Words I’ll never say again

Hello =) Despite all odds, I’m alive! I do know it doesn’t feel like it, but I swear I’m breathing and slacking as usual.

I’m going to end your curiosity here and now: the words I’ll never say again are “I’m back” and similar stuff. This doesn’t mean that I’m shutting the blog down, I just can’t keep promising things that I’m not sure I’ll manage to fulfill.

On May 29th, last date which I posted, I truly believed that I was back, but just because we believe in something, it doesn’t mean it’s real. After many problems with my internet service, I fell on what was my worst reading slump ever. I feel quite ashamed, to be honest, but today, September 24th, market my first finished book since May.

miley cyrus ashamed computer face palm

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You must be wondering why the hell did I disappear once again without any traces. Yeah, not a great story, but not the saddest either: it’s all about internet connection.

My signal fell down sometime in the morning of May 11th and the company couldn’t figure out the problem. After weeks stuck with my shit phone connection that barely allows me to open 95% of my apps and an almost 5 yeard olf phone, I couldn’t even write a note to you all about the problem.

At some point of this morning, my signal was finally restored and I’m glad to announce that I’ll do my best to restore my late posts on the blog during the next days ❤

In case you were wondering what I have been doing without internet, I can assure you: I barely touched books these weeks. I learned that I like reading with my internet on, to check stuff online that I see on the story, check in on Goodreads, see what other people think of the series, stalk the authors, etc etc etc. After two weeks of pure hell, I have no shame in admiting that I’m addicted to being connected.

In other news, during this forced hiatus, I discovered that I love K-Pop (Korean Pop to those who, like me, didn’t know what this was) with all my heart. All the fan service and the cute asian boys just messed up my head for life. I’m seriously thinking of doing a new section here on the blog, with a post per week more or less, talking about my new finds of this world on that week. STILL JUST A THOUGHT, BUT SERIOUSLY, HOW CAN THOSE PRETTY GUYS KNOW EXACTLY WHAT GOES ON INSIDE MY HEAD? HAHAHAHA

In case you ever wanted to know how Anneliseland (my head) looks like inside, just watch this video (they even added my addiction to sodas and coolers):

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Mini guide for sexual terms and acronyms in Erotic Books for clueless pandas

*post recommended for mature readers, as we’re going to talk about sex*

Guys, can I just go straight to the point here? Let’s talk about sex in books.

let's go explore some shit

I love it, you love it, everybody loves it – of course, we all have our preferences, as erotic books are just one more gender or sub gender in our shelves. If you have been following me for a while or for a week or two, you may know I ALWAYS pend to male/male books when we talk about sex and steamy scenes, for example. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good heterosexual sex scene or even a lesbian sex scene or even a ménage or an orgy scene.

what damon salvatore ian somerhalder the vampire diaries tumblr.gif

The thing is, I must confess: I positively PANIC when I read a blurb and I find that soup letter of acronyms and really weird words that go far away from their original meaning to describe sexual stereotypes and situations. I don’t know if this is due the fact that this panda isn’t a native English speaker or if I just didn’t spend enough time with the cool panda kids to know my way around the sexual vocabulary, but it’s a given fact. I panic, I get frustrated, I try to google terms and, well, that is ALWAYS THE WORST THING. Apparently, sexual vocabulary is one of those things that you either know or not and end of discussion.

BUT. NO. MORE. Because this panda had enough.

Thinking of how much I struggle to understand many popular acronyms and terms, both in the heterosexual and the gay fields (I can’t promise in the lesbian and other genres, as I’ve read few erotic books in any other erotic category so far),


And then this mini guide was born.

britney spears tour show fangirling.gif
this panda after finishing the task


So seat back, make yourself comfortable and grab your pens and notebooks. TODAY, WE LEAVE THE DARKNESS TOWARDS THE LIGHT.

thats just weird and freaks me out zoey deschannel new girl

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About life, Brazilian Carnaval and following through New Year’s resolutions – but most of all, an apology

Hello, beautiful people! How are you?? =D

First of all, I must apologize for the amount of posts I’ll have to publish today. I had an unexpected problem with wordpress and it hadn’t been publishing my scheduled posts since February 23rd. It suuucks so much! I have already re-arranged the reviews and other posts for the following days, but things such as book blitzes and tours, that I compromised myself to publish on the missed days must go today asap. Meaning, as soon as this post is over. I’m really sorry!

