You must be wondering why the hell did I disappear once again without any traces. Yeah, not a great story, but not the saddest either: it’s all about internet connection.

My signal fell down sometime in the morning of May 11th and the company couldn’t figure out the problem. After weeks stuck with my shit phone connection that barely allows me to open 95% of my apps and an almost 5 yeard olf phone, I couldn’t even write a note to you all about the problem.

At some point of this morning, my signal was finally restored and I’m glad to announce that I’ll do my best to restore my late posts on the blog during the next days ❤

In case you were wondering what I have been doing without internet, I can assure you: I barely touched books these weeks. I learned that I like reading with my internet on, to check stuff online that I see on the story, check in on Goodreads, see what other people think of the series, stalk the authors, etc etc etc. After two weeks of pure hell, I have no shame in admiting that I’m addicted to being connected.

In other news, during this forced hiatus, I discovered that I love K-Pop (Korean Pop to those who, like me, didn’t know what this was) with all my heart. All the fan service and the cute asian boys just messed up my head for life. I’m seriously thinking of doing a new section here on the blog, with a post per week more or less, talking about my new finds of this world on that week. STILL JUST A THOUGHT, BUT SERIOUSLY, HOW CAN THOSE PRETTY GUYS KNOW EXACTLY WHAT GOES ON INSIDE MY HEAD? HAHAHAHA

In case you ever wanted to know how Anneliseland (my head) looks like inside, just watch this video (they even added my addiction to sodas and coolers):

Meet ASTRO, my favorite K-Pop band (can I say band? Or do I have to say group?) so far. And, if we’re talking about colors and ships, meet my favorite K-Pop ship so far too:


Meet MoonBin, the lazy guy being carried, and EunWoo, the poor guy carring him. I could write a whole essay with reasons why these two ARE ACTUALLY A COUPLE and not simply a ship.

You must be wondering how did I manage to get addicted to K-Pop without internet. Funny story, haha! I received a lot during my connectionless days and went to people’s places even more. One of the many adorable friends that followed my drama is a huge addicted to K-Pop and she brainwashed me one afternoon. It was only a matter of time to all my other offline friends start following me and pay attention to K-Pop =)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering! BTS, the boyband that beat Justin Bieber at the Billboard Music Awards this year, is a K-Pop band. I admit I don’t know their work just yet, but I’ll get there.

Now it’s your turn: what have you been up to since I was gone? Do you know/listen to K-Pop??

Thank you all for sticking with me so far, you’re the best! ❤

With love,


6 thoughts on “I AM BACK!

  1. Welcome back 🙂
    my sister in law is a HUGE K-Pop fan and she knows everything about it and goes to coventions and stuff.
    Sometimes I still listen to one of them like Shinee but not pretty often. So a new catagory would be cool 😉
    have a great time.


  2. ANNELISE, my darling panda…. I MISS YOU WHERE ARE YOU COME BAAAAAAACK *cries loudly* My blog just isn’t the same without you flailing your bamboo around and whacking me upside the head, I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE FOR SANITY!

    Liked by 1 person

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