Dear My Mister, from Fumika Yamada

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This title was my second read of 2016 and first re-read. It’s the third time that I read this one shot. Yeah, it is good like that, haha! Without any more gibber jabber, I present you Dear My Mister, from Fumika Yamada-sensei!

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The Story

Noah is a high school student that has a hard time speaking English. No matter what he does or how much he studies, he always stumble on the words and doesn’t understand a half of that is being said to him. In this scenario, it is only natural for him to seek a private teacher to help him out.

Noah’s English teacher has Japanese blood, but grew up abroad. Takamasa has a hard time in using the correct Japanese words in several situations, so he understands how Noah feels regarding his own English and wants to help him.

They just didn’t expect to fall in love in the process.


The Analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

To be honest, this manga is not the kind that will take your breath away or make you crawl in your knees because you need more. It’s a quick and fun read with the perfect amount of fan service and a pleasant art to go with it 🙂 I really like it because it’s the kind of title that warms my hear every time I read. For me, it’s a five stars title, but you can consider it a four stars one as a regular view, as it brings nothing new for the reader.

sorry, I can’t be impartial, haha!

Anyway, the narrative follows Noah’s point of view and I have no problems with that, as Takamasa is the smoothly gothic type of character. He is mysterious, but not in essence. I mean, you want to know more about him, but not because he is hiding something. Did I made sense here? LOL It’s pace is fast, as it is just a one shot volume, and follows Noah’s daily life at his English course.

Which brings us to the plot, that is that simple: boy falls for teacher that secretly loves him back and they get together, but have to face their own demons first. Common as it may be, I found it really nice the encouragement message of the author behind it all: with the right help and method, you can learn whatever you’d like to. In Japan, people usually have difficulties in learning proper English, as there is no “L” in their alphabet and the writing is so different. It’s nice to see Yamada-sensei encouraging her readers to not give up ❤


The characters are mainly Noah and Takamasa, although we see Takamasa’s boss quite often. She enjoys tormenting him for loving his student, haha! Noah was the typical shy passive, but Takamasa surprised me in the first time I’ve read this. I was expecting the typical forceful dominant, but he was cool about his bed role. Don’t get me wrong, he is the dominant all right, but he doesn’t feel the need of throwing Noah on the wall and doing him just like that, you know? He is romantic and patient and I liked this about him 🙂

The art is another aspect that I really like in this title. Yamada-sensei has a sensible and delicate draw, but without transforming her guys into girls, haha! This is even more perceptible on the cover image*:

from left to right: Noah and Takamasa ❤
black and white version ❤



Usually I am, but looking at hot men leaves me speechless. But not enough to write a single-page review.

Overall, this is basically a shoujo (a.k.a romance) manga with two boys: sweet and simple, to be read in a few minutes that you have to spare (or wait, or waste, your call, haha!).


That’s it! Thanks for reading ❤ If you ever want a review of a gay manga title, just name it and I’ll read it and review it, okay? 😀




*ps: I do not own the illustrations, they were found on Google, belong to Fumiko Yamada-sensei and were used with illustrative purposes only 🙂