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Pandas, pandas all over the place!

GUUUUUUYS, WE HAVE PANDAS! We have pandas everywhere!

Last time that I changed things, it wasn’t anything major – just a new header and the teddybears. THIS TIME IT IS HUGE! Colors, pandas, everything is different!


I’ve updated my menus, the descriptions… Everything now contains my inner animal: a panda! /o/ According to Jenny, this is quite argueable, as she is convinced I’m a cat with Reading abilities, but she has known me for only 18 years, so what does she knows about my royal panda self?

Besides the new panda header and the colors to enhance it, I also did new tags, a new goodreads button and new headers for some sections:

this is the new look of my blog section tags!



the new goodreads button!



The Mailbox News, that started the revolution



And the Friday Fever header, a tribute to my awesome lovely Princess Penguin Beth!


The monthly wrap up also will have a new header, but that is still on the oven, so you’ll only see it next year, haha! Sorry =P

Just reforcing that the pandas are not mine! They were designed by @elsystudio and I just did the glueing with Photoshop!

I had been thinking of changing things for a while now, but only after starting to actively bother talk to Beth, from the Betwixt The Pages, that I put my panda-ish but to work, haha! So THANK YOU, Beth!!!

Please, let me know what you guys think of the new panda face of the blog =D

With love and a new signature as well,


Quick update

So, my desktop computer, the one in which I live on, is broken. I’m stuck with an old laptop that overheats over anything, so it’s almost impossible to write reviews and posts on this thing. I hope to have things fixed before the end of October, ugh.

In other news, I made a bet with Jen, one of my offline bffs: I’ll attempt to read all five books in the Game of Thrones series in 30 consecutive days. I’ve started my reading on September 27th, so I have until October 27th to finish them all. If I win (which Jen and I totally know it’s happening ;D), she’ll buy me a book. If she wins, I’ll have to sit with her and watch wherever fandom movies she wants me to and I’ll have to like it, hahaha!

So, obviously, I AM GOING TO WIN THIS!

this is sparta

And that’s it, haha! I’ve been more active on Instagram again and, soon enough, I hope to be able to write in here too!

What’s everybody up to? 🙂

Love you all and see you eventually, haha!


What I have been reading during my hiatus

Hello! It’s been a while, haha! I was taking a look on my last posts and I realized I didn’t post a wrap up on SUCH A LONG TIME =O I mean, ok, I don’t post at all in a long time, but not even on my last active month blogging, I don’t post a wrap up since June, oops! Haha!

Well, I’m going to totally ignore the books I bought during this time, focusing on the ones I have read and how I’ll try to review them all 🙂



I’ve read 15 books and 3 mangas on June – I know, pretty low comparing to April and May, ugh! My job stole a lot of my reading time besides all of my energy, haha!


  • Kuroneko Kareshi no Amaekata, by Aya Sakyo
  • Kuroneko Kareshi no Nakasekata, by Aya Sakyo
  • Jackass! – Sawatte Ii tte Dare ga Itta yo?, by Scarlet Beriko


July and August weren’t my months to live, so it’s to be expected that they weren’t my reading months either. This is all that I have read until today and I don’t trust myself to finish more books until the end of August – one day at a time, right? Hahaha!

  • The Fox and The Grapes (childhood fairy tale)
  • A Frozen Heart, by Elizabeth Rudnick
  • Melophobia, by James Morris
  • Wonder, by R. J. Palacio
  • Emma, by Jane Austen
  • Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, by Martina McAtee
  • Weekend Lovers, by Kiriko Fuwa (manga)
  • The Journalists – Disney Comic Book Special
  • Two Pokémon Guides on Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby

Yup, from the very same person with 20 books read in the same month, we now have 5 in two months. I’m such a winner. #sarcasm

