Top 10 Tuesday: Most Vivid Book Worlds/Settings

Good afternoon, peeps! Today I won’t provoke almost you all with the delightful summer temperatures I’m experiencing during my vacation #sorrynotsorryforthebrag, haha!

This Tuesday, I felt like analyzing some of the books’ sceneries I’ve been seeing. I’m an eternal rebel, so my theme for the day is Most Vivid Book Worlds/Settings!


As you may know, this meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish =D

In no particular order, let’s talk about setting and bookish worlds that are just too liveable! #that’snotaword

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November’s Wrap Up + Book Haul + December’s TBR!

Hello, beautiful people! Welcome to my November Wrap Up and thanks for being here today ❤ All in all, November was pretty good for me, being my first month where I felt in control of my life since I started the new job and since I lost my beautiful darling Lady. The month flew off the window and I can’t believe we have just 23 days now until Christmas ❤ I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MY FAMILY AGAIN! ❤ ❤

the club can't even handle me

Soo, November was a so-so month for my standards. I’ve read 10 books, 22 volumes of manga and a comic book. I should have known I wouldn’t be able to beat my records of September (book-wise, haha!) and October (pages-wise, haha!). Maybe my reading slumped a little exactly because of all the intensity of the other months… #mystery

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Top 10 Tuesday: Most Unfortunate Character Names

Hi, there! I gave up on caring about which time I post what, as which really counts is the posting, right? Yup, I thought so, haha!


It’s Tuesday, so it’s Top 10 Tuesday day! This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and my theme today is Most Unfortunate Character Names – yup, still a rebel and not doing the free theme, haha!

Before I start this list, I’d like to say that those are unfortunate names for me, because of something that happened in my life or someone that I met and didn’t like. It doesn’t mean the name is bad at all most of times 🙂

In no particular order, let’s begin:

 1) Severus Snape, from Harry Potter

harry potter series
from my Instagram

Seriously? Can you just imagine the amount of bullying poor Snape suffered thanks to his name as a child and teen? (And this one is just bad, honestly)

 2) Seth Andrews, from The Hidden Life [review here]

the hidden life 1

Seth was one of my favorite males ever, but WHY DID HIS NAME HAD TO BE SETH? This is the name of the God of Death in the Egyptian mythology and, as a good geek, I’m too used to think of Seth as someone evil 😦 Also, this was the name that I picked for all the bad guys in my childish Barbie plays, so I really have a negative connection with it… If karma exists, I shall marry a Seth someday.

 3) Peter Stoller, from The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller [review here]

the fall and rise of peter stoller

Another case in which the name is not to blame. My family is from Germany, so I grew up with the German culture right beside me 24/7. One of the typical foods that my family loves is a sweet cake called Stollen, so I kept having ridiculous giggle attacks during the whole book – especially when I realized that Peter was just as interesting as the said sweet cake. Oh, and in my case, this is so not a compliment, haha!

This is a Stollen – Wikipedia picture

 4) Rowan, from Rowan of Rin series

rowan of rin

I even mentioned this on the review of the first book [here]: this character’s name reminds me of Ronan, from the Grand Chase game, so I keep imagining said Ronan in the place of my darling Rowan, haha!

ronan grand chase
This is Ronan, haha!

 5) Eadlyn, from The Heir [review here]

the heir

Another case in which the name is just bad. I still don’t even know how to pronounce it! America for sure didn’t love her daughter to name her that way and I can totally understand why.

 6) Shelley, from What Lies Within [review here]

what lies within

Back to the “names are not the culprits” section. Shelley is an okay name… If you don’t watch The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon Cooper’s mom calls him Shelly and more often than not someone would call Shelley on What Lies Within and I’d smirk alone. I know, I’m stupid LOL

 7) Gabriel, from Viscount’s Wager [review here]

viscount's wager.JPG

I have a pretty messed up relationship with that name, as all the guys I ever met that had been given this name were jerks or assholes. So when my goddess Ava named one of her characters Gabriel and he also turned up to be a jerk and an asshole, I got depressed 😦

 8) Ned, from Bedding Lord Ned

Who in hell though it was a nice idea to nickname someone whose name is Edward with NED? Can someone please explain this logic to me? Besides being bad and totally random on my opinion, this name reminds me of a really stupid cartoon that I used to hate as a child, called Ned’s Newt. It was disgusting and I kept remembering it while reading this book – btw, the book is awesome, haha!

