date, from Kelly Eadon
  • Love Me Never, from Sara Wolf
  • Broken Down, from Amanda K. Byrne
  • Nobody’s Goddess, from Amy McNulty
  • The Way Home, from Linda Oaks
  • Beneath The Surface, from M. A. Church
  • Nobody’s Lady, from Amy McNulty
  • The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller, from M. Pepper Langlinais
  • Alice in Underland, from DeAnna Knippling
  • Emerge, from Tobie Easton
  • Cracking the Career Code, from Tom Henricksen
  • Anomalies, from Sadie Turner and Colette Freedman
  • Omen Operation, from Taylor Brooke
  • Ashes in Waterloo, from Olivia Andem
  • Painting The Sky, from Rita Branches
  • Falling Light, from Dayana Morency
  • Wish, from Grier Cooper

They are all ebooks, darling.

And, as I don’t have enough books for the month, I’ll also be participating of two buddyreads:

Also, I’ll try to keep reading the following books sometime this month (you see, not finish, just… keep reading):

  • A Court of Thorns and Roses, from Sarah J. Maas
  • Emma, from Jane Austen
  • Two Towers, from J. R. R. Tolkien

If I manage this TBR, it will mean that Hermione’s time-tuner is real. #justsaying

That’s it, thanks for reading and wish me luck! Have you already decided on your April TBR??


March TBR!

Hi, there! I finally have my TBR list for March up and running! I failed my February one a little, but this time I will get it right! (More about my failure on tomorrow’s post, haha!)

Here are my March babies!

march tbr 2016
physical copies involved from my Instagram 😀


I know, so many books. But I’m feeling positive, haha! Cheer for me 😀

Have you decided on your TBR for March??