Manga of the Week: Chobits, from CLAMP

Hi, there! I’m so happy (I’ve been saying that a lot, sorry) that this section is back on the blog as well! To see everything that I’m up to, please check this post!

This week’s choice is a title called Chobits, from really badass group CLAMP ❤

Volumes 1 to 3 and 5 of the collection: feel those covers ❤ (sorry, this pic is a bit blurry, I took it without my glasses lol)

Goodreads blurb for the series:

 Chi isn’t your average humanoid computer. She can’t do word processing, she can’t connect to the Internet, and she’s incapable of networking with other persocoms. Even her sound card seems broken. No wonder Hideki found her tied up in a pile of trash. But when the 19-year-old technophobe takes her home, he finds that she may be more advanced than her childlike behavior lets on.

Why I think it’s a worth-reading manga: this was my first manga ever, so it is very special. The plot is very actual and it’s problem is very real: will we stop loving human beings and just love machines? Is being forever single a real problem? How to live without a partner? How having one changes your life? This manga explains it all with a touch of sci-fi, wonderful clothes, an adorable female protagonist and a very funny male protagonist 🙂

Those are official illustrations of the manga. Come on, FEEL THIS FASHION STYLE. (I do not own any of those images, they belong to CLAMP group and are here only with illustrative purposes)



My point exactly. If for anything else, read it for the clothes.

I guess that’s all, haha! Thanks for reading! Have you ever read or seen this series??