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Hi, there! Welcome to my now monthly Authors of my Heart ❤ section! As last week we had a manga author, today we will have a book author 🙂 Who? L. J. Smith!

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I haven’t read as many books from her as I’d like, but this is the brilliant mind behind the creation of Damon Salvatore. It was necessary to bring her to this section asap!

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I’ve met L. J. Smith on 2009, when The Vampire Diaries was brought to Brazil and the tv show was beginning. I’ve devoured all volumes like crazy, already madly in love with Damon, and then I started to watch the show and I was struck for life.

he's really really hot

I’ve bought the first volume of the Night World series compilation on the same year, but as I have a problem with physically big books, I postponed reading it until last December. Oh boy, I didn’t know what I was missing. Then, I decided that Smith was an auto-buy author, as I’m in love with her writing style ❤

Here you can see both series:

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from my Instagram 🙂

The Vampire Diaries series has captured the hearts and imaginations of hundreds of thousands of fans-and the new CW show that it inspired promises to introduce millions more to the chills, thrills and star-crossed love that has captivated so many readers. In The Awakening, the first volume of this bestselling series, Elena Gilbert is a golden girl used to getting anything that she wants, particularly when it comes to attracting guys. That is until she meets handsome, haunted Stefan, who struggles to resist her because of his dark secret: Stefan is a vampire. Stefan is torn by guilt from his past and living with the threat of his dark, dangerous vampire brother, Damon s return. Soon Elena finds herself in a love triangle between two vampire brothers and it could turn deadly.

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Book 1 – Secret Vampire

Book 2 – Daughters of Darkness

Book 3 – Spellbinder

Vampires, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters — they live among us without our knowledge. Night World is their secret society, a secret society with very strict rules. And falling in love breaks all the laws of the Night World.

In Secret Vampire, Poppy thought the summer would last forever. Then she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Now Poppy’s only hope for survival is James, her friend and secret love. A vampire in the Night World, James can make Poppy immortal. But first they both must risk everything to go against the laws of Night World.

Fugitives from Night World, three vampire sisters leave their isolated home to live among humans in Daughters of Darkness. Their brother, Ash, is sent to bring the girls back, but he falls in love with their beautiful friend.

Two witch cousins fight over their high school crush. It’s a battle between black magic and white magic in Spellbinder.

All three books on this volume are already reviewed. Just click on the links bellow to go there 😀

Secret Vampire

Daughters of Darkness


I know this post is uncommonly short for this section, but I had to include Smith asap, haha! Thanks for reading 🙂 Are you a fan of L. J. Smith’s books??



Spellbinder, from L. J. Smith (Night World #3)

Hello once again! To finish off my Night World volume one book, I’m presenting you with the review to Spellbinder, third book in the series of brilliant L. J. Smith!

from my Instgram – and, btw, this is my little Lady ❤

The Story

Thea and Blaise grew up like sisters, but the girls were different as day and night. While Thea was peaceful and an animal healer, Blaise was a first’class trouble maker and boys killer. Almost literally.

After being expelled five times from different schools, Thea is determinated to make Blaise behave and allow both of them to finish their studies. The problem is that Blaise is not cooperating and can’t wait to play with her new human toys, as she seems the non-magical people.

Things get worse when she targets Eric, the only boy that ever made Thea’s heart beat in a different rhythm. In order to protect Eric, Thea must pretend that she is interested in charming him and make him fall in love with her, just like Blaise would do. No harm done, no witch laws broke.

The only problem was that Thea had already fallen for him.


The Analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

I’m still flabbergasted that it took me so long to grab this series to read. It has been sitting on my TBR shelf for at least four years now, I’m so ashamed. AND IT IS SO DARN GOOD, OMG! I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this book as much as I did the others because I had hatted Blaise from her quick cameo from Secret Vampire, haha! But, as almost all of Smith’s villains, I fell in love with her spirit and wicked ways, oops! Another big 5 stars book

The narrative was third person type once again, but differently from the other two books, the only point of view we get is Thea’s. I like best when we can switch POVs, despite loving Thea with all my heart – something quite unusual for me, but I shall get there, haha! I would have loved to see a bit of the story through Blaise’s or Eric’s eyes, but I guess both would lose a little of their essential mysterious natures, haha! And Thea sees both characters as enigmatics, each on their own way, so I understand the decision of making this only about how Thea saw things. Still, one can dream, right? 😉


Anyway, to the plot we go. This is the most elaborated one in the series so far and I honestly didn’t know how things would end until they got there. I read 2/3 of the book in one night because of my state of anxiety over what could happen next, haha! I still don’t think that it was something out of this world and the first climax was quite obvious, but oh, I swear that the second made it up for everything! I was bouncing in my chair as I read, almost biting all my nails and pulling my hair, lol. It involved me and worked for me ❤

The characters were a blast. I dare say that character’s building is Smith’s speciallity, as she makes us to fall in love even with the most awful types! =O


It happened with Ash in both Secret Vampire and Daughters of Darkness, Kestrel in DoD, Blaise in Spellbinder, Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries… OMG, woman! I already usually love the villains, no need to support my obssessions, haha! LOL

But as it went in Spellbinder, I was spechless when realized that I loved Thea, the sweet and naïve young adult protagonist of the story. I usually get bored with good girls, but she was so real and nice that I just felt like being her friend. Just like Blaise and Dani, Thea’s friend from the school and witch sister. My heart was tore, as I didn’t know if I cheered for Thea or Blaise to get what they wanted. I had never felt like this towards a protagonist and an antagonist: I always pick a side. I was a mess while reading, as the only thing that I knew for certain was that Eric made the cut for my infamous bookish boyfriend list, haha!

And there is Blaise. She was awesome, I wish I could grow up and be just like her, seriously. She’s fearless and wild, beautiful to the point of pain (literally if you are a boy, be prepared) and very mature despite her bad taste for plays and tricks. Besides, she can craft anything like no one in the world. I would have loved to see myself her jewelry ❤ And the most amazing thing in all of this is that her craft is a human ability – the itens that she made could have magic powers thanks to the pieces that she used, but the designs weren’t humanly impossible.

Then I think about my secret talents.


Now that you all know what I can do, let’s talk about Eric. At first, I thought him too sweet, too much. But them, as Thea (cof and us cof) realizes that he feels confortable around her to be himself, a self that he displays to no one else, it makes sense the sweetness and all things that a seventeen year old boy usually is not. The weird thing is that I feel like Thea, Blaise and Eric are more suited to college life than high school life, in a matter of scenarios, haha! I don’t know, I can’t imagine them so young. I guess it’s because of their maturity, which is not at all a bad thing 🙂

A point that I noticed in the Night World series is the lack of romantic interactions between characters despite their love for each other. In this matter, Secret Vampire was the book with more romantic scenes, in the sense of the flesh. And still, we had no sheets action (which is not necessary a bad thing). I guess I’m just amazed how Smith was able to create and maintein a fantastic book series without resourcing to sex to involve her readers. Even on a supernatural romantic focused series. She proves my point that you DON’T NEED SEX to tell a beautiful love story. Hell, you barely need a kiss, as it was the case with Daughters of Darkness. Astonishing! *—–*


Okay, sorry. Let’s go back, haha!

Overall, this is another perfect young adult book with a supernatural romance and witches. If you like at least one of these elements, you just need to read this book. No, I’m lying. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS SERIES BECAUSE IT IS PERFECT!


That’s it, haha! Thanks for reading and bearing with my fangirling, haha! Now I have the most dificult job ever: finding volumes 2 and 3 of Night World novels…


Please, wish me luck! I’m dying to keep reading ❤


Daughters of Darkness, from L. J. Smith (Night World #2)

Hi, there! Ooh, it’s so late, but I don’t care, I delayed this review for too much time now 😦 Hope you had an amazing Sunday!

