Match Made in Mondays: an ARC book that you just need on your life!

Hi, there! Happy Monday to you 🙂 I’m sad to inform you guys that my friend Audrey, from the Forwards and Bookwords, hasn’t returned from her hiatus and that my Match Made in Mondays themes end with this post 😦 Until Audrey returns, Mondays shall not hold a special schedule anymore 😦 Come back, Audrey! Miss you, doll…


Today’s theme is:

Me + an advanced reader’s copy of THIS BOOK (What book do you absolutely need in your life, to the point where you and this book is your new OTP?)

The book that I’m pinning for now with all my efforts is To Kiss A Thief, from Ava March. She is currently working on it, so we don’t have an official blurb, cover or release date yet. This is the available information on her site:

To Kiss a Thief — Novella

part of a duology with Cooper Davis

Regency-set M/M erotic romance

Release date: 2016

Coming soon in ebook, print and audio.

Coming soon in French and Italian language editions.

London, 1828

Featuring Mr. Sam Fox from Brook Street: Thief, and Mr. Pascal Linden.

Oh, boy! I can’t wait 😀

If you’re new here and to my passion over Ava’s works, you can see my reviews for her books here 😀

That’s it, thank you for reading! Which is the book release that you’re pinning for??


Match Made in Mondays: mixing characters and book worlds!

Hi, there! Another week begins and I hope you’re all hanging there on this Monday 🙂 First thing every week here on the blog is my participation on my friend Audrey’s Match Made in Mondays meme. On her blog, Forwards and Bookwords, you can see the rules to join us.


This week’s theme is an old one, as Audrey seems to be on hiatus and I finally caught up to her themes:

THESE CHARACTERS from THIS BOOK + THIS WORLD from a different book (Remember Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana? If you could make a crossover special between two books, what characters and world would you mix?)

Hmm, I guess I’d love to see the Lord of the Rings characters on high school or college. You know, young adult classic scenario.


I can totally see this in my head, but apparently no one bothered to fan art this yet. Come on, talented people! :/ I can even see the snapchating:

This needs to happen right now. Thanks for reading 😉


Match Made in Mondays: a character’s life that is too #goals

Hi, there! Welcome to another Match Made in Mondays, a meme created by my friend Audrey, from the Forwards and Bookwords 😀

Today’s theme is:

CHARACTER’S LIFE + me (What character’s life is so #goals that you’d love to take their spot?)

I’ll cheat on this one because there is a character whose life I would give anything to have: Neal Caffrey.


I mean, come on. The guy is incredible beautiful.

neal gif

Smart, intelligent, an artist.


Has an impeccable sense of style.


He hates guns, but knows how to use them very well…




I would give it all to have Neal’s life, pros and cons. Simple as that ❤


Oh, and you know the best part about having Neal’s life? Being in the skin of Matt Bomer.


And, with that, I arrest my case.

Thanks for reading! Have you ever wanted to switch lives with a character?


Match Made in Mondays: a poorly executed premise!

Hi, there! Good Monday to you 🙂 First thing in my blog week is to participate in my sweet friend Audrey’s weekly meme, Match Made in Mondays! To see what we have been about for a while now, head to Forwards and Bookwords, her awesome blog 😀


Today’s theme is:

THIS BOOK’S PREMISE + a do over (What book had a fantastic premise that wasn’t executed well?)

Another rare case where I am not going to start my response with “I don’t know”! 😀

I think that my last plot disappointment was with Secrets and High Spirits, from Lou Harper.

from my Instagram 🙂

It had every element in the right place for it to work, but I felt it was so rushed D: The couple was great, the sidekicks were great, the mystery and everything… Oh, dear. It pains my heart to complain like this 😦

And, to be clear, I liked it and gave it 3 stars, but it is a shame to see its wasted potential, haha! I was devastated when I reached the end of my arc copy and saw that Teag and Bruce were done and that the next book would already feature another couple…


Oh, the pains of a book lover.

Anyway, still a good read. For more details, please read my full review here 😀

That’s it! Thanks for reading and I hope everyone’s starting this week well!


Match Made in Mondays: taking a character’s place in the book!