What I’m currently reading? I’m trying to rule out my started books from “before” all this. I’m missing only 100 pages until the end of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I just started Dark Dreams and Dead Things – which, so far, is not doing any justice to the first book – and I’m on the middle of Frankenstein. I’m reading the last one with Jess from Mud and Stars, so I can say with ease that this one I shall finish until the end of the month, haha! Btw, do you guys know Jess, right? If you don’t, well, please go follow her. She is BRILLIANT, both as a blogger and as a person ❤ Love you, Jess!! *–*

Well, now, you may be wondering: “hmm, so many books, Annelise! What about the reviews?”. Good question. What about the reviews.

christina aguilera eating side glance

Honestly? I will first review books that were sent to me and then books from my book club with Jess. Then, I’ll try to review all the others. If for some reason the fate allows me to succeed, I’ll review the mangas. If that also goes according to plan, I will review the comic books. Deal? 🙂

Oh, but of course that you can totally ask me for specifically reviews inside this list! I want you to guys to be as happy as I am trying to be, haha! ❤

That’s it for now. I won’t make any promises, as this didn’t go well in the past, but I’ll be around, haha! What have you been reading on those past few months? 😀

See you later and love you!


Technical problems + needed personal space

Hello, guys! Wow, can you believe that is has been a month since the last time I posted? Yeah, it’s terrible.

I’m having tech issues with WordPress at home, as it won’t load on any of my navigators, and that is the major reason why I stopped posting regularly. It is not often that I have a breathing time here at work to make posts, so I’m still studying how I’ll get over this barrier.

On a more personal note, the distance did me wonders. I love blogging and love all of you, but sometimes we need to be alone to sort things out. I’m one of those people that go to a far away mountain and talk to no one when I am in serious trouble, unfortunately. This time away allowed me to accept better the fact that my little Lady is gone, among other personal issues raised by this happening.

I can’t promise a date to officially come back because it doesn’t really depend on me and we all know how it is like to depend on technology. What I do promise is to find a way to make daily posts a thing over here again. I miss talking to all of you all the time!!

Sorry for all the troubles, guys, but the stars haven’t been really on my side lately, ooops!

I will be back sooner than you all expect 🙂

Love you all,


About my unexpected hiatus

So, I went missing those last few days. I apologize dearly. I wish I could tell you all that my agency sent me on this awesome surprise business trip or that I suddenly became a millionaire and had to set up a life plan or that I had to start planning a wedding for someone. Nope, not at all. Unfortunately, I’ve been doing far less pleasant things.

Some of you may remember my little lhasa apso, Lady. If you don’t, here’s my sweet baby:

Lady in dress - 2016

On June 30th, my beautiful Lady passed away. She was 14 years old, so it wasn’t like I wasn’t expecting it to happen sometime, but I’m an eternal optimistic. I thought we still had at least another two or three years together. And I know she wasn’t 100% since the beginning of the year and that last week was a particular low one for her. Oh well, I guess I just didn’t want to see it.

I’m an only child and Lady came to our household when I was seven. She became my world, the sister that I didn’t have – don’t get me wrong, I’ve never wished for siblings, but still. She grew up with me, was there for me since the first real tests at school until my graduation party last December, at college.

Those last few days were spent dealing with everything that needed to be done. I picked up and washed all her blankets, dresses and stuffed animals, threw away some toys that were too torn up to donate, just like her bows of food and water (also were too bad to pass on), cleaned her little beds and her little dog house. Also, we searched for places near my home where we can donate all Lady’s good belongings, as we want them to be enjoyed by other dogs in need.

These little things were the hardest part, seriously. To walk around the house without hearing her little paws clicking on the wooden floor is a torture. The silence kills me. I know she was suffering and I’m relieved that she is on a better place, but every day and every second, I miss my dear princess Lady. Thanks for the memories, my sweet girl.

I’ll do my best to start posting regularly again tonight or, in the worst case scenario, tomorrow night, but I won’t give up. I won’t settle for grief. Lady would be disappointed if I dropped all the things that I like simply because I’m upset and hurting. I can’t let her down and, also, I don’t want to let you down. You, the beautiful person that is reading this post. To you, thank you once again for being here, supporting me. Seriously, you are the best ever.

I know that time heals, even if leaves a scar. One step at a time, my family and I will heal.

Until then, thanks for everyone supporting our lost and I’m sorry for being away.

Love you all,