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This is a complete list of all book, manga, comic book and movie reviews posted in the blog so far, by alphabetical order of the author’s last name 😀 Books/mangas/comic books signalized with a star were sent in exchange for an honest review.

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*AICHER, LyndaThe Harder He Falls, Kick #1 (review here!)

*AICHER, LyndaThe Deeper He Hurts, Kick #2 (review here!)

*AICHER, LyndaThe Farther He Runs, Kick #3 (review here!)

*ASHFORD, ElaineJunior Jolt, Straight College Guys #3 (review here!)

AVEYARD, VictoriaRed Queen, Red Queen #1 (review here!)

*BARTES, SybilTalon, The Uncompromising Series #1 (review here!)

BLAIR, Jamie & MILLER, Dawn RaeKiss Kill Love Him Still, Kiss Kill Love Him Still #1 (review here!)

*BLAIR, Jamie & MILLER, Dawn RaeMurder Madness Such Sweet Sadness, Kiss Kill Love Him Still #2 (review here!)

*BOWEN, GerriEscape to Gettis… And Love, Love in Gettis #1 (review here!)

*BRADFORD, BaileyPrey Mate (review here!)

*BRANCHES, RitaPainting Sky (review here!)

*BROOKE, TaylorOmen Operation, Isolation #1 (review here!)

*BROOKE, TaylorECHO Campaign, Isolation #2 (review here!)

BURROWES, GraceDarius, Lonely Lords #1 (review here!)

BURROWES, GraceNicholas, Lonely Lords #2 (review here!)

*BYRNE, Amanda K.Broken Down, Hidden Scars #2 (review here!)

*CALVANI, MayraThe Luthier’s Apprentice, Violinist Detectives Series #1 (review here!)

*CAMERON, CaseMore Than Luck, Legendary Pairs #2 (review here!)

*CAMERON, CatePlaying Defense, Corrigan Falls Riders #2 (review here!)

*CAMERON, CateWinging It, Corrigan Falls Riders #3 (review here!)

CASS, KieraThe Heir, The Selection #4 (review here!)

CASS, KieraThe Siren (review here!)

*CHAPMAN, BrynnThe Requiem Red (review here!)

*CHUPECO, RinThe Bone Witch, The Bone Witch #1 (review here!)

*CHURCH, M. A.Beneath the Surface (review here!)

CONNOLLY, John – The Book of Lost Things (review here!)

*DAHM, Leyla KaderAnnabeth Neverending (revew here!)

DALLING, AndreaSeducing Jordan, Ache of Desire #1 (review here!)

*DEE, BonnieThe Copper (review here!)

*DEE, BonnieThe Tutor (review here!)

*DEE, Bonnie & DEVON, SummerThe Merchant and The Clergyman (review here!)

*DEMPSTER, Kerr-AnnThe Reluctant Sacrifice, The Aramithians #1 (review here!)

*DeROSA, G. K.Wilder, The Guardian #1 (review here!)

*DeROSA, G. K.Wilder Destiny, The Guardian #2 (review here!)

*DeROSA, G. K.Wilder Revelation, The Guardian #3 (review here!)

*DERR, MeganThe Only Option (review here!)

*DIMON, HelenKayMr. and Mr. Smith, Tough Love #1 (review here!)

*DIMON, HelenKayThe Talented Mr. Rivers, Tough Love #2 (review here!)

*DIMON, HelenKayGuarding Mr. Fine, Tough Love #3 (review here!)

DIOR, ChristianThe Little Dictionary of Fashion (review here!)

*EADON, KellyThe Wedding Date (review here!)

*EASTON, TobiEmerge, Mer Chronicles #1 (review here!)

*FITCH, E. M.Of The Trees (review here!)

FLANAGAN, JohnThe Ruins of Gorlan, Ranger’s Apprentice #1 (review here!)

*GAMBARINI, LivioEternal War: Armies of Saints (review here!)

*GARREN, JaxStripped with the Vampire (review here!)

*GOODMAN, JoMore Than You Wished, Hamilton Family #2 (review here!)