Hello, good Monday to you 🙂 Without much further ado, as I’m in a hurry, today I’m answering sweet Audrey’s meme Match Made In Mondays! As always, please visit her blog, Forwards and Bookwords, for more info about it 😀

Today’s theme is:

Me taking the spot of THIS CHARACTER + THIS SCENE/MOMENT OF A BOOK (Remember when you were staring at the pages of your book screaming, Don’t do that you idiot!? If you could take the place of a character in a certain scene of a book, who would you pick and what would you do different? How would it affect the rest of the book?)

I’m going with I don’t know, because once again Audrey caught me off guard, haha! But I’m going to go with Kara, from Finding Forever, by Linda Oaks!

from my Instagram ❤ to read the review for Finding Forever, click here!

Kara is one of my favorite females in all time, but sometimes, I wanted to punch her in the face. Due to spoilers, I’ll put the kind of situation that I would like to take into my hands instead of describing scene by scene 🙂

Kara loves Devon, he is her soul mate and all, but you JUST HAVE TO TALK TO HIM. You can’t allow him to maneuver you to the bedroom EVERY TIME THINGS GET TOO SERIOUS! How to have a healthy relationship with only sheets talking after so much crap? D:

Seriously, hold your pants, Kara. Just hold it. The story would have been a lot less dramatic and painful if you just could talk to Devon without jumping in the bed every time.

That’s it, haha! Thanks for reading and sorry about this rant, but OMG, I can’t stand goner people in the bed – this is for girls and boys, not just girls, haha!


Match Made in Mondays: changing the personality of a character!

Good morning, nice first Monday of the year to you! By the time this post goes live, I’ll be with my younger cousin sightseeing my city, so I can’t wait to show him all the hot spots and good food ❤

Geez, I’ve been awfully personal lately, sorry lol

Anyway, the year is new, but my participation at my sweet friend Audrey’s meme Match Made in Mondays is not 😀 She’s from the Forwards and Bookwords, go check her out if you like funny book reviews ❤

Today’s theme is:

New year, new me! THIS CHARACTER + a better personality (What character had a personality that made you cringe and wish that they were different? What character was it, and how would you change them?)

I’m back to I don’t know, haha! I have never thought about it… But I think I’ll go with Jeremy Lovett, from the Night World series, by L. J. Smith. He appears on the second book, Daughters of Night 🙂


I can’t say why I would change his personality without reveling huge spoilers, but trust me. He needs a change of heart. Simple like that!

If I got you interested in the Night World series, you can check my review for book one (Secret Vampire) and the review for Daughters of Darkness is coming soon! [I’ll update this post when available <3]

That’s it, haha! Thank you for reading and sorry I couldn’t elaborate more on Jeremy’s, oops!


Match Made in Mondays: adapting books to movies or TV series!

Hello, nice last Monday of 2015 for you 😀 Despite the year coming to an end, my participation in my dear friend Audrey’s meme, Match Made in Mondays, keeps on day (cof almost cof) and strong! To see what we have been about on Mondays, check it out the meme’s page at Forwards and Bookwords 😀


Today’s theme is:

THIS BOOK/SERIES + A MOVIE ADAPTATION/TV SERIES (What book is in need of a movie or TV show adaptation? Assuming that these adaptations are well done, of course!)

This time, besides not saying I don’t know, I’ll go farther: I’m not an enthusiast of books into movies/TV shows. It’s nothing personal, but lately Hollywood hasn’t been giving a shit about proper casting and actor’s characterization into their roles. Don’t know what am I talking about and need some examples?

  1. Maleficent. Aurora and Philip look like they are 12 and I am more beautiful and enchanting than that Aurora. No comments. Angelina Jolie is flawless, though.
  2. 50 shades of Gray. Grey has black hair and blue eyes. Really blue, ice blue. BLUE. I can tell you 5 actors with those characteristics right here, right now: Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder, Misha Collins, Chris Pine and Jared Letto (you know, when he is not being Jesus and all). And tell me, how difficult it is to paint someone’s hair and put on some contacts for the damn movie? No comments, again. I didn’t care enough about Anastacia in the book to analyze the actress chosen for the part, so I won’t be judging her.
  3. Cinderella. Princess Cinderella has BLUE EYES. Her prince has not. Besides, the version of Cinderella that Disney first adapted and then become the live action was Perrault’s one. That said, the movie passes on France, somewhere between centuries 18th and 19th. There were barely black people in France at the time and never ever on royalty as it was the case of that awesome fellow that was the prince’s friend. Nothing personal, I loved that character and that guy, but this is simply history.

