Boy Princess: a storm in my life

From time to time, I experience some odd situations in terms of reading. I buy books without reading the description, I get mysteriously drawn to a book I’ve never heard of or liked the cover, I foresee the most unthinkable scenes in the plots… Anyway, sometimes I’m pretty messed up. With Boy Princess, from Seyoung Kim, was no different.

from my Instagram 😀

However, before I explain what the hell happened with me and this saga, let me post here the Goodreads’ description of it:

When Princess Elena runs away two days before her wedding to the neighboring kingdom’s prince, her brother – Prince Nicole – is dressed up like a girl and sent to the ceremony in her place, leading to mischief and adventure between the two princes.

Resuming it better: Prince Nicole is sent to another kingdom to be another Prince’s bride in the place of his sister and has to dress up like a woman, but Jed, the other Prince, doesn’t like women, so he’s very happy to find that his beautiful wife is a lovely boy.

If you, like me, thought it would be a funny light yaoi manhwa (Korean manga), you are very and deeply wrong. Boy Princess has a deep plot, several characters that look all the same (which was a nightmare for me, because I suck with names, so I remember characters by their faces), some weird ends during the story and an unbelievable happy ending after so much drama.

Moreover, I didn’t feel a connection with the main characters and there was little comedy about it all, to my frustrations. I prefer less drama and, even hating many parts of what I was reading, I didn’t stop until I had read all nine volumes of it. NINE. In less than 4 hours.

That’s the bizarre part. I couldn’t put it down. I found the title at Manga Rock’s app and didn’t put my iPad down until I saw the end of Boy Princess. It was like a big tide washing over me, if I was going to die if I didn’t finish it. Strong black magic, really.

Anyway, I’m not a fan of manhwa generally speaking and I have a lot of issues with this series, but I strongly recommend it if you like a good yaoi drama in an alternative universe 🙂

And that was the Boy Princess phenomenon that crossed my way this year, thanks for reading it! Have you already gone through something really bizarre concerning books? 😀


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