Match Made in Mondays: a poorly executed premise!

Hi, there! Good Monday to you 🙂 First thing in my blog week is to participate in my sweet friend Audrey’s weekly meme, Match Made in Mondays! To see what we have been about for a while now, head to Forwards and Bookwords, her awesome blog 😀


Today’s theme is:

THIS BOOK’S PREMISE + a do over (What book had a fantastic premise that wasn’t executed well?)

Another rare case where I am not going to start my response with “I don’t know”! 😀

I think that my last plot disappointment was with Secrets and High Spirits, from Lou Harper.

from my Instagram 🙂

It had every element in the right place for it to work, but I felt it was so rushed D: The couple was great, the sidekicks were great, the mystery and everything… Oh, dear. It pains my heart to complain like this 😦

And, to be clear, I liked it and gave it 3 stars, but it is a shame to see its wasted potential, haha! I was devastated when I reached the end of my arc copy and saw that Teag and Bruce were done and that the next book would already feature another couple…


Oh, the pains of a book lover.

Anyway, still a good read. For more details, please read my full review here 😀

That’s it! Thanks for reading and I hope everyone’s starting this week well!


Match Made in Mondays: changing the personality of a character!

Good morning, nice first Monday of the year to you! By the time this post goes live, I’ll be with my younger cousin sightseeing my city, so I can’t wait to show him all the hot spots and good food ❤

Geez, I’ve been awfully personal lately, sorry lol

Anyway, the year is new, but my participation at my sweet friend Audrey’s meme Match Made in Mondays is not 😀 She’s from the Forwards and Bookwords, go check her out if you like funny book reviews ❤

Today’s theme is:

New year, new me! THIS CHARACTER + a better personality (What character had a personality that made you cringe and wish that they were different? What character was it, and how would you change them?)

I’m back to I don’t know, haha! I have never thought about it… But I think I’ll go with Jeremy Lovett, from the Night World series, by L. J. Smith. He appears on the second book, Daughters of Night 🙂


I can’t say why I would change his personality without reveling huge spoilers, but trust me. He needs a change of heart. Simple like that!

If I got you interested in the Night World series, you can check my review for book one (Secret Vampire) and the review for Daughters of Darkness is coming soon! [I’ll update this post when available <3]

That’s it, haha! Thank you for reading and sorry I couldn’t elaborate more on Jeremy’s, oops!


Match Made in Mondays: new covers for unfortunate books!

Hello, good morning and good Monday! LAST ONE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, OMG! *–*

I’m just so happy, haha!

Anyway, Monday is Match Made in Mondays day, a meme created by my sweet friend Audrey, from the Forwards and Bookwords


Today’s theme is:

THIS BOOK/SERIES + NEW COVERS (What fantastic book or series is in desperate need of a cover that matches the beauty inside?)

… And we are back to “I don’t know” answers, ugh.

I would normally say that Meg Cabot needs to fire her graphic designer team, but I say this so much that it would end up becoming my personal meme, haha!

I guess I would pick Ranger’s Apprentice series, from John Flanagan. I’m not madly in love with any of the covers that I’ve seen so far, haha!

from my Instagram


I only have books one and two and only read the first [review here!], but I’ve seen the other volumes at the bookstore and the covers are ugly. In my opinion, of course!

Well, that’s it! Thanks for reading 😀 Which book or series is in a serious need of a new cover in your opinion??


Match Made in Mondays: What song do you swear is literally one of your favorite books in musical form?

Hello, there! Sorry for my lack of posting, my uncle and cousin showed up at my place and my writing schedule got all messed up this weekend! 😦

But the good part in being on vacation is that I can write live posts, haha!

I’d like to apologize to my friend Audrey from Forwards and Bookwords, that hosts a Monday-ly meme called Match Made in Mondays that I entered. I couldn’t post last Monday, sorry 😦


But let’s go to today’s theme:

THIS BOOK/SERIES + THIS SONG/ALBUM (What song do you swear is literally one of your favorite books in musical form?)

