TOP 3: M/M Authors

Hello again! I’d like to start this post with two warnings: I’ll talk about homosexual books that have explicit sex scenes between two men in this post and I am an extra huge fan of Ava March (which you already know if you follow me for a while or just read this post). If you don’t like this kind of genre or this author, you better stop reading 🙂

This TOP 3 theme is my three favorite authors that write mature romances involving homosexual males. And here they are:

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  1. Summer Devon & Bonnie Dee


They write together most of the time, but they also release books separately. I’ll talk about them as a team because I think it is only fair, haha! Their stories tend to be dark, be aware – it generally ends with happy endings (haha), but the things that the couple have to go through until there are very heavy. Usually, the plot involves guilt in at least one of the sides of the relationship and the characters use to be broken before they find their true loved ones. My favorite aspects of their work involve that, as well: they can heal through love and their relationships are intense, passionate; there’s not a hint of vulgarity, just pure carnal passion. Honestly, I hate to read vulgar sex scenes (but you already know that after my review for The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, lol). I have to fell at least a boner between the characters to find it nice. Otherwise, I think it’s not necessary to write it down, just mention it and we’re done. Bonnie and Summer have this care, they really capture their readers through the love that they describe.

From them, I’ve read The Gentleman and The Rogue, Seducing Stephen, The Nobleman and the Spy (my all-time favorite <3) and House of Mirrors (also known as Sin and The Preacher’s Son). From Summer, I’ve read The Gentleman and The Lamplighter earlier this year and from Bonnie, I’ve read The Tutor (review here!).

All of those books are on the 19th century and wonderful ❤ It’s on my 2016 plans to review The Nobleman and The Spy, but I better not to make any promises, haha!

  1. J. L. Langley


She was my first into this world. I had a special interest in homosexual romances since I’ve read a manga called Gravitation, that was yaoi. Now I think myself as a little naïve, but I didn’t think there was m/m books, as I only knew mangas. So, this one day in 2012, there was I, browsing Goodreads, when I stumbled on her, more precisely in a book called The Tin Star. When I saw what the book was about, I ran to my father and asked him to buy the eBook for me, because I really needed it. After that, I’ve read one after the other and discovered a whole new world.


And didn’t even need to ask you guys, LOL.

So far, I’ve read all the books she has released and am very anxious to the next one, which Langley is currently working on, called Without Secrets. In her portfolio, you can find two different cowboy series (Ranch and Innamorati), a werewolf series (With or Without) and a kind of steapmunk series, set in the future with a Regency Society in each planet (Sci-Regency). Oh, and her series are sequential – you have to read it in the right order to get many parts 🙂 My favorite books from her are The Tin Star, that was my first, His Convenient Husband, With Caution, With Abandon and My Regelence Rake.

  1. Ava March


Big surprise, right? Haha! I met Ava shortly after Langley and, in the first book, she had me (I made a really big post about our literary meeting here). I also read all her works so far, including her new book that’s coming out March of 2016, Convincing The Secretary (review here!). Ava likes to write collections and I love her for it because I have a hard time with book endings and knowing that it has brothers always calms me down, haha! She currently has six series, four already finished. They are:

There are also other two single books (From Afar and Beyond Reckless) and a short story (Twas the Night). All of them are written in the Regency Society and are amazing, but even with Ava (by the way, she’s a sweetie!), I pick favorites. They are, in this order: All In With The Duke, Thief, His Client, From Afar, Object of His Desire and Convincing Leopold. I think the most important message on her books is that even powerful people need to love and to be loved; that no one can be happy alone forever. I explain this point better at All In With The Duke’s review, haha!

Oh, she also points out how it’s important for a good relationship to have fluid and honest communication on both ends 🙂

That’s it, guys! Thanks for reading and I hope I have made good suggestions and that you can come to love those authors as I do ❤ Do you read m/m romances too?


September Wrap Up and Book Haul!

Hello, there! I know, it’s been a while, but I’m on my last semester at college and my graduation is on DECEMBER. You can imagine that my life is a mess right now, haha!

Anyway, let’s talk about September! It was a more or less book month for me, as I am on the middle of a major slump, thanks to the books that I have to read for my dissertation – I’m two chapters away from being ready! I can’t wait to finish it! – so I read in a good pace in the beginning of September and stopped in the middle of the month, reading only some mangas and a Disney Comic Book :/

My book haul was much better this month: I bought a total of 8 books: 4 paperbacks, 3 mangas and 1 comic book 😀 Check it out:

  • The Heir (The Selection #4) – Kiera Cass (review here!)
  • A Mídia nas Constituições do Brasil: Respeito e Desrespeito – Erasmo de Freitas Nuzzi (a Brazilian journalistic book, so I don’t know if I will be reviewing it or not after reading it, haha!)