GRACE, AriaMore Than Friends, More Than Friends #1 (review here!)

GRACE, AriaDrunk In Love, More Than Friends #2 (review here!)

GREY, AndrewEyes Only For Me (review here!)

*HAGER, Krysten LindsayTrue Colors, Landry’s True Colors #1 (review here!)

HALE, ShannonAustenland, Austenland #1 (review here!)

HALE, ShannonThe Unfairest of Them All, Ever After High: Storybook of Legends #2 (review here!)

*HAMMERLE, JulieAny Boy But You, North Pole, Minnesota #1 (review here!)

*HAMSTEAD, KatiePrincess of Tyrone, The Fairytale Galaxy Chronicles #1 (review here!)

*HAMSTEAD, Katie Myths of Mish, The Fairytale Galaxy Chronicles #2 (review here!)

*HANNAH, S. L.The Need (review here!)

*HANSEN, Emily AnnGrimm & White, Heartless #1 (review here!)

*HARPER, HelenGifted Thief, Highland Magic #1 (review here!)

*HARPER, HelenHonour Bound, Highland Magic #2 (review here!)

*HARPER, HelenVeiled Threat, Highland Magic #3 (review here!)

*HARPER, HelenLast Wish, Highland Magic #4 (review here!)

*HARPER, LouSecrets and High Spirits, Spirtis #4 (review here!)

*HART, A.Braver With You, Great Love #1 (review here!)

*HART, StaciWasted Words (review here!)

*HARVEY, AlyxandraLove Me, Love Me Not (review here!)

*HAWK, Jordan L.Dangerous Spirits, Spirits #2 (review here!)

*HAWK, Jordan L.Hexbreaker, Hexworld #1 (review here!)

HAWK, Jordan L.Widdershins, Whyborne & Griffin #1 (review here!)

HAWK, Jordan L.Threshold, Whyborne & Griffin #2 (review here!)

*HEALY, CarolineThe Wolf Mirror (review here!)

*HOROWITZ, Lauren BirdShattered Blue, The Light Trilogy #1 (review here!)

*KENDALL, A. E.The Quartermaster & The Marquis’ Son, Clash at Sea #1 (review here!)

*KERICK, MiaIn a Gilded Cage (review here!)

*KING, Mark C.Sigmund Shaw: A Steampunk Adventure (review here!)

*KNIGHTLEY, ErinVexed by a Viscount, All’s Fair in Love #4 (review here!)

*KNIPPLING, DeAnnaHow Smoke Got Out of The Chimneys (review here!)

*KRUPPA, Kristine27 Days to Midnight (review here!)

*LACY, Mark AnthonyRetro Glamour Photography of Mark Anthony Lacy (review here!)

LANE, ChadOnly For You, Only For You #1 (review here!)

*LANGLINAIS, M. PepperThe Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller (review here!)

*LEAH, Archer KayFour, The Republic #2 (review here!)

*LOGAN, HarperMy Leading Man, The Neeson Boys #1 (review here!)

*LOGAN, HarperSomething New (review here!)

*LOMBARDO, RebeccaIt’s Not Your Journey (review here!)

MAAS, Sarah J. – A Court of Thorns and Roses, ACOTAR #1 (review here!)

*MADSEN, CindiOperation Prom Date, Tactics in Dating #1 (review here!)

MAIA, TYANNE & VLAD, VALQUÍRIA [ORGANIZERS]Muskov’s Asylum: Tales and Memories [Wish Publishing House Anthology] (review here: ENGLISH / PORTUGUÊS)

MARCH, AvaAll In With The Duke, Gambling on Love #1 (review here!)

*MARCH, AvaViscount’s Wager, Gambling on Love #3 (review here!)

MARCH, AvaThe Bond Series (review here!)

MARCH, AvaConvincing Arthur, London Legal #1 (review here!)

MARCH, AvaConvincing Leopold, London Legal #2 (review here!)

*MARCH, AvaConvincing the Secretary, London Legal #3 (review here!)

MARCH, AvaObject of His Desire, Sommerville Park #1 (review here!)

