The Things They’ve Taken, from Katie McElhenney


Good day, world! Welcome to my review for The Things They’ve Taken, from Katie McElhenney =D I’ve received my review copy from YA Reads through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and this is it! THANK YOU SO MUCH, GUYS! ❤

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All Lo Campbell wants is to be a normal teenager – to go to one high school, live in one place, and have one real friend. Instead, she travels the country with her mother, chasing the unknown, the “what else” that’s out there…

Until one day, the “what else” chases back.

Determined to rescue her mom from whatever supernatural being took her, Lo will need more help than a badly dressed demon obsessed with country music. She’s going to need a Tracker – and lucky for her, she finds one. Shaw is strong, good-looking, possibly available, and utterly infuriating. Sure, he may have secrets, and his help costs more than a brand-new car, but she’ll have to deal with him if she wants to find her mother – and get her home alive.

Me after finishing this book:



Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader =)

I was surprised at how much I actually like this book. If you have been following my reviews lately, you’ll realize I’m right in the middle of a reading funk where the books have lost a little of their magic. Not The Things They’ve Taken – I felt the magic since chapter one and read the whole thing practically in one sitting ❤ BESIDES, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT TWIST IN THE END?!! Seriously, I need to know what happens next! 5 stars *–*

wait what anna frozen

The narrative was first person from Lo’s point of view (and yes, I gave it 5 stars – it was that good). I liked her badass way because while she isn’t over power, she isn’t stupid either. Lo can smell foul play from miles away, but she isn’t perfect – which makes her perfect for me. #what McElhenney writing style also was wonderful: fluid, simple and magical.


I was highly intrigued with this plot from the first moment I read the blurb and I wasn’t disappointed. I had my guesses, but I couldn’t see many of the twists coming and it was sooo refreshing! I was missing a little mystery on my non-mystery books, haha!

Annelise, dear, sometimes you don’t make any sense.

hannah montana miley cyrus true

Sorry. Moving on, haha!

I already talked about Lo, so I’m taking this moment to say that I was highly amused by Rshkur, one of the demons. The guy may be dirt, but he’s fabulous. I have a weakness for bad and smart guys, what am I doing with my life?!!

am i weird yeah but so what everybodys weird boys talking

The only thing I wasn’t really into on this book was the romance parts, but it could have been worse, so I’ll let it slide, haha!

Now I’m going to shut up and allow the book to tell you why it is so fantastic. THAT’S RIGHT, PEEPS: QUOTE’S TIME! I only have one and a dialogue, because I got so tangled reading that I didn’t want to stop for one single minute, not even to do highlights, ooops!

“To survive in this world, Dolores, knwing your strength is nowhere near as important as knowing your weakness.” – Rashkur


And this killing dialogue, right in the first chapter:

Lo: I’m not old enough to drink alcohol.

Rashkur: Says who?

Lo: Says the state of Kentucky.


Well, the first thing that attracted me towards this title was that beautiful cover, haha! I loved the nightly background with the bird made out of water. The fact that the title has a fluid type font made with the water background also made me love it harder and, well, I was sold and requesting it and reading it like crazy, haha! ❤


Overall, if you like YA, urban fantasy and romance, I think you REALLY should give this book a chance ❤



Thank you so much for reading this review! Also, thanks so much to YA Reads, the publisher and NetGalley for my review copy =D Bellow, you’ll find more info on the book and the author, plus a giveaway!

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The Things They’ve Taken

by Katie McElhenney

Release date: May 1st, 2017

Published by Entangled Teen

Genre: YA Fantasy / Paranormal



The Things They’ve Taken is available in both ebook and paperback formats!

Amazon | B&N



Katie McElhenney was born in Philadelphia into a big family of curious kids and patient adults. A voracious reader and unapologetic daydreamer, she knew she wanted to become a writer someday. With the support of an amazing family, great friends, and some truly spectacular teachers she has written short stories, poems, and novels. A solar-powered human, she now lives in Los Angeles and uses the great weather for year-round trips to the beach and long runs (where the best inspiration happens).

Website | Facebook | Instagram



With love,


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  1. I couldn’t even read through your review because I GOT STUCK UP ON THE GORGEOUS COVER?!?!?! OH MY PENGUINS?!?!?! I DID read enough of this to think I need to pick this book up ASAP because 1.) this is the first time I’ve heard of it; 2.) you apparently loved it; 3.) THAT COVERRRRRRRR!

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