Best books I’ve read in 2015! – Pt. 2

Hello, again! Nice Wednesday for you 😀 Today I’ll be posting part two of my selection of Best books in 2015! I’m using as a guide a challenged put together by bookstgrammer @annreads to do this 😉


11) Unique read

I don’t know how to count, so I’ll select three books that changed my life this year:

a) Shattered Blue, from Lauren Bird Horowtiz

from my Instagram 🙂

This was my first fairy book and it was so special! Lauren presented me with a wonderful plot, beautiful bookish boyfriends, a strong female main character and a delicious love triangle. Honestly, I can’t wait to read the next! ❤ You can read the full review here 🙂

b) Chasing Rainbows, from Linda Oaks


I wish my 14-year-old self had read this book. It taught me that life will always have ups and downs; the real trick is how you will handle the downs and treasure the ups. A beautifully written Young Adult volume that every teen should read! For the full review, click here!

c) Cemetery Tours series, from Jacqueline E. Smith


This book series swept me off my feet. I’ve read the first three books in three days and I regret nothing, haha! It was one of the best ghost series that ever crossed my life and I dare say that it is my favorite ever ❤ You can see here reviews for book one, book two and book three 🙂

12) Best Character Development

This one goes to Charlie, from Stripped with the Vampire. I have never seen a character to develop in a book like he did, it was awesome!


13) New Favorite Friendships

  • Percy and Grover, from Percy Jackson series
  • Vincent and Cash, from Stripped with the Vampire
  • Michael and Luke, from Cemetery Tours series
  • Raven Queen and Apple White, from Ever After High book series







14) Books that deserve more attention

Books in general deserve more attention from people because more people should read frequently – not madly as us book bloggers and lovers, but I really think everyone should read at least one book per month. It is good for the brain 🙂

15) Best Villains



from my Instagram 🙂
  • Chance, from After Death
  • The bad guy from Sigmund Shaw: A Steampunk adventure (I can’t say the name, as it is a huge spoiler, haha!)
  • Chance and Chase Logan, from Chasing Rainbows

16) Books you re-read

  • Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi




17) New favorite male characters

A whole post about this is coming soon, haha!

18) Longest book you’ve read

The Complete Essays from Michel de Montaigne, for my college. I died a little, but it wasn’t a bad read at all, haha! It had 1344 pages, haha!


19) Favorite Debut novel

I am so thankful for having met so many new and awesome authors this year, I can’t possible chose only one, so let’s go back to the list thing:

  • Lauren Bird Horowitz
  • Linda Oaks
  • Mark C. King
  • Steve Spatucci
  • James Morris
  • L. Hannah
  • Anya Valentino
  • Hart
  • Kalee Marshall

20) Didn’t meet your expectations

I’m glad to say that few books are going to be mentioned here, haha!

a) Shuriken to Pleats, from Matsuri Hino


b) Boy Princess series, from Seyoung Kim


c) The Need, from S. L. Hannah


d) The Night Clock, from Paul MeloyIMG_6236

e) Misunderstood, from Anya Valentino


f) The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, from Anne Rice


g) Roses of the Angel, from Kalee Marshall



That’s it, we reached the end of part two! Stay tuned for the final part of my best books of 2015 coming soon tomorrow 😀 Thanks for reading!


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