MARCH, AvaPleasures of Sommerville Park, Sommerville Park #2 (review here!)

*MARKS, Rachel A.Darkness Brutal, The Dark Cycle #1 (review here!)

*MARKS, Rachel A.Darkness Fair, The Dark Cycle #2 (review here!)

*MARSHALL, KaleeRoses of the Angel (review here!)

*MCCONNEL, JenDaughter of Chaos, Red Magic #1 (review here!)

*MCCONNEL, JenGods of Chaos, Red Magic #2 (review here!)

*MCCONNEL, JenTriumph of Chaos, Red Magic #3 (review here!)

*MCNULTY, AmyNobody’s Goddess, Never Veil #1 (review here!)

*MCNULTY, AmyNobody’s Lady, Never Veil #2 (review here!)

*MELLOW, E. J.The Dreamer, Dreamland #1 (review here!)

*MELOY, PaulThe Night Clock (review here!)

MENDES, Mariza B. T.Searching for the lost tales: the meaning of the female functions in Perrault’s fairy tales (review here!)

*MORELLI, PattiShielded Past (review here!)

*MORENCY, DayanaFalling Light (review here!)

*MORRIS, JamesFeel Me Fall (review here!)

*MORRIS, JamesWhat Lies Within (review here!)

*MURPHY, DerekShearwater, Part One (review here!)

*NGUYEN, Jenn P.The Way to Game the Walk of Shame (review here!)

*NICOLLE, KristySomething Blue (review here!)

*NOELLE, ErinThe Hidden Life (review here!)

*O’BEIRNE, EmilyFuture Leaders of Nowhere (review here!)

*OAKS, LindaChasing Rainbows, The Chasing Series #1 (review here!)

*OAKS, LindaFinding Forever, The Chasing Series #2 (review here!)

*OAKS, LindaThe Way Home, The Chasing Series #3 (review here!)

OATES, Joyce CarolThe Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror (review here!)

PENNY, JoyA Love for the Mistletoe, A Love for the Pages #0.5 (review here!)

*PENNY, JoyA Love for the Pages (review here!)

POE, Edgar AllanThe Murders in the Rue Morgue (review here!)

*PURDY, Rebekah L.Incriminating Dating (review here!)

*QUICK, AdaraThe Dream Protocol, Descent #1 (review here!)

REED, DavidBobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting, Supernatural books (review here!)

*REYNE, LaylaSingle Malt, Agents Irish and Whiskey #1 (review here!)

*RHODES, DeclanOrder Up (review here!)

RICE, AnneThe Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty series #1 (review here!)

RIORDAN, RickPercy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1 (review here!)

*RIVERS, JeanNicoleBlack Water Tales: The Unwanted, Black Water Tales #2 (review here!)

RODDA, EmilyThe Key to Rondo, Rondo #1 (review here!)

RODDA, EmilyRowan of Rin, Rowan of Rin #1 (review here!)

RODDA, EmilyRowan and the Travelers, Rowan of Rin #2 (review here!)

RODDA, EmilyRowan and the Keeper of the Crystal, Rowan of Rin #3 (review here!)

*ROMAN, TeresaDaughter of Magic (review here!)

ROUX, Madeleine – The Scarlets, The Asylum #1.5 (review here!)

ROUX, MadeleineCatacomb, The Asylum #3 (review here!)

ROWELL, RainbowCarry On (review here!)

ROWELL, RainbowFangirl (review here!)

ROWELL, RainbowKindred Spirits (review here!)

RUDNICK, ElizabethA Frozen Heart (review here!)

*SCHWARTZ, Sharon & SUTTON, LauraEisenberg Originals: The Golden Years of Fashion, Jewelry, and Fragrance, 1920s-1950s (review here!)

SHEPARD, SaraThe Perfectionists, The Perfectionists #1 (review here!)

*SLOAT, ChristySlumber, The Slumber Duology #1 (review here!)

*SMITH, Jacqueline E.Boyband, Boyband #1 (review here!)