 9) Klaus Baudelaire, from A Series of Unfortunate Events

a series of unfortunate events

I save the best ones to the end, as my motive for this one is downward ridiculous. I actually like the name Klaus, it’s fancy and sounds manly, but I watched this soap opera when I was a child I’ve been sharing many childhood stories today, oops! called Chocolate with Pepper (a free translation from the Brazilian original title Chocolate com Pimenta) and the small city banker was called Count Klaus. What does this have to do with poor Klaus Baudelaire? Simple. Count Klaus was a poor ugly thing that was a sort of funny villain and was called an old goat by his poor fiancé.

conde klaus

Btw, this was one of the best soap operas that I have even seen, set in Brazil’s 1930’s. I wish I knew of a place that has it with English subtitles, you guys would laugh hard! Oh, and did I mentioned that the clothes were terrific? ❤

ANYWAY. Let’s drop the final bomb.

 10) Light Yagami, from Death Note

death note

Yes, this is a manga and not really a book, but I needed to put this character here. You’d think that it’s bad enough that his name is “Light”. Nope, you haven’t seen it all. Japanese people have the habit of putting last names before given names on everything, so he is called Yagami Light a lot. Still don’t think that’s bad? Try spelling it out backwards. Not convinced at all? Here, let me help:


If you still didn’t catch it… Try spacing it out:



harry potter ronny hermione laughing


Thanks for reading and sorry that you had to put up with my silliness, haha! Which are some of the most unfortunate characters’ names for you?


Book Shop Discovery: Riddles Tea Shoppe

Hello! Welcome to my new section here on the blog! *–* I’ve been stumbling on some awesome book lovers themed shops lately and I thought: why not show them off here? I mean, I’m that kind of person that I usually don’t know where to look when I want to buy bookish merch and many independent small sellers have stores at Etsy, Society 6 and Instagram, so this is also my own personal bookish merch shops’ catalogue, haha!

If you love a certain bookish merch shop, please tell me in the comments, so I can stalk visit them and take notes for future posts! 😀

For now, there isn’t a fixed schedule for this section, as it depends on discoveries, but I’d like them to be up and about at least twice a month 🙂

However, enough gibber jabber! Let’s talk about the very shop that gave me this idea: RiddlesTeaShoppe! 😀

riddlesteashoppe logo.jpg

RiddlesTeaShoppe is a USA store from California and they have tea, botton sets, thrown pillows ( ❤ ), mugs, clocks, phone cases and skins, art prints in canvas, paper and framed, totebags, stationary cards and travel mugs 🙂

I met them randomly at Instagram (@riddlesteashoppe) some weeks ago. They were hosting a Hogwarts House Pride competition and I happened to see that Slytherin was in last place! =O Unacceptable, of course! (If you didn’t know, I’m a Slytherin since I’m 7, haha!) So I hurried along and took my own House Pride picture:

And guess what? The competition had a giveaway included and I ended up being one of the lucky winners 😀

They sent me my own pair of Slytherin socks, Slytherin tea with an infuser, an awesome botton set from their Etsy store, a copy of the Harry Potter coloring book and a pencil box with 24 colors! And their packing was cute and great ❤

I already wore the socks, showed off the bottons on my Instagram and tasted the tea: all great products! I only need to start coloring my Harry Potter book now, haha!

At the moment, their Etsy store is closed, but never fear! They are back on May 12th! Mean while, you can browse and shop on their Society6 store! 😀

I took the liberty of selecting my favorite products of their Society6 store to show off here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you tell I love thrown pillows? Hahaha!

Oh, and did I mention they ship internationally? 😀 They do!

You can find RiddlesTeaShoppe here:

Etsy | Society6 | Instagram | Twitter

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed the new section and RiddlesTeaShoppe! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to let me know about your favorite stores on the comments 😀


The Sunshine Blog Award!

Hi, there! Welcome to my weekly book tag! Only that today it is actually an award! Thanks so much to my lovely friend Kim, from The Spines Breaker, for nominating me for The Sunshine Blog Award ❤ If you don’t already, just give her a follow, she’s amazing!

sunshine blogger award.jpg

Da Rulez:

~> Thank whoever nominated you. (thanks, Kim!!)

~>Answer the questions.

~>Pick five bloggers to answer your questions.

Kim’s questions for me

  1. Do you judge books by their covers? What is your favorite?

I do, highly. I think that nowadays, with all technology disposed for pretty much everybody, a nice looking cover for anything is a basic requirement. Besides, I read too much about psychology to believe that people are not affected by cover contents when picking up a book, sorry lol

I don’t have a favorite cover, but I tend to prefer real people over illustrations on books. Unless we’re talking about sugared historical romances. Then I simply love those painted looking covers, with all that Belle Époque feelings to them ❤

the truth about cassandra
something cheesy like this ❤ Oh, how I love these covers!
  1. What is your spirit animal?

