Mailbox News: Holidays Edition #4


(Edition from Dec. 17th to 21th)

Hello, there! Nice to see you here with me again ❤ Welcome to another Holidays Edition of the Mailbox News, the weekly place to talk about all new bookish things… I’ve seen on my e-mail, haha!

In this issue, you’ll find news about: Alicia Rades, B. A. Tortuga, Cameron Riley, Ilana Waters, Julia Talbot, Kristy Nicolle, Sara C. Roethle and Spencer Spears

*click on the book covers to be taken to their Goodreads page*



I’ve virtually met Alicia a couple days ago in one of the 45436785642 Instafreebie giveaways I have stumbled upon and, while I can’t wait to start the Crystal Frost series, Alicia is releasing the fourth book on it!

  • Fading Frost, Crystal Frost #4

Release date: Jan. 24th

fading frost.jpg



We’ve virtually met through some blog tours early this year and I loved Tortuga’s work ❤ Now, she has some cool new books around, lemme show you all! *–*

  • Catch and Release (The Release #3)

Release date: Dec. 19th

catch and release.jpg


I just met Cameron Riley through this awesome newsletter I’m into, called Sweet & Spicy Gay Romance Deals ❤ Needless to say it will leave me penniless, right? Right. Moving on, Cameron just released an awesome book!!

  • The Groom’s Chaperone

Release date: Dec. 10th

The Groom's Chaperone.jpg

BONUS: This book is currently only 99 cents at Amazon!



I’ve virtually met Ilana some weeks ago through a huge giveaway on Instafreebie and I can’t wait to start her Mage Tales series ❤ Mean while, she just released book 3, people! /o/

  • The Last Mage, Mage Tales #3

Release date: January, 7th

the last mage.jpeg



Another author met at my book blogging tour earlier this year ❤ She also happens to have a new book in town!

  • Catching Heir

Release date: Dec. 1st

Catching Heir.jpg



This week, Kristy revealed the cover for her upcoming standalone dystopian novel, Something Blue! We don’t have a Goodreads page, but we have an AWESOME COVER and an awesome paperback cover, haha!

  • Something Blue

Expected publication: April, 2017

something blue.jpg

something blue paperback.jpg


I’m dying to start The Thief’s Apprentice series, from Sara, as I’m trying real hard to dive more into steampunk books – I wish there were more gay romances inside the genre, as my life would get easier, but oh well. A panda can’t have everything!

  • Clocks and Daggers (The Thief’s Apprentice Book 2)

Release date: Dec. 20th

clock and daggers.jpeg


Spencer is going to release a new book very soon and I’m sooo excited! We don’t have a goodreads page for it yet, so I’ll leave the blurb along with the gorgeous cover =)

  • Sugar Season

Release date: January, 2017

sugar season.jpg


They say it’s better to have loved and lost. They have no idea what they’re talking about…

 Police officer Graham Andersen already had his happy ending. A whirlwind romance, a young marriage, more happiness than he knew what to do with. And then it was over, almost as soon as it began.

After his husband Joey died, Graham knew he’d never find that kind of love again. But what he’d had with Joey was more than some people ever get in life. He’d had his chance at happiness. He couldn’t ask for more.

“Another night, another lifetime, and I would have said yes. But not tonight. Not anymore.”

When chef Ryan Gallagher is swindled out of his savings right before he can open his restaurant, it almost seems right. One more failure for his long list, one more way he’ll never measure up to his older brother. Joey might be gone, but he still finds a way to overshadow Ryan.

With no money and no prospects, Ryan has no choice but to move home to the family that rejected him and his sexuality. But when he goes out to the local bar one winter night, he never dreams the hot guy he’s hitting on used to be his brother’s husband.

“Please, can we just pretend this never happened? I had no idea who you were when I met you.”

Both men insist that they’re not interested. And yet neither can resist the desire they feel. But relationships require love, love requires risk, and both Graham and Ryan know this life offers no guarantees. After a long winter in both their hearts, are they finally ready for spring?


That’s it, wonderful peeps! Have you heard some juicy gossip about the book world lately? Please, share with us on the comments! This little panda loves knowledge, especially of the bookish and celebrities kind ❤

With love,


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