The Farther He Runs, from Lynda Aicher (Kick #3)

Good night, people! Are you ready to rock?!! I hope so, as the book I’ll be reviewing Tonight r o c k e d my world ❤ I’m talking about the third book of the Kick series, from Lynda Aicher: The Farther He Runs! Please, on’t get sad that we are “already” on the review for book 3! All books in the Kick series can be read as standalones, so you can pick your favorite and devour it without worrying about losing content =D

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, so buckle your seatbelts and let’s do this! Thanks so much to Loveswept for my copy, I loved it!

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the story

Finn’s survival and recovery from a tragic accident with his cousin and best friend ten months ago can only be described as miraculous. After many months spent into a comma and struggling to recover his movements and basic motor coordination, anyone would be happy to know they are alive.

Not Finn. His Marine pride insists on reminding him all that he had lost in the accident. His shape. His dignity. His best friend. Finn was now just a broken and shallow vessel of the man he used to be – the man he loved to be. And now his remaining best friend and long-term platonic crush, Tanner Dorsey, came home after deployment.

How is Finn supposed to look Tanner in the eye and feel worthy of his attention now?

If anyone ever cares to find out how a true bitch-slap from life can hurt, just ask Tanner Dorsey. After months with barely any communication outside the military world, Tanner comes home to find out one of his best friends is dead and the other, broken.

Tanner has mixed feelings about the tragic accident that took Chris’ life away. While his heart won’t stop bleeding for his best friend any time soon, it’s also his one in a million chance to show Finn, his platonic soul mate, that he is no lesser of a man for relying on others. For relaying on Tanner. However, how could he prove to Finn he would always be there for him?

How is Tanner supposed to convince Finn they could work together?


Me after finishing this book

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The Harder He Falls, from Lynda Aicher (Kick #1)

Hi, there! Hope everyone is having a nice end of Tuesday! I’m back with a gay book review for a book that surprised me a lot – in the positive side! I’m talking about the first book in the Kick series, by Lynda Aicher: The Harder He Falls!

I was invited by Loveswept to read this book and provide them with an honest review. I finished the book yesterday night and here we go!


the story

Grady is a broken man. Despite being healthy and vigorous, he’s been depressed and desperate since an accident put his cousin Finn into a coma and killed one of their work colleagues. An accident that was Grady’s fault.

Grady doesn’t want pity, doesn’t want to be cooed or saved. He only wants for Finn to wake up. Maybe then Grady himself can wake up from this permanent nightmare.

Micah is a broken man. Since waking up from a coma, Micah has been trapped into a very limited life. He can’t afford to be daring when he loses himself inside his own house. When he has no control over his brain.

Micah can’t stand pity and knows how to handle himself. The only thing he sometimes dared to ask for is the company of a good man.

What both men didn’t know is that two broken pieces can merge into a solid one… If love is your glue.

the analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

At first, I wasn’t impressed with The Harder He Falls. The writing was ok, Grady was one of the biggest asses ever on my reading resume (and that’s something), and there was a promise of BDSM between Grady and Micah. Since the moment I started this book until their first hook up, I was skeptical and dreading not liking the book. I am so glad to say that I was wrong and the book is good! ❤ There are still things that bothered me, so I rated it four stars 🙂

The narrative is third person with switching points of view between Grady and Micah. I like third person a lot, but I wish I didn’t need to be inside Grady’s head. He got too much on my nerves and doesn’t deserve Micah. Hunf. Aicher’s writing style didn’t swept me off my feet, but I really liked how she knows her business when Grady and Micah start talking dirty. It was amusing and sexy at the same time, so refreshing! Also, I have to admit that this book contains the best blow job that I have ever seen (and this phrase came out so wrong, haha!).

rony weasley day dreaming sigh harry potter

The plot had some interesting twists, but wasn’t complicated. Once again, love and society turn something simple into something dangerous and tricky. As if we need any more complications, right?

life sucks and then it gets better and then it sucks again

The characters were very well developed and I was surprised to see how Grady and Micah grew up together during the book. It was beautiful and very rewarding, even if I wanted to stab Grady between his eyes most of the time. The guy was simply too dense and couldn’t take his head out of his ass – understand that as you wish, haha!

I really loved Micah and in several times I felt like high-fiving him. He made it to my list of Bookish Boyfriends (I so have to update that!) and made this book a four stars instead of a three stars ❤

And have I mentioned that the sex was hot? A little bit over used, if you asked me, but oh-so-hot in 90% of the time!

enough romance lets fuck

That was Grady, haha!

Another strong point of this romance is how Aicher portrayed people that woke up from long comas. She was very didactic without being boring or disrespectful, so it was very interesting to see the medical background behind it all 🙂

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to see who will be the pairing of the next one in the series. If you like gay contemporary romance, drama, hot sex with touches of BDSM and a lovely top, you have to read The Harder He Falls!


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That’s it, thanks for reading and thanks so much to Loveswept for offering me this wonderful and surprising book! ❤