Must-Have Edition of the Month: Deltora Quest complete edition, from Emily Rodda

Hi, there! A week later, my Must-Have Edition of the Month has been chosen: the complete edition of Deltora Quest saga, from Emily Rodda ❤

If you’ve read this post, you know I’m crazy about both Deltora and Emily, haha! So, when I saw that they made a complete edition in hardcover, I went wildly nuts.

deltora quest complete edition.jpg

That is, until I see that there were no pictures of the real book on Google and that it was sold out in pretty much all bookish selling sites that would ship to Brazil. Now I’m just depressed over a beautiful edition that I will never even be able to look at! 😦

I’m sorry this post is so small, but the pain is real. You can check this edition on Goodreads and Amazon.

That’s it, thanks for reading! ❤ Have you ever read Deltora Quest series??