Best books I’ve read in 2015! – Pt. 3

Hello, there! Happy Thursday for you 😀 Today I’ll be posting the final part of my selection of Best books in 2015! I’m using as a guide a challenged put together by bookstgrammer @annreads to do this 😉


21) Beautifully Written Books

22) New Favorite One True Pairing (OTP)

Kate and Michael, from Cemetery Tours ❤


23) Books that made you cry

This is a short list, as I usually don’t cry reading, but I have to make an honorable mention to What Lies Within, from James Morris. I cried my soul out in the end of this book and the swirl of emotions left me with one of my worst book hangovers ever 😦 I didn’t want it to never end, haha!


And now the other guilty ones of 2015:

24) New Favorite Side Characters

25) Magical Read

Asylum, from Madeleine Roux. It was a phenomenon since the moment I saw it at the bookstore, haha!


26) Most Read Genre

For sure it was gay books and mangas, haha! There were 75 mangas and 13 books of gay romance among all my read stuff from 2015, haha!

27) Best Conclusion to a Series

The Last Olympian, from Rick Riordan. It was amazing how he was able to wrap up everything so well! ❤

28) Favorite Quotes

I keep a whole notebook just for nice quotes and I took notes of almost all books read this year, so if you want to read some nice quotes, you can do it here, haha 😉

29) Book You Finally Read This Year

Percy Jackson series, The Fellowship of the Ring, the end of the A Unfortunate Series of Events, The Ruins of Gorlan from John Flanagan and the Night World series by L. J. Smith ❤

30) Most Anticipated Release of 2016

31) Favorite books from 2015

I refuse to choose, because there were too many ❤

Omg, we have reached the end of my Best Books of 2015 posts, haha! Thanks for reading all of this ❤ Which were your favorite reads of 2015?


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