Mini Reviews: Historical books #1


Hello, bamboo lovers! We have here another powerful edition of the mini reviews post =D This time, however, the macro theme will be Historical books that I have read recently =)

Just remembering that the mini reviews deal is a combination of inspirations from Cait, of The Paper Fury, and from Lindsey, of @thepagemistress, and that I do those with books that were good, but weren’t unforgettable or are too short for a full review =)

In this post, you’ll find mini reviews for:

  • Christian Dior – The Little Dictionary of Fashion
  • DeAnna Knippling – How Smoke Got Out of The Chimneys
  • Jo Goodman – More Than You Wished

*~. The Little Dictionary of Fashion.~*

From Christian Dior


Rating: 5 stars

Reading period: Jan. 18th, 2017

Format: Brazilian Portuguese paperback

Source: bought at a local Brazilian book store


Christian Dior reveals the secrets of style in this charming handbook that no lady should be without. An indispensable guide that covers everything from what to wear to a wedding and how to tie a scarf to how to walk with grace, The Little Dictionary of Fashion is full of timeless tips. From afternoon frocks and accessories to travelling and tweed, Dior’s expertise ensures every girl will know the three fundamentals of fashion: simplicity, grooming and good taste. Published for the V&A’s ‘Golden Age of Couture’ exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ‘New Look’ and illustrated with delightful photographs and drawings, this handbag-sized classic is the perfect gift for style-conscious girls.


You literally learn how to dress well for ANYTHING and how to use your money more wisely when purchasing clothes. The man is a god, seriously. And he talks to all social classes, not just to women who can afford a Dior piece, haha! As a bonus, the reader also can enter Dior’s mind and have a glimpse of what was like to live and get dressed in the 1960’s. Spoiler alert: thank God for Macy’s, hahaha!


As the book was wrote in the 1960’s, it’s easy enough to stumble in some old and dusty conceptions, but nothing worth of dropping the book. We just have to keep in mind that Dior, despite being highly advanced for his time, still was a man living in the 1950’s and 1960’s, so of course he tends to say inappropriate things for women of the 21st century. Just don’t let those small things get under your skin, because I’m sure he would be our number one fan in this century, no restrictions – he was already a women lover in his time, imagine nowadays that feminist is a strong deal =)


I landed my copy of the book to a friend, so once again, no quotes for me to, well, quote. Sorry =(


Anyone into fashion, anyone that desires to glimpse Dior’s notions of what was classy, but the book does focus on the female wardrobe, so… Women that love fashion are the special target, haha! 90% of what is in the book can be applied in fashion today. The guy was a genius.


*~.How Smoke Got Out of The Chimneys.~*

From DeAnna Knippling

how smoke got out of the chimneys.jpg

Rating: 5 stars

Reading period: Dec. 19th, 2016

Format: ebook

Source: received from the author in exchange for an honest review at Amazon


London, England. 1840.

Gangs of four- and five-year-old orphans are being used as “apprentice” chimney sweeps–they’re the only ones who can fit down the narrow chimneys, taking brushes and baskets down with them into upper-class Victorian homes to scrape out the creosote.

It’s good for ’em, don’tcher know?

Caroline, a.k.a. the infamous Smoke, is one of the older orphans, who help lift and lower the smaller ones, handle the customers, and keep the gang runner, Hasty Wallace, from flying off the handle. But rumor is, it’s time to shuffle the sixteen-year-old orphan off to other business ventures. Ones with mattresses. Lots of mattresses. If it were up to Hasty (and it is), Caroline will disappear into a brothel in Whitechapel…or a ditch. Honestly, he doesn’t care which.

It’s time for Caroline to get out of the chimney business. And maybe it’s time that Hasty Wallace learned a thing or two about orphans…


The settings – DeAnna researched a lot and I felt like I was walking beside Caroline through London’s streets and chimneys, haha! Also, the adventure and fast pace are amazing. DeAnna balanced wonderfully heavy and serious themes with the fleeting pleasure of a childish adventure ❤


This story was SO GOOD! I need to read more of Caroline’s adventures, haha!


“Look inside enough houses, and they start to come together like wooden puzzles.” – Caroline’s thoughts


Historical books fans, obviously, short stories lovers and everyone that has already wondered how on earth people used to clean those high-as-the-sky chimneys on old European buildings, haha!


*~.More Than You Wished.~*

From Jo Goodman

Hamilton Family #2

more than you wished.jpg

Rating: 1 star

Reading period: Jan. 25th to 19th, 2017

Format: ebook

Source: received in exchange for an honest review at Amazon


Following the War Between the States, reclaiming her family’s Carolina plantation from her ruthless stepfather is Bria Hamilton’s only desire. And if hiring a dangerously attractive Northerner as a means-to-an-end will see her plan through, it’s a risk she’ll take.

But Luke Kincaid is not as he seems, and has but one reason for accepting Bria’s offer: revenge. He cannot afford the laughter that sweetens their moments, or the passion he longs to teach her, or the love he never meant to feel.

And neither can Bria.


The cover. Seriously. I was highly disappointed with this book.


I had read a romance in the past by this author, so you can imagine how happy I was at the opportunity at reading another title from Jo, right? Saddly, it became a nightmare. The book was uselessly long – something I did recall a bit too late about my last read from hers – and one single scene could take up to FOUR chapters. Like REALLY? And nope, no changing in the narrative style, that, BY THE WAY, switched back and forth between Bria and Luke’s points of view in third person from a line to another.

I was highly confused and downward mad when I reached 50% of my reading. This was a book I regret finishing, because sadly, it wasted my time.


No quotes worth showing.


Fans of Historical romances and Jo Goodman’s work. It’s not because this particular book didn’t work for me inside this genre that it can’t work for you =)



AND WE ARE DONE! Today, the mini reviews are far more acceptable, haha! I promise I’ll try to stick to 3 to 5 books tops on those posts =) Thanks so so soooo much for reading!

With love,


4 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Historical books #1

  1. Oooo I bet The Little Dictionary of Fashion is a very interesting read. I find fashion trends fascinating, especially since they all seem to all come back around after going out of style. I bet some of the trends in the 60’s will make another appearance 🙂

    How Smoke Got Out of The Chimneys looks interesting as well. Ever since seeing Mary Poppins as a child and learning what a chimney sweep was, I’ve been very curious about them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I LOVE FASHION TRENDS AS WELL! I usually ignore them, as I got my own *very glittery and eye hurting* style, but I love studying them ❤ Also, I love mixing different fashion movements on the same outfit, but in order to do that, I must know what I'm doing? Hahahaha!
      Also, How Smoke Got Out of The Chimneys is a really deep book despite being a short story =O I was positively struck by it ❤ I think you'd love this one in particular, haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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