Today I’ll review the second book from the Night World series, Daughters of Darkness, from L. J. Smith ❤ Spoiler alert: it’s a big five stars book!

from my Instagram! 😀

The Story

Rowan, Kestrel, and Jade know that they are taking a path of no return when they flee their home. The three sisters are well aware of all the risks and sacrifices involved, but anything in the human world is better than to live in an eternal bubble without any real living.

What they didn’t expect was to have a nosy neighbor.

Mary-Lynnette is a loner, a creature of the night. The stars are her best friends, along with her brother Mark. Or so she thought, until meeting her three new and inhumanly beautiful neighbors. The girls seem to be nice enough despite all oddities surrounding their family, but can Mary-Lynnette handle with their older brother…?

Ash knew he was doomed in the moment he laid eyes on Mary-Lynnette. Once, he had heard from a cousin how he would fall hard for his soul mate, but never believed in such crap. He was a man in a mission and Mary-Lynnette couldn’t be related to his difficulties in taking his sisters back home.

Or could she?


The Analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

OMG, WHY DID I TAKE SO DAMN LONG TO READ THIS SERIES?! IT’S EVEN BETTER THAN THE VAMPIRE DIARIES! (Just don’t tell this to television guys, they will screw this up, haha!). I loved everything aspect of this book and can’t wait to finish Spellbinder, the next book 🙂 Ash was perfection since Secret Vampire, but in this one is where I fell hard for him… *sighs in pure love* I’ll try to do a good job here, but it is so damn difficult when all I feel like doing is fangirling non-stop about Ash, haha!



The narrative was my favorite one: third person with alternating points of view. I wish there were more parts under Ash’s POV, but I understand that not knowing much about him it’s part of his charm. Putting more parts under his view would have bared him too much for the reader and all, haha! But one can dream, right? 😉

The plot wasn’t overly complicated and quite predictable, but there is a little twist in the end that caught me off guard and this was awesome ❤ I don’t really mind simple plots as long as they are well executed and hold my attention while I read. I can even know how it all will end, but I always get curious to see how the outcome shall arrive, haha! My point? There is no lost trip for me, haha!


The characters are the high point in this book. Rowan, Kestrel and Jade are unique and each represent a type of person: Rowan is gentle and naïve despite being the oldest; Kestrel is ruthless and savage; and Jade is dreamy and brave. They complement each other in such a perfect way! Mark was also a pleasant enough character and I really liked Jeremy despite everything. And, of course, there is their older brother Ash, but never fear, I’ll get to him. I really liked Mary-Lynnette. She was such a strong heroine for a Young Adult book but without losing her teenager spirit. I could have never made her final decision on the end of the book and I will admire her for this till the world ends.


Sorry, I had to insert this here, haha!

Now, let’s go to Ash. Oh, Ash. He is the lost cousin of Damon Salvatore, I assure you. The difference between them is that Damon is actually a pretty nice guy trying to fool people into believing that he is a demon and Ash is actually a demon trying to fool people into believing that he is a pretty nice guy, haha! 😉 Mary-Lynnette described him as a royal cat with ever-changing eye colors and this is the most accurate description ever. Ash has his own pace for everything (cof except when it comes to Mary-Lynnette cof) and never has a permanent eye color – not even in his full vampire form. The strange thing about him is that he is both intelligent and not stubborn at all. He sees something that he is doing wrong and he promptly fixes it instead of insisting that he is right. Not many males have this blessed ability, haha!


I really think that L. J. Smith rocked in the Night World series so far and dare to say that those books are a must-read if you love Y&A, romance, Vampires, Witches, Werewolves and really cool humans, haha!


That’s it! Thanks for reading this review and I hope to finish Spellbinder soon, haha! Have you read the Night World series?


December Wrap up + Book Haul + January TBR!

Hello, again! I know I am a little late to do this, but better late than never, haha! January is going to be insane for me, as my younger cousin is going to be here until Sunday and next week I may start a course – more info as my life goes, haha!

