3 days, 3 quotes challenge – Day 2!

Hi, there! Welcome to the second day of my 3 days, 3 quotes challenge! I was tagged by lovelies Jeany, from jeanyjanez, and Rachael, from 3 Fates Books! Thanks so much, girls! 😀 (again, haha!) Let’s go through the basic procedures so I can reveal my second quote 🙂

Da Rulez:

Thank the person who nominated you (thank you!)

Post three different quotes in three consecutive days

Nominate three new bloggers each day


the quartermaster & the marquis son

“I suppose of the many ways to die, being done in by a big is not high on my list.”

– Davey, from The Quartermaster & The Marquis’ Son, by A. E. Kendall

You can check my review for The Quartermaster & The Marquis’ Son here 🙂


Day two: check! One more to go 😀 Now I’m tagging some of my best online friends that also happen to be bloggers:

~> Mud and Stars

~> Vinnieh

~> Awayinneverland

Of course you guys don’t have to do it, I just wanted you to know that I love you ❤

Thanks for reading, y’all! I also love you, haha 😀


PS: You can check Day 1 of the challenge here 🙂

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