Match Made in Mondays: switching points of view!

Hello, there! A wonderful Monday for you! ❤ If you follow me here on the blog for a while, you are sure of two things: a) I love Ava March; and b) I participate of my dear friend Audrey’s Monday-ly meme, Match Made in Mondays! If you head to her blog, Forwards and Bookwords, you can check how to enter and play with us! 😀

This week’s theme is:

CHARACTER’S POV + THIS BOOK/SERIES: What book or series would you love to read again from a different character’s point of view?

For the first time in my life, I won’t start my answer with “I don’t know”! =O

Sometimes, when I read a book, I actually think of how it would turn in other character’s point of view and could name a large number of books here, but honestly? The one I wanted to have read the most was Midnight Sun, Twilight’s book from Edward’s point of view.

from my Instagram 🙂

Maybe, if I have read all of this one, Edward could have explained to me why did he fell so hard for a girl so awful like Bella. Or why in hell he thinks it is cool to put high school on repeat over and over, haha!


I still hope that someday Stephenie Meyer will stop being a whining child and just finish writing this book. It’s not like she will ever have another success again, anyway. (I am being resentful, I know. But just look what happened to The Host. #justsaying)


That’s it! Thanks for reading! Would you read it Midnight Sun if it was really a thing??




ps: if you like giveaways just as much as I do, you totally should check this one out 😀


4 thoughts on “Match Made in Mondays: switching points of view!

  1. You are so true! I liked The Host though. But anyway, she really should write on Midnight Sun.
    Yeah, Bella was kind of … you know.
    I’d almost read a retelling in view of Mr Darcy, so this wouldn’t count.
    I didn’t read Fours Story from Divergent, so that would be awesome.
    Maybe Mr Knightley? What did he see in Emma?
    Great treat 💜

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    • Oops, sorry! I didn’t really like The Host 😡 But I’m with you in Bella’s matter, omg, haha! AND I WOULD TOTALLY READ A MT. KNIGHTLEY VERSION OF EMMA! Brilliant! =OO I’m still reading Emma, but I already love it, haha!

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      • Oh, sorry, didn’t want to spoil. But it’s okay. Not many liked the host. But I gave it a chance and liked it.
        I actually loved Jacobs view in part 4 of Twilight. This was really cool.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You didn’t, haha! Don’t worry ❤ I'll try to re-read and finish the series next year, so we can discuss it further /o/ And I find awesome that you liked the host, every book deserves to be lived by someone!
        And Jacob is brilliant ❤

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