Manga of the Week: Full Metal Panic!, from Shouji Gatou and Retsu Tateo

Hi, again! I’m once again travelling, but the blog is more alive than never – now I have my own computer and all, haha! (A borrowed computer, but it is still mine for the stay, lol).

Wednesday is Manga of the Week day and today I’ll talk about a title named Full Metal Panic!, from author Shouji Gatou and illustrator Retsu Tateo 😀



Goodreads’ blurb:

Popular high school student Kaname Chidori is believed by a group of terrorists to have special powers, and even if she doesn’t want it, Sosuke Sagara of Mithril is going to protect her and the mysterious documents entrusted to them.

Why I think it’s a worth-reading manga: this manga is a light shonen, packed with action and only hints of romance and not overly flown with busty and earger females. I actually love Kaname and her relationship woth Sosuke is SO FUNNY! He is just like a door when it comes to human interactions, haha! It’s a diferente title on its category with the right amount of everything in it. I won’t lie, the end is kind of stupid, but you enjoy yourself highly until getting there, haha! ;D

That’s it, thanks for reading ❤ Do you prefer shoujo or shonen titles??


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