My answer would be a song by Carrie Underwood called Blown Away that tells a little story:


Dry lightning cracks across the skies

Those storm clouds gather in her eyes

Her daddy was mean old mister

Mamma was an angel in the ground

The weatherman called for a twister

She prayed blow it down


There’s not enough rain in Oklahoma

To wash the sins out of that house

There’s not enough wind in Oklahoma

To rip the nails out of the past


Shatter every window

‘Til it’s all blown away

Every brick, every board,

Every slamming door, blown away

‘Til there’s nothing left standing,

Nothing left of yesterday

Every tear-soaked whiskey memory blown away

Blown away

Blown away


She heard those sirens screaming out

Her daddy laid there passed out on the couch

She locked herself in the cellar

Listened to the screaming of the wind

Some people called it taking shelter

She called it sweet revenge


Shatter every window

‘Til it’s all blown away

Every brick, every board

Every slamming door, blown away

‘Til there’s nothing left standing

Nothing left of yesterday

Every tear-soaked whiskey memory blown away

Blown away


I always thought that this song could inspire a very good horror romance for some reason, haha!


In other news, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100 FOLLOWERS ON THE BLOG! I never thought I would have a reader, imagine 100 readers?! =O You guys rock!

That’s it and, as always, thank you for reading and sticking around!

With love,


Match Made in Mondays: adding a book to the end of a series!

Hello, happy Monday, as would say my lovely friend Audrey, from the Forwards and Bookwords! Last week, I’ve entered her weekly meme, Match Made in Mondays. This is very fun, thanks for hosting it, sweetie!

Today’s theme is:

THIS BOOK/SERIES + one more book: What book/series are you dying to have more of, to the point of you wanting an entire book added on to the end?

I gave this a lot of thought because THERE ARE JUST SO MANY BOOKS! Honestly, it is hard to finish a good book and not wanting another after that. The end may be as perfect as possible for an ending, you will want more, even for just a second.

My hopes bets, however, are on The Tales from the Kingdoms, a series by Sarah Pinborough. It is composed by three books so far (the second is my favorite) and, on an e-mail exchange with Sarah herself some years ago, I was assured that, SOMEDAY, there would be more books to this sequel. Well, This day isn’t here yet, SO I WANT MORE NOW.

This series is about fairy tales going bad and I ship an official couple here, it would be nice to hear more about pretty much everything. Please, Sarah! I heard that 2016 will be a great year! 😦

Anyway, that’s it, haha! Thanks for reading! Do you wish to see one more book added to your favorite series??


Match Made in Mondays: I entered a weekly meme!

Hello, there! Can you believe this?! I just started to do my dear friend Audrey’s Monday memes, called Match Made in Mondays! I’m so excited! I hope I can do this often, haha!

match-mondaysAudrey is from the Forwards and Bookwords and the theme this week is: THIS CHARACTER from THIS BOOK + THIS CHARACTER from a DIFFERENT BOOK shipped (Despite potentially being from completely different worlds, what two characters do you just know would make an awesome couple?).

I confess that I usually don’t mix characters from books on a loving fashion. I think: “oh, this boy and this girl would rock ass being on the same school/work team” or “oh my, those two would be awesome buddies”, but never with love in the middle. Now I have to, haha!

I guess I would love to see Eadlyn, from The Heir, by Kiera Cass, struggling with Teag, from Secrets and High Spirits, from Lou Harper, because I think Eadlyn needs some lessons.




I know what you’re thinking: but wasn’t Teag gay and all? Oh, yes, without any doubts and Bruce can tell you better than me, but the thing is that Teag is a control freak just like Eadlyn. It would be good for her ego to be put in her place more often than not by Teag. Or maybe both would kill each other’s to no ends and Bruce would have to attend to 35 boys. Either way, the outcome seems happy to me, hahaha! Besides, love born from hate is always hotter, haha!

But if Audrey asked me the same question on movie matters, my answer would pop out in two seconds: Jack Frost, from Rise of Guardians, and Elsa, from Frozen. Is she older? Yes. Is he immature? Yes. Are both totally cool without love? Yes. BUT THEY WOULD BE AMAZING FOR ME, SO I DON’T CARE!


this could be so real for me <3
this could be so real for me ❤

See? The artwork is from Deviantart, but proves well my point ❤ Dreamworks, Disney, PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN! Hahaha!

That’s it, guys! Thanks for reading and, next Monday, new topic!