*SMITH, Jacqueline E.Cemetery Tours, Cemetery Tours #1 (review here!)

*SMITH, Jacqueline E.Between Worlds, Cemetery Tours #2 (review here!)

*SMITH, Jacqueline E. – After Death, Cemetey Tours #3 (review here!)

SMITH, L. J.Secret Vampire, Night World #1 (review here!)

SMITH, L. J.Daughters of Darkness, Night World #2 (review here!)

SMITH, L. J.Spellbinder, Night World #3 (review here!)

*SMITH, LaurenThe Rakehell’s Seduction, Seduction #2 (review here!)

*SPATUCCI, SteveBreach Point (review here!)

*SPEARS, SpencerSugar Season (review here!)

*STARLING, StellaBe True, At Last, The Beloved Series #1 (review here!)

*STARLING, Stella Be Loved, At Last, The Beloved Series #3 (review here!)

TAYLOR, LainiDaughter of Smoke and Bone, Daughter of Smoke and Bone #1 (review here!)

*THORNTON, D. M.The Answer (review here!)

*TOMPKINS, Sarah VanceKisses on a Paper Airplane (review here!)

TRENT, HolleyWinterball, Den of Sin #10 (review here!)

*VALENTINO, AnyaMisunderstood: Secrets of a Teen Queen (review here!)

*VOISEN, AngeliqueRightfully His Omega (review here!)

*WADE, KrystalAsleep (review here!)

*WILDE, JenQueens of Geek (review here!)

*WINTERS, Elsa & VANCE, Brad – The Road Home (review here!)

*WOLF, SaraLove Me Never, Lovely Vicious #1 (review here!)

*WOLF, SaraForget Me Always, Lovely Vicious #2 (review here!)

WOOLF, JackiePolice Force (review here!)

*WOODRUM, ElizabethMaisy and the Missing Mice, The Maisy Files #1 (review here!)

*WOODRUM, ElizabethMaisy and the Money Marauder, The Maisy Files #2 (review here!)

*WOODRUM, ElizabethMaisy and the Mystery Manor, The Maisy Files #3 (review here!)


ABE, MiyukiSuper Lovers (review here!)

ASOU, KaiOnly Serious About You (review here!)

CLAMPMan of Many Faces (review here!)

KAORI, MonchiSeito Kaichou ni Chuukoku (review here!)

KAWAHARA, Reki & HADUKI, TsubasaSword Art Online: Fairy Dance (review here!)

KAZUMI, Maki & HOMANI, YukineDesire (review here!)

KIM, SeyoungBoy Princess (review here!)

KONOHARA, Naise & OGURA, MukuCastle Mango (review here!)

MIYAMOTO, KanoSleeping Moon (review here!)

NAKAMURA, ShungikuSekaiichi Hatsukoi (review here!)

NEKOTA, YonezouMiwaku Shikake – Amai Wana (review here!)

*ONTAMAHatsune Miku: Mikubon (review here!)

OTSUKI, MiuCalling (review here!)

*REAVES, MalloryBeauty and The Beast: Belle and Beast’s Tales (review here!)

SHIMIZU, YukiHanayome wa Oku-san (review here!)

SHIOZU, ShuriEerie Queerie! (review here!)

TAKANAGA, HinakoCroquis (review here!)

TAKANAGA, HinakiThe Tyrant Falls In Love (review here!)

TAKANAKA, Rika & KODAKA NaoPrincess Kilala (review here!)

TAKARAI, RihitoTen Count (review here!)

TATENO, MakotoHeart o Nusumu no wa Dare da (review here!)

YAMADA, FumikaDear My Mister (review here!)

YAMANE, AyanoBaked Sweet Glasses (review here!)

YAMANE, AyanoA Foreign Love Affair (review here!)

YONEDA, KouEven So, I Will Love You Tenderly, No Touching At All series (review here!)


*ANDERSON, Ted & COOK, KatieMy Little Pony: Equestria Girls (review here!)

ANDREYKO, MarcManhunter, volume 4: Unleashed (review here!)


Austenland, 2013 (review here!)