  • 2 Coloring books from Frozen 😉


  •  volumes 3 and 4 of Wish, by Clamp
  • volume 23 of XXX-Holic, by Clamp

(now I have the whole Wish collection! Yay! *–*)


  • And my Halloween comic book from Disney ❤


I also like to thank (again for the thousand time) Lauren Bird Horowitz, as she sent me a paperback copy of her new novel, Shattered Blue (review here!), first book in The Light Series! ❤ Thanks forever! This was the first time an author sent me a physical copy of a book, because I life in Brazil, haha! It was so special that I cried…

from my Instagram <3
from my Instagram

Anyway, the books I read this month:

  • Sigmund Shaw, by Mark C. King: 5 stars, review here!
  • Dangerous Spirits, by Jordan L, Hawk: 5 stars, review here!
  • The Heir, by Kiera Cass: 3 stars, review here!
  • The Bond Series (Bound by Deception, Bound to Him and Deliberately Unbound), by Ava March: 4 stars, review here!
  • manga Eerie Queerie!, volumes 1 to 3. [Update: review here!]

Yup, pretty disappointing. In October, I’m destined to have better numbers because I’m finishing my dissertation and I have to read about 8 books for that, more or less. So, Halloween’s month is going to rock hard!

That’s all, thanks for reading and I hope to be back soon with the reviews that I own… And stick around, because this week we have the monthly book releases list! *–*


Happy Author Birthday to Ava March!

So, as any bookworm, I have my favorite authors and if you follow me for a while, you already know that Ava March is my favorite author ever, haha! And, as it is, I follow her updates very closely – almost to the point of stalking her social media channels. I have it bad, haha!

Today is Ava’s birthday as an author – Bound by Deception, her first published book, was out of the oven exactly seven years ago. Coincidentally – or maybe not, fate is really funny sometimes – this morning I was re-reading this very same book during a free class and felt that I owned her a special post when I learned about the date – which was only an hour or two ago, haha!

from my Instagram :)
from my Instagram 🙂

As a faithtful fan, I’ve read all Ava’s available works to this date and I love them. Some more than others, but my first book from her was Bound by Deception, first read in 2012 (I was 17 then and had just found out about m/m historical romances), so today is a very special day for me too. And I’ve never stopped. I’ve read book after book, yearning for more, as I’ve never found a genre and a writer who understood my tastes so well. Each couple of Ava’s works is unique in their own ways and I fell for each one of them. I have my favorite couple and book, of couse, that would be All In With The Duke (review here!) and its couple, Max and Tristan, but I pin for every one of them and always get bubbly when they make cameo appearances on her other works – sometimes, it happens!

Moreover, I wanted to apologize to Ava, as I’ve been bothering her with tons of e-mails since I found her on Goodreads and she was always so sweet and understanding. I own her much of my profissionalism as a book reviewer now as well. When I told her I had started blogging, she was all cheers and tips and I can’t describe how happy I was and still am. I’ll never forget how hard I screamed when I learned that she was releasing a paperback version for The Bound Series (the series that contains Bond by Deception) and, again, when the book arrived at my home. I was so bold as to send her a picture of me holding the book. And again, when I purchased All In With The Duke, another paperback edition. Ava must have laughed hard at my happy-oh-so-psicotic-face in both pictures, haha! *blushes*

The nicest thing is that Ava is holding a giveaway to celebrate this birthday! You can win a copy of a book of hers of your choice, ebook or paperback editions! Of course I already signed in, haha! (You must be wondering why, since I have all her ebooks and books, right? Elementary, my dear reader. I still don’t have Sharp Love’s paperback edition, as the dollar is crazy in my country in the last few months and I’m cheering my ass off to win it on this giveaway, haha!). The giveaway is international and you can enter until septtember 30th, as the winners will be chosen on oct. 2nd ❤ For full information on how to enter, please visit Ava’s blog here.

But hold your horses, that’s not all! Ava has been working a lot and gave many good news to her readers this week!

Sharp Love, second volume in the Gambling on Love series, is now available as well in audiobook format and I will spoiler you and tell that the narrator’s voice is very sexy, haha! You can take a look and hear a piece of it here.

my digital copy of Sharp Love <3
my digital copy of Sharp Love ❤

In the coming soon department, there are tons of news!

The London Legal series is going to be re-released on January of 2016 with new covers and some minor edits and Ava has already revealed just how yummy the new covers are!

Convincing Arthur (London Legal, #1)


Convincing Leopold (London Legal, #2)


Much better, right?! I have the old versions and Ava said that the edits are minimal, so unfortunately I don’t have a good excuse to buy them again :/ I’m still hoping for a paperback edition with those hot covers, haha!

As I’m on the re-releasing news, earlier this year, Ava also re-released His Client, one of my favorite books of hers. As in the London Legal series, the edits were minimal and I also didn’t buy the new sexy cover edition… Don’t get me wrong, I like the old cover, but I loved the new one, haha!


And there’s more! Ava is working on two new books right now and they will be here in 2016ll! They are:

There’s no much info in their official pages just yet, but I can tell you that both couples seem awesome from my e-mail exchanges with Ava ❤

See? I told you Ava was working hard, haha! And, to make things even better, Ava shared in her latest newsletter a deleted scene from Viscount’s Wager (review here!), third book in the Gambling On Love series! As there’s another deleted scene coming soon to her blog in October, I’ll make one post for both when the time arrives, okay? 🙂 I assure you the waiting is worth, though! The first scene was delicious and I can’t wait to see the second one!

Wow, that was a big post, haha! Anyway, I hope you got as excited as I am with so many good news, haha!

I’m working on a decent review for Bound by Deception, with my new journalist insight of things, so be prepared to see more posts about Ava over here, haha!

That’s it for now, thanks for reading and Happy Author Birthday again, Ava! ❤