COVER REVEAL: Dream Frequency, by S.J. Lomas

Hello, guys! Welcome to the cover reveal for Dream Frequency, by S. J. Lomas! In this post, you’ll find overall info about book and author and my cover analysis!


Dream Frequency

by S.J. Lomas

Genre: YA

Release date: June, 2017


Christine would never have considered herself new recruit material for a secret U.S. agency. Until recently, she’s just been an ordinary girl graduating from high school and wondering if a friendship with Gabriel, a mysterious coworker, would grow into something romantic.

When Christine’s fascination with Gabriel leads to her discovery of dreamworlds, she learns that she’s anything but ordinary. In this thrilling conclusion to Dream Girl, Christine and Gabriel must choose their allegiances and face corruption, conspiracy, and the complexities of love in order to save themselves and everyone who matters to them – or die trying.



I loved the image used on the background, but the writings could use a little improving. I like the different colors in the title, changing from red to white, but the type fonts used and the positioning weren’t that good. The author’s name could have used a little shadowing as well, to be more clear against the background. Overall, a good looking cover with good room for improvement 🙂


S.J. is a cheerful Michigan girl who writes strange and somewhat dark stories for young adults and those who love to read YA literature.

Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook


That’s it! Thank you for reading ❤ Did you like Dream Frequency’s cover??

With love,


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