Top 10 Tuesdays: Childhood Favorites!

Hello, again! As Match Made in Mondays is on hiatus, I thought of joining another weekly meme that has caught my eye for a while now: Top 10 Tuesdays!


This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, but as I am a bit of a rebel, I decided to start since theme one and picking only the ones I’d like to do 😀 So, my theme today is Top Ten Childhood Favorites 😀

  1. Fairy Tales in general

When I was younger, both my dad and my grandma used to read a lot for me and I was a sucker for fairy tales, specially this old ‘60s collection that I got. They used to belong to my dad and my uncle, but now they are mine ❤


  1. Harry Potter

My dad read the Harry Potter series aloud to me until book five. It was our deal, our own version of a book club. I felt betrayed when he said I was old enough to read Harry Potter on my own when the sixth book came out, haha!

we started with the third book to read it before the movie came out, haha! Then, we moved to books one and two
  1. Witch Onilda’s stories

When I was around 7 or 8, this cartoon named The Triplets was a huge success here in Brazil. As the name suggests, we followed the adventure of three sisters with a witch for a godmother. That Witch was Onilda and she had an entire book series to her name, without The Triplets. I almost managed to complete it:

just look how adorable this is!
  1. A Series of Unfortunate Events

This was the first “serious” book series that I have read on my own and it followed me my whole life. I stopped reading it on volume nine when I was younger and only finished the series for good last year, haha! Btw, I hated that end.


  1. The English Roses

I have one the first book in The English Roses series from my shrink, as I hated to interact with new people, especially if they had my age – I always liked to hang out with grown ups or old people, never kids like me, haha! So, she gave me it because she knew it would be more effective than trying to make me have an epiphany on how I treated people that tried to get close to me, lol


  1. Usborne Puzzle Adventures series

I was OBSSESED with this series! I have so many volumes at home to this day… Just seeing them on my shelves makes my heart go all warm ❤


  1. Holidays at the Haunted Castle

This is a free translation, as this book is Brazilian Portuguese. I got it from my school library EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. Seriously. I found it a couple years back at an used bookshop and actually jumped around to buy it, haha! Now I have my own copy to treasure ❤


  1. The Red Herring Mystery

This book was my second hit on my school library, haha! The library girl literally rolled her eyes at me when I got this book or Holidays at the Haunted Castle, oops! I still am searching for a copy of this book, as I never had my own 😦


  1. Horrible Histories and Horrible Science books

Also found at my school’s library. I haven’t read nearly as many books of this collection as I’d like, but maybe one day I can finish it 🙂

sorry, I did this photoshoot without my glasses… Again.
  1. Kelly Martoer series



I first read this series on a book club on my elementary school and it was love at first sight: the story was so pleasant, there were “enchantments” and recipes to potions through the pages, as Kelly is a young witch. I was devastated that the series only had two books at the time and, as internet wasn’t such a magical place yet, until today I didn’t know that there were a third volume! *—* *grabs credit card and runs to online shop*


Wow, that was so fun! Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my Top 10 Tuedsdays’ post!




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