But I’m blabbering, let’s do this:

December Wrap Up

I’m very proud of my reading month! I’ve read 11 books!! =O I’m still wondering how I did it, so I can repeat the dose this month, haha!

all pictures from my Instagram!
  • Stripped with the Vampire, from Jax Garren [review here]


  • Convincing the Secretary, from Ava March [review here]


  • Cemetery Tours, from Jacqueline E. Smith [review here]


  • Between Worlds, from Jacqueline E. Smith [review here]



  • The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, from Anne Rice [review here]



  • Roses of the Angel, from Kalee Marshall [review here!]



  • Daughters of Darkness, from L. J. Smith [review here!]


December Book Haul

  • Fangirl, from Rainbow Rowell [review here]


  • Peter Pan, Barnes & Noble edition

2016-01-02 02_07_36-Annelise Lestrange no Instagram_ “Day 21 of #jenacidebydecember2015 was Gorgeous

  • A Court of Thorns and Roses, from Sarah J. Maas
  • Of Poseidon, from Anna Banks
  • Treble Maker (Perfect Harmony, #1), from Annabeth Albert (ebook)


Books I have won as gifts

  • Leaving Amarillo, from Casey Quinn
  • Convincing the Secretary, from Ava March
  • The Christmas Pearl, from Dorothea Benton Frank
  • After Death, from Jacqueline E. Smith
  • 1/2986, from Annelie Wendeberg
  • Between Sips, from Andrea Michelle
  • Our New Love, from Melissa Foster
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone, from Laini Taylor
  • The Vanishing Game, from Kate Kae Myers
  • Book of Opera, from Arthur Jacobs and Stanley Sadie
  • The Other Side of Midnight, from Sidney Sheldon
  • The Devil’s Advocate, from Morris West
  • Vixen 03, from Clive Cussler
  • The Name of the Rose, from Umberto Eco
  • Lie Down With Lions, Ken Follett
  • An illustrated guide to Dresden
  • Amar se Aprende Amando, from Carlos Drummond de Andrade
  • Antologia Poética, from Vinicius de Moraes
  • Antologia Poética, from Carlos Drummond de Andrade
  • Dona Flor e seus Dois Maridos, from Jorge Amado
  • Tieta do Agreste, from Jorge Amado
  • Tenda dos Milagres, from Jorge Amado
  • A Moreninha, from Joaquim Manuel de Macedo

I know, I know. So many books, haha! I can explain 🙂 14 of my won books were at my uncle’s place, waiting for death. Yeah. So I won a cattle with lots of books and selected the ones that seemed promising 🙂 I wish I could have saved all books that were there, but there were some destroyed ones by the time, others that I knew for being a bore and some that weren’t my thing at all… Anyway, at least I could save some of them, haha!


Freebies that I got this month

  • Anywhere But Here (The Starborn Ascension Book 1), from Jason D. Morrow
  • Beyond Secret Worlds: Ten Stories of Paranormal Fantasy and Romance
  • The Ducal Gift and The Christmas Carriage, from Grace Burrowes
  • Soar (The Empire Chronicles Book 1), from Alyssa Rose Ivy
  • Hidden (Dragonlands Book 1), from Megg Jensen
  • Aloha Texas (Aloha #1), from Chris Keniston
  • Binarius: Episode I (The Binarius Series Book 1), from Kendra McMahan
  • Globalização, Mídia e Ética, from Erasmo de Freitas Nuzzi and Clovis de Barros Filho


Received books of this month


[BONUS: Borrowed books from my younger cousin]

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Cabin fever), from Jeff Kinney
  • The Book of Lost Things, from John Connolly
  • The Key to Rondo, from Emily Rodda


January TBR

I want to play it low as I know my month will be crazy, so I have chosen six books:


That’s it! Thanks for reading this giant post, haha! Let’s see if I can make it 😀 have you decided what are going to be your first books of 2016??