Must-Have Edition of the Month: Poison, by Sarah Pinborough

Hello, there! Welcome to a two-Fridays-late-post, haha! It’s Must-Have Edition of the Month time and I chose one that has caught my eye now for over a year: the hardcover edition of Poison, by Sarah Pinborough!


poison paperback

This is the Gollancz edition from 2013, from UK, with 209 pages and a hardcover without a dust jacket ❤ I already own Beauty, the third book of the same series, in this hardcover edition and IT IS SO STUNNING! Look:

And that’s Lady sleeping, as usual ❤

Now just imagine a red book like this. I can’t. I needed to look for it and just look the picture that Kate N, from the MagicKitten* Blogs, took from her copy:

poison - picture from Kate N MagicKitten blogs
This picture belongs to Kate N and it’s here used with illustrative purposes only.

I NEED TO BUY THIS BABY!!! But after almost three months of book buying ban I need to buy lots of books, haha!

That’s it, thanks so much for reading! Have you ever read this series from Sarah Pinborough?


Must-Have Edition of the Month: Deltora Quest complete edition, from Emily Rodda

Hi, there! A week later, my Must-Have Edition of the Month has been chosen: the complete edition of Deltora Quest saga, from Emily Rodda ❤

If you’ve read this post, you know I’m crazy about both Deltora and Emily, haha! So, when I saw that they made a complete edition in hardcover, I went wildly nuts.

deltora quest complete edition.jpg

That is, until I see that there were no pictures of the real book on Google and that it was sold out in pretty much all bookish selling sites that would ship to Brazil. Now I’m just depressed over a beautiful edition that I will never even be able to look at! 😦

I’m sorry this post is so small, but the pain is real. You can check this edition on Goodreads and Amazon.

That’s it, thanks for reading! ❤ Have you ever read Deltora Quest series??


Must-Have Edition of the Month: Great Expectations, from Charles Dickens

Hi, there! Good Friday to you! I have to stop saying that, Friday is always good, ugh.

Anyway, another month arrived and I don’t know about you guys, but my February flew out of the window, haha! It’s the first Friday of March, which means… Must-Have Edition of the Month!

This time, I got fancy and chose a classic in a classic wrap: Great Expectations, from Charles Dickens. Nothing much? Wait for it: Penguin edition. Clothbound.


those images were found on Google and are used here with illustrative purposes only

Seriously, how did I lived so long without this beauty? It has chandeliers, for crying out loud! (Yes, I’m a chandelier freak since I was a toddler, haha!)

I just need to hug this book and make it mine.

wee i guess i can't hide my crazy.gif

That’s it, haha! Thank you for reading and stay tuned: we have nothing more and nothing less than three cover reveals today! 😀


Must-Have Edition of the Month: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, from J.K. Rowling

Hello, good morning! I know, two Harry Potter posts in a roll on this section, but what can I do? They seem to give me luck, by announcing my wanted books, haha! From all 12 posts I did about my desired editions (some solemnly made on Instagram), I managed to buy 2 of them. Go, me! Lol

Anyway, today’s choice is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, by J.K. Rowling, on green hardcover format. So pretty!


I already saw this edition around bookstagram (follow me there!), and I’m in love. In fact, I want the whole box set.


credits: all pictures were found on Google, I don’t own any of them.

That’s it, haha! Sorry that this post was so short, oops!

Have you read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?


Must-Have Edition of the Month: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Illustrated Edition

Hi, there! Good Thursday to you 😀 Today it’s Must-Have Edition of the Month day and I thought it would be nice to share which book I’ve been haunting since Christmas: the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!


No, seriously. Look at this!

credits: photo from The Guardian’s website

I’ve been seeing pics of this book all over Instagram and I’m dying to have my own copy 😦 Unfortunately, I’m not finding for less than 100 dollars… The world can be so unfair.

I already interacted with this book in a local bookstore, so I know it is double hardcover with a ribbon mark, nice and fancy paper and the most cute illustrations ever, made by Jim Kay ❤



That’s it! Thanks for reading ❤ Have you already grabbed your illustrated edition copy??


Must-Have Edition of the Month: The Complete Tales and Works of Edgar Allan Poe

Hello, again! Yes, despite the readathon, the blog is still up and running, haha! 😉

Today I bring back to life a section of the blog called Must-Have Edition of the Month, which started as weekly, but I think it will be more cool to be around only once a month. To see the previous post, click here 🙂

December’s Must-Have Edition is all richness: the Barnes & Noble edition of The Complete Tales and Works of Edgar Allan Poe! *–*


Honestly, look at this beauty. Look well.


Beautiful and flawless, right? I won earlier this year their edition of Alice and that piece of art made me want ALL OF BARNES & NOBLE EDITIONS, OMG!



So, if you want to give me a Christmas present, you can pick any of these classic beauties (except for Alice’s and Peter Pan’s, which I already own, haha!) and I will love you forever ;D

That’s it, thanks for reading! Are you a sucker for B&N editions as well??


10th anniversary Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief edition – Rick Riordan

Good night, guys! I’m sorry for the delay on this post – I had promissed it at my Instagram account for last night, but life isn’t always as we plan, lol.

This week’s must-have edition is nothing less than Barnes & Noble’s 10th anniversary edition of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, from Rick Riordan *–*
this image is Rick Riodan's
this image is Rick Riodan’s 🙂
I first saw it at Rick’s profile at Goodreads and he already listed for me some of the reasons to buy the new edition:
– It features the beautiful new covers by John Rocco, and a special sticker in the front, signaling the 10th anniversary of the edition;
– It comes with pictures of all editions of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief around the world, which is amazing;
– We finally have maps for the Camp Half-Blood and for the Underworld;
– It comes with personal archive files from Rick Riordan about the series;
– John Rocco explains how he did the art for The Lightning Thief cover.
These are just some of the new features. The book also is in hardcover edition and rumors say that it might contain the first story of PJ’s series as well. LOL. Just kidding.
That’s it, thanks for reading! Are you excited about this release too??