Friday Fever: Holiday’s edition #2


Good morning, monochromatic friends! Or maybe that’s just me and Beth?! Welcome to the last issue of Friday Fever before Christmas =D I’ve gathered some a m a z i n g deals from this last week to show you and I’m in hopes that I’ll be able to jump on this wagon as well, haha!

The Friday Fever is hosted by my bff Beth, from the Betwixt The Pages, and here are her rulez:

Friday Fever is your one stop igloo for all things bookish and sales-worthy! These are all epic finds under $5.00 on Amazon Kindle! Click the cover to be taken to the AMAZON page!

Remember:  these deals can change at any time. ALWAYS double check before hitting the buy button!

Beth works with weekly themes for her posts, but I’m a rebel and also #holidaysseason, where everything is at sale, so, until Christmas is gone, I’m going a general sales deal. All the books here recommended I’d purchase for myself or I already own and think you should give them a try as well =) No recommending things I can’t back up, haha!

As I’m one of those pandas that always picks up books mainly because they are so pretty and have pretty titles, HERE WE HAVE JUST COVERS, MY PEEPS! Also, I’m lazy


The Immortals.jpg


the plunge.jpg


You can read my review for Order Up here!




pretty little werewolf.jpg

Beautiful water nymph posing on rocks

a husband for the family.jpeg

Once Upon a Happy Ending.jpg

*~.1.99 OR UNDER.~*

A Prince for Yuletide.jpg

the fix up.jpg

tangled beauty.jpg

cinderella dreams of fire.jpg

*~.2.99 OR UNDER.~*


Love Struck.jpg


*~.3.99 OR UNDER.~*

man & beast.jpg

*~.4.99 OR UNDER.~*

where he ends and I begin.jpg

Borrowing Blue.jpg

an improper holiday.jpg


And there we have it! Just out of curiosity, would you guys like me to mark the books that I own / have read on my next editions of the Friday Fever meme?? Should I identidy genres, at least? I’m still adapting and need help? Thank you ❤

Also, thanks for reading! Have you stocked your shelves for Christmas or will you fill them only on the 25th ? Or are you on a book buying ban? Tell me everything at the comments section =D

With love,


13 thoughts on “Friday Fever: Holiday’s edition #2

  1. oh, these are interesting! I hadn’t heard of any of them before. 😀 I would looove if you marked if you’d read them (and what you rated them haha) so I would know which ones to look at further! I love the cover for Captive. 🙂

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