That’s a hard one. I used to think that it was the snake. Then I realized that I may be a bear, as I am chubby, huggable, love to eat (especially salmon) and have a current record of 18 hours of straight sleep. But then I remembered how I can’t hibernate on winters and how I hate summers, so I came to the conclusion that I’m a cat.

wait a minute is that a baloon.gif

  1. Which Hogwarts houses do you belong to?

Slytherin. I chose it when I was only six and watched Harry Potter for the first time. Later on my life, every single quiz that I made confirmed my green and silver spirit. Even Pottermore put me twice on Slytherin – both on the old version and the new version of the website, haha!

  1. What is your worst fear?

To go blind. I’ve worn glasses since I’m three years old (with a five-year pause after I turned 14) and I’m terrified of not being able to read anymore.

  1. What is one thing you used to hate about yourself?

I’m detached. From everything. Sometimes, even from my books. I can’t bring myself to care about any subject for long, not truly. I haven’t changed, but I’ve learned how to cope with it. Maybe this is the way that my brain encountered to deal with the suffering and over excitement that every Leo goes through in life, haha!

i've been in love it's painful pointless and overrated damon salvatore.gif

  1. Black or White?

Black. You can’t go wrong with black ❤

600futybll ian somerhalder.jpg
  1. Your all-time favourite animated movie?

The Swan Princess. But that’s a tough one, haha!

the swan princess.gif

the swan princess.jpg

  1. Describe yourself in one word 😉


i'm nice to everyone.gif

It can be a curse, trust me.



My Questions

  1. What is your favorite music genre?
  2. Team Britney or Team Avril? (2000’s question, I know lol)
  3. Do you read comic books? Why/why not?
  4. What’s your favorite(s) movie(s)?
  5. Do you have a favorite actress? What about a favorite actor?
  6. What’s your favorite book genre?
  7. What is your Hogwarts house?
  8. What are your chances at surviving a zombie apocalypse? (Mine is 67%, so I’m picking my team, haha!)


That’s it, thank you for reading 😀 If you liked this award and my questions, please fell free to do it too and say that I nominated you ❤


Top 10 Tuesday: All Time Favorites!

Good morning and welcome to an edition of Top 10 Tuesday that I won’t cheat! 😀 As you may be aware, the meme is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. My theme for today is All Time Favorites 😀


Let’s do this ❤

  1. Carry On, from Rainbow Rowell


You can read the review here

  1. Highland Magic series, from Helen Harper

Gifted Thief review (book one)

Honour Bound review (book two)

  1. Cemetery Tours series, from Jacqueline E. Smith

Cemetery Tours review (book one)

Between Worlds review (book two)

After Death (book three)

  1. All In With The Duke, from Ava March

all in with the duke

You can read the review here

  1. The Vampire Diaries series

the vampire diaries.JPG

6.The Truth About Cassandra, from Laurie Brown

the truth about cassandra.JPG

  1. The Mediator series, from Meg Cabot

twilight the mediator.JPG

  1. Deltora Quest series, from Emily Rodda

deltora quest series.JPG

  1. Harry Potter series, from J. K. Rowling

harry potter series.JPG

  1. Fairy tales in general



That’s it! Thank you for reading! Which are some of your all time favorites??


Top 10 Tuesdays: Childhood Favorites!

Hello, again! As Match Made in Mondays is on hiatus, I thought of joining another weekly meme that has caught my eye for a while now: Top 10 Tuesdays!


This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, but as I am a bit of a rebel, I decided to start since theme one and picking only the ones I’d like to do 😀 So, my theme today is Top Ten Childhood Favorites 😀

  1. Fairy Tales in general

When I was younger, both my dad and my grandma used to read a lot for me and I was a sucker for fairy tales, specially this old ‘60s collection that I got. They used to belong to my dad and my uncle, but now they are mine ❤


  1. Harry Potter

My dad read the Harry Potter series aloud to me until book five. It was our deal, our own version of a book club. I felt betrayed when he said I was old enough to read Harry Potter on my own when the sixth book came out, haha!

we started with the third book to read it before the movie came out, haha! Then, we moved to books one and two
  1. Witch Onilda’s stories

When I was around 7 or 8, this cartoon named The Triplets was a huge success here in Brazil. As the name suggests, we followed the adventure of three sisters with a witch for a godmother. That Witch was Onilda and she had an entire book series to her name, without The Triplets. I almost managed to complete it:

just look how adorable this is!
  1. A Series of Unfortunate Events

This was the first “serious” book series that I have read on my own and it followed me my whole life. I stopped reading it on volume nine when I was younger and only finished the series for good last year, haha! Btw, I hated that end.