I know that I’m particularly boring and exigent, but they do have the necessary money to do it right. They are just more occupied with ego playing than with movie making.

Anyway, sorry for the big rant. If people really need to adapt from books, I prefer when they do TV shows. There are more details, more time and room for accuracy 🙂 And that’s why I would love to see a Percy Jackson remake, but for a TV show. Sorry if you liked them, but the movies flopped hard, haha!

That’s it! Thanks for reading and I’m sorry for the big rant and sorry if I offended anyone, that was not my goal at all! Which books would you like to see turned into movies or tv shows??


Match Made in Mondays: new covers for unfortunate books!

Hello, good morning and good Monday! LAST ONE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, OMG! *–*

I’m just so happy, haha!

Anyway, Monday is Match Made in Mondays day, a meme created by my sweet friend Audrey, from the Forwards and Bookwords


Today’s theme is:

THIS BOOK/SERIES + NEW COVERS (What fantastic book or series is in desperate need of a cover that matches the beauty inside?)

… And we are back to “I don’t know” answers, ugh.

I would normally say that Meg Cabot needs to fire her graphic designer team, but I say this so much that it would end up becoming my personal meme, haha!

I guess I would pick Ranger’s Apprentice series, from John Flanagan. I’m not madly in love with any of the covers that I’ve seen so far, haha!

from my Instagram


I only have books one and two and only read the first [review here!], but I’ve seen the other volumes at the bookstore and the covers are ugly. In my opinion, of course!

Well, that’s it! Thanks for reading 😀 Which book or series is in a serious need of a new cover in your opinion??


Match Made in Mondays: finding a new title for a book!

Hello, there! Hope you’re having an amazing Monday so far!

For a while now, I’ve been participating of my sweet friend Audrey’s Monday meme called Match Made in Mondays! If you want to tag along and play, go ahead to her blog, Forwards and Bookwords, and check out her theme list ❤


Today’s theme is:

THIS BOOK + A NEW TITLE (What book do you think could use a better/funnier title? What would you call it?)


*realizes that people may be staring at her evil laugh and composes herself*

Ugh, sorry about that. Ahem.

Last year, I met this author called Sally MacKenzie and she writes sugared historical romances. I loved the first series that I read from her, called Duchess of Love, and then went after more books later (one of then made my TOP 5 list of sugared historical romances). Anyway, the last book in Duchess of Love series is called Loving Lord Ash:

from my Instagram

Btw, I love this cover, haha!

But you see, Lord Ash is a butthead. He made mistake after mistake and still expects to have his wife’s love afterwards. I was SO MAD with him all the time! Jessica was an awesome and strong woman that didn’t deserve to have the years of her life wasted like they were, omg. So, I’m officially changing this title to:


You suck it up, butthead!

That’s it, haha! If you enjoy historical romances, you just have to read this series 😀 Thanks for reading ❤ Have you ever wanted to change a book’s title?


Match Made in Mondays: switching points of view!

Hello, there! A wonderful Monday for you! ❤ If you follow me here on the blog for a while, you are sure of two things: a) I love Ava March; and b) I participate of my dear friend Audrey’s Monday-ly meme, Match Made in Mondays! If you head to her blog, Forwards and Bookwords, you can check how to enter and play with us! 😀

This week’s theme is:

CHARACTER’S POV + THIS BOOK/SERIES: What book or series would you love to read again from a different character’s point of view?

For the first time in my life, I won’t start my answer with “I don’t know”! =O

Sometimes, when I read a book, I actually think of how it would turn in other character’s point of view and could name a large number of books here, but honestly? The one I wanted to have read the most was Midnight Sun, Twilight’s book from Edward’s point of view.

from my Instagram 🙂

Maybe, if I have read all of this one, Edward could have explained to me why did he fell so hard for a girl so awful like Bella. Or why in hell he thinks it is cool to put high school on repeat over and over, haha!


I still hope that someday Stephenie Meyer will stop being a whining child and just finish writing this book. It’s not like she will ever have another success again, anyway. (I am being resentful, I know. But just look what happened to The Host. #justsaying)


That’s it! Thanks for reading! Would you read it Midnight Sun if it was really a thing??




ps: if you like giveaways just as much as I do, you totally should check this one out 😀