COVER REVEAL + GIVEAWAY: The Way Home, from Linda Oaks (The Chasing Series #3)

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Hello, there! It’s with the highest pleasure that I present to you today, along with Love Affair With Fiction, the final cover for The Way Home, third book in The Chasing Series, from wonderful Linda Oaks ❤

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Title: The Way Home
Author: Linda Oaks
Series: The Chasing Series
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

Releasing: April 12th, 2016

And here we have the paperback version:



Cover Design by Jena Brignola

TWH Synopsis

“Not everyone you love is going to leave you…but what if they do?”

For Nate Lucas, this was his reality.

When he lost her, he was left with no choice. Life was impossible in Crawley without her. He couldn’t live with all of the memories or her ghost.

He vowed to never return again.

It was business that brought him back and the chance to right a wrong, but then she needed him; his best friend’s little sister. Her life and her child’s were in danger.

It was an arrangement until it became more.

He vowed to never love again; to never allow the past a chance to repeat itself, but sometimes you’re left with no choice.

When the walls around your heart are finally breached, do you run and save yourself or stay and fight for the chance to love again?

When you lose your way, how do you find the way home?

**The Way Home is an Interconnected Standalone in The Chasing Series. Each book features a different couple.**

3821d-goodreadsThis is a very special book for me, as I was a beta reader for it! I can’t wait to read the final version of the story, omg! I’m a huge fan of Linda’s work since Chasing Rainbows, book one, and it’s so awesome to see her being recognized for being awesome ❤

You can already pre-order The Way Home at our usual book buying places!

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The Way Home Teaser #1

Calm down, you can have a sneaky peek bigger than this one, haha!

TWH Excerpt

We’d spent Sunday celebrating with her family never even managing to have a moment alone until the end of the night when she’d walked me out to my truck to say goodnight. The sky had been splattered with stars, thousands of them piercing the darkness above us. The tiny pinpoints of light were not nearly as captivating as Natalie; nothing was. We walked with her tucked against my side, gazing up at the sky. Her face had been radiant as she pointed out the constellations. In her excitement, she’d stumbled, dragging my attention away from Orion’s Belt and back to her. I’d only looked away because she’d insisted. I’d much rather have looked at her. I’d gripped her close. Both of us laughing. I could still recall the expression on her face. Her smile had shined brighter than any star I had ever seen.

The promise ring I’d saved six months for had been sitting proudly on the fourth finger of her dainty left hand. My birthday gift to her, and I hadn’t given two shits if her parents had liked it or not. Natalie was mine. She’d smiled at me, peeking up shyly through her lashes before sliding her hands into my hair and tugging my head closer to hers. My girl had loved to tease me. So in tune, I’d known exactly what she’d wanted and had fitted my mouth against hers while pulling her body close to mine. She’d fit me perfect.

That had been our last kiss. Thinking back on that day, I’d wished I’d held her a little tighter and had kissed her a little longer. Instead, I’d taken it all for granted; thinking we’d have tomorrow, our whole lives ahead of us. I wished I’d taken the opportunity to memorize every single fucking detail no matter how small. Now, my last memory of her was measured in a single moment in time, and selfishly, I wanted every second, every minute, and every hour of it back just to spend it with her all over again.

The Way Home Teaser #2

If you’ve been around for a while, you know how I usually am not a contemporary reader, but Linda Oaks does art with her words. I’ve fallen in love with both Chasing Rainbows and Finding Forever, the previous books on The Chasing Series, so it was only natural for me to fall hard again for The Way Home ❤ You need to read these books, haha!

Don’t believe me.  There’s a beautiful book trailer for it to prove my point:

TWH Trailer

TWH The Chasing Series

Chasing Rainbows – book one

chasing rainbows
from my Instagram

My review


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Finding Forever – book two

finding forever

My review

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords

Bellow, you can get to know more about this wonderful author that also happens to be a very good and close friend and one of the most lovely human beings that I’ve ever met ❤

TWH About The AuthorLinda Oaks

Linda Oaks has always had a passion for books. At the age of five, she was a book of the month club member. Her love for books eventually led her to a love of writing. She resides in Eastern Kentucky with her husband, two children, three dogs and a pet rabbit named Dozer. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Wattpad and Instagram. She can be also be reached by mail at She loves connecting with her readers.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website | Pinterest | Amazon | Goodreads

TWH GiveawayAnd yes, we have a giveaway! Five lucky people will win an Advanced Reader’s Copy of The Way Home!! Just click the link bellow to enter 😀

  • Five ARCs of The Way Home!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That’s it! Thanks you so much for reading ❤ I can’t freaking wait to put my hands on this book!!! Oh, and thanks to Love Affair With Fiction team for this awesome cover reveal! (yes, I’m looking at you, Jill! <3)


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