  1. The English Roses

I have one the first book in The English Roses series from my shrink, as I hated to interact with new people, especially if they had my age – I always liked to hang out with grown ups or old people, never kids like me, haha! So, she gave me it because she knew it would be more effective than trying to make me have an epiphany on how I treated people that tried to get close to me, lol


  1. Usborne Puzzle Adventures series

I was OBSSESED with this series! I have so many volumes at home to this day… Just seeing them on my shelves makes my heart go all warm ❤


  1. Holidays at the Haunted Castle

This is a free translation, as this book is Brazilian Portuguese. I got it from my school library EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. Seriously. I found it a couple years back at an used bookshop and actually jumped around to buy it, haha! Now I have my own copy to treasure ❤


  1. The Red Herring Mystery

This book was my second hit on my school library, haha! The library girl literally rolled her eyes at me when I got this book or Holidays at the Haunted Castle, oops! I still am searching for a copy of this book, as I never had my own 😦


  1. Horrible Histories and Horrible Science books

Also found at my school’s library. I haven’t read nearly as many books of this collection as I’d like, but maybe one day I can finish it 🙂

sorry, I did this photoshoot without my glasses… Again.
  1. Kelly Martoer series



I first read this series on a book club on my elementary school and it was love at first sight: the story was so pleasant, there were “enchantments” and recipes to potions through the pages, as Kelly is a young witch. I was devastated that the series only had two books at the time and, as internet wasn’t such a magical place yet, until today I didn’t know that there were a third volume! *—* *grabs credit card and runs to online shop*


Wow, that was so fun! Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my Top 10 Tuedsdays’ post!




Must-Have Edition of the Month: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, from J.K. Rowling

Hello, good morning! I know, two Harry Potter posts in a roll on this section, but what can I do? They seem to give me luck, by announcing my wanted books, haha! From all 12 posts I did about my desired editions (some solemnly made on Instagram), I managed to buy 2 of them. Go, me! Lol

Anyway, today’s choice is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, by J.K. Rowling, on green hardcover format. So pretty!


I already saw this edition around bookstagram (follow me there!), and I’m in love. In fact, I want the whole box set.


credits: all pictures were found on Google, I don’t own any of them.

That’s it, haha! Sorry that this post was so short, oops!

Have you read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?


Must-Have Edition of the Month: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Illustrated Edition

Hi, there! Good Thursday to you 😀 Today it’s Must-Have Edition of the Month day and I thought it would be nice to share which book I’ve been haunting since Christmas: the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!


No, seriously. Look at this!

credits: photo from The Guardian’s website

I’ve been seeing pics of this book all over Instagram and I’m dying to have my own copy 😦 Unfortunately, I’m not finding for less than 100 dollars… The world can be so unfair.

I already interacted with this book in a local bookstore, so I know it is double hardcover with a ribbon mark, nice and fancy paper and the most cute illustrations ever, made by Jim Kay ❤



That’s it! Thanks for reading ❤ Have you already grabbed your illustrated edition copy??


Merry Christmas!

Hello, there! Merry Christmas to all of you that, like me, celebrate this beautiful date 😀 ❤ If you don’t, enjoy this beautiful Friday! I hope everyone is having a great time and a wonderful Holiday!

I’m sorry I’m only saying this now, but I’m at my relatives’ place and computer/blogging time is seriously compromised, oops! Haha!

I can’t complain about my Christmas Eve or party, it was awesome! The food, my Family reunited after so many months apart… I loved it! Even the secret friend thing that I was totally not okay with turned up to be tons of fun. I guess it wouldn’t hurt do it next year as well! 😀

I won lots of Christmas presents, but mainly clothes, not books. I was dressing like a homeless girl on my last dissertation months, so my mom gave me many new clothes to start 2016 looking good, haha! It was nice, but clothes are not books. Which brings us to my “official” Christmas present: a gift card for a local bookstore and season 7 of Supernatural, Limited Edition package!!! *—*

from my Instagram


I got to love my younger cousin!

(cof and the older one that kindly lend me his computer for this post cof)

Also, I’d like to make a small reflection here. Several people that I know in the off-line world condemn Christmas as a solemly capitalistic Holiday nowadays, but I disagree. I with the market does what it takes to sell their stuff; if you fall for them, it’s up to you. For me, Christmas is all about being with my family, with people that I love and that love me back. It’s all about sharing and giving. If you receive back, much the better. We gathered around our dinning table yesterday and no one was busy in their celphones (myself included), no one was worried with the outside world or in a hurry to leave. It was all about us being together in such a beautiful day. And I’d like to thank my parents for raising me like this, for having taught me how delicious it is to be with family as much as you can.

As I’m Brazilian, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. So, at Christmas time, I thank for all the good things I have in my life: my family, my friends (both off and online), my personal achivements through life, for my dissertation’s success and, of course, this blog and its beautiful readers! Thank you all!

That’s it, haha! Sorry if I sounded a bit cheesy, but come on, it’s Christmas! Who cares about that as long as it was sincere, right? ❤ Hope your day is being as lovely as mine!