Annabeth Neverending, from Leyla Kader Dahm


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The Story

Annabeth isn’t the most normal 15 year old girl. She suffers with sleep walking, can’t bring herself to be coordinated enough on the cheer leader practice and has never kissed a boy before. Also, to make everything worse, she strongly suspects that her parents love her younger brother best, as she is adopted and he isn’t.

But everything becomes unmanageable when she acquires an ankh pendant and meets Gabriel, a peculiar 17 year old boy already majoring in archeologist. The pendant opens the way to a remote past, from her soul’s previous life, and Gabriel opens her heart to the real meaning of being alive in the present.

But as her past life collides with her present life, Annabeth isn’t sure if she should trust Gabriel or even his twin brother, C. J., whom she meets by chance at a Halloween party – that also happens to be her 16th birthday.

Can Annabeth still believe in coincidences? Should she follow her destiny or listen to her heart?


The Analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

I’ve always been fascinated by the ancient Egypt. Since I was a child and started watching Scooby-Doo, I had a thing for mummies, pyramids and so on. I even wanted to be an archeologist, to my parents’ dismay, as I loved to uncover the old times secrets. Then I became a journalist to uncover current times secrets. Ironies of life. So I knew I’d love Annabeth Neverending, as the premise was brilliant. I just wasn’t expecting to like Annabeth herself or the narrative style. AND OMG, THAT TWIST IN THE END WAS BRILLIANT! I knew it would come and I didn’t guess it anyway!! =O The only thing that kept this book of being a perfect five stars for me is that I couldn’t manage to connect with the characters or swoon over the boys. So, a star was lost here, but THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD!!! Four proud stars and I want to read it again sometime! I need to see if I should have seen the twist coming, haha!

The narrative was first person styled from Annabeth’s point of view only and this worked so well on this book! It was a lovely surprise ❤ I didn’t miss a detail and almost all loose ends were tied – I can’t say more due spoilers, but I wonder if there won’t be another book to follow this one. One very important matter was left to be solved, haha!

The plot was very good and rather complex, as there were so many elements to it. Annabeth needed to find herself, her soul mate, fight his evil brother and still manage to hold together her teenage life with a hypochondriac mom, a silent-judging father and a very nosy younger brother. Mystery, romance, funny and sad moments, time-travelling, Egypt culture, legends and myths, Annabeth Neverending had a bit of every good element that makes a good book. AND HAVE I MENTIONED THAT TWIST?!


At first I was all about eye rolls for the amorous triangle, but as the story went, things got complicated and Annabeth herself kept doubting if she was really in love or simply impressed by two beautiful boys. Also, they weren’t that different in personality – both were essencially good boys, so there wasn’t that good guy/bad guy deal, you know? And even when evil things started to happen because one of the boys, Annabeth doesn’t get bored with the allegedly “good guy” and runs off to the “bad guy”. She holds her ground and her feelings at bay, always trying to be fair and rational. She succeeded in almost all scenes, haha! I love intelligent and strong females in YA ❤ Both qualities seem to be lacking in the genre overall, ugh!

And I still can’t believe that I truly enjoyed a book with an amorous triangle.

awkward silence

I mentioned I didn’t connect with the characters, even after saying how much I admire Annabeth. Weird much? I agree. I don’t know why, but even though I was enjoying myself greatly reading Annabeth Neverending, I simply didn’t care what happened next with her and the boys. They were well constructed characters and very loveable, but I don’t know. I felt… Detached. And I feel awful for that because it looks like they aren’t good main characters and they TOTALLY are!!


Also, I loved how Dahm used Egypt culture and its elements, how accurately she described Annabeth’s past life and the brilliant use she did of History’s loop holes. Things that happened with Ana, Annabeth’s first life, happened all the time in Egypt royal families. Documents and records get lost all the time, especially the real old ones. Now and then, archeologists keep discovering rich tombs on the Orient’s sands, hidden by nature and lost from History.


Overall, if you enjoy amorous triangles, strong females, mind blowing twists and Egypt, Annabeth Neverending is for you!!



Thanks so much for reading! Bellow, you can find purchase links for the book, that’s available in both paperback and ebook formats, more info about the author and a giveaway 😀


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Wisconsin native Leyla Kader Dahm popped popcorn and dreamt of a career in show business while working in a movie theater during high school. The small-town Midwestern girl opted for the practical route and studied communications at Carroll College and Cornell University. But her life changed course dramatically when a temp agency placed her in a production and development gig at Miramax/Dimension Films.

Dahm went on to work as a script consultant for numerous production companies. She appeared in the acclaimed spoken word show Sit ‘N Spin and had her comedy feature spec, Due North, optioned by Michael Levy Enterprises. She sold her pitch, Survival Instinct, to Nickelodeon Original Movies.

Dahm lives with her husband and children in Los Angeles, where she focuses on writing quality material for families and young adults.

Website | Twitter | Facebook


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