Retro Glamour Photography of Mark Anthony Lacy, from Mark Anthony Lacy


Hi, there! As you may have realized by now, I had a severe problem of lack of self-control during my debut month at Edelweiss with so many books available to be read at the spot, haha! Schiffer Publishing was my main victim, as they seem to publish all the non-fiction subjects that I love reading about and some! This time, I’ll talk about a Photographic book: Retro Glamour Photography of Mark Anthony Lacy, from the man himself.

I’ve received my copy from Schiffer Publishing through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review, so let’s go =D Thank you, guys!!

mark anthony lacy retro glamour cover.jpg


While candy-colored pinup may be popular with some, this is a collection of dark, sexy images that truly reflect the sophisticated side of the pinup genre. Seemingly ripped from the men’s magazines of yesteryear, these photos are so authentic looking down to the smallest detail as if they were actually taken decades ago. Bullet bras, seamed stockings, high heels, and girdles bursting at the seams! Leave the cutesy stuff behind. Internationally published photographer Mark Anthony Lacy specializes in bringing out the allure and sensuality of his female subjects. He combines his backgrounds in art, architecture, film, and photography to create incredibly authentic vintage tableaus in his New York studio.

Me after finishing this book:

kirsten dunst i like you tumbler


Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader =)

I love pinup models, original or recreated. Mark Anthony Lacy with no doubt knows his business in this world and both his choice of models and looks/settings are stunning. I loved to be able to get in touch with this artist’s work and already picked favorites inside this book. I only wished he had talked a little more about the backstage part of his work with the models, the preparing and all – after the author’s introduction to the pictures, we are left with only beauties and no words. So, four stars =)

nobody is perfect except for beyonce

It was highly interesting to learn about the photographer, how his love for the pinup world started and how he started his collection of vintage clothes and general objects for his settings. Mark also bares his soul about the choice of the models and explains that every woman has a pinup stored inside herself – she only needs to believe and allow his camera to do the rest, haha!

Xtina approves!


After going through the pictures in the book three times, I selected four that touched my heart and awoke my imagination. These pictures belong with Mark Anthony Lacy and Schiffer Publishing, being here reproduced with illustrative purposes only. I have marked the page and the model’s name in each picture, in case you guys want to stalk follow their work, like I did ;D

mark anthony lacy p 90.jpg

mark anthony lacy p 92.jpg

mark anthony lacy p 113.jpg
Honestly, this was my favorite Picture in the whole book ❤


mark anthony lacy p 150.jpg


mark anthony lacy retro glamour cover 2.jpg
Again, we have different covers between my review copy and the official one, but nothing too dramatic this time – and I like the official cover better here, haha!


While I do like the cover – it expresses the beauty of Mark’s work very well – I don’t think this was a good choice for a cover photo. It’s too heavy and dramatic and most of Mark’s work is sexy, funny and spontaneous. I did like the mixing of type fonts in the title and the positioning of all elements. It was very clever to add some transparency to the “retro” word and to leave “glamour” in red and cursive handwriting. Loved the editing work as a whole, just would trade the picture, haha!


Overall, if you like photography, non-fiction, pin-up models and black and white pictures, you should give this book a go =D



Thank you so much for reading this review! Also, thanks so much to Schiffer Publishing and Edelweiss for my review copy =D Bellow, you’ll find more about the author and photographer!


Born in the 1960s, raised in the 1970s, survived the 1980s, Mark Anthony Lacy found himself in the 1990s, and now making a name for himself in the world of pinup photography. Add to that an appreciation for the unique fashion styles of vintage lingerie and you can understand why he excels in this genre.


Soo, do we have any Photographic books fans over here?? What was your favorite book on the genre? =D

With love,


Schiffer Publishing

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