Muskov’s Asylum: Tales and Memories [Wish Publishing House]

Hello, darlings! I’m back with a review for a Brazilian Portuguese written book: Muskov’s Asylum: Tales and Memories, an anthology by Wish Publishing House! 🙂 As the blog is originally written in English, I’ll post my English review first and then leave you with a link to the Brazilian Portuguese review. Fasten your seat belts, this review is one of those rides!

Built in 1812, Muskov Asylum brought misfortunes for its patients, doctors, nurses and neighbors for 133 years before its collapse, at World War II. In this anthology set in an especially cold Russia, 28 authors tell us through Muskov Asylum’s memories some of the horrors and injustices that its patients have been through.

The only thing to be sure about Muskov Asylum, from its rise to downfall, is that no human is safe from its insanity.

Me after finishing this book:

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TBR of the Week: Stepping out of Midnight, by Lee Brailsford

Good morning and good Sunday! By the time this post goes live, I’ll be running in a sunny park with my cousins. Yay, you can’t imagine how I love physical exercise. *raises sarcasm sign*

I’ve been a bit chatty about my personal life, sorry, haha! This is the last Sunday of 2015 and, as my next year will be full of uncertainties, I’ve chosen a book that matches my vibe to be my TBR of the Week 😀

The chosen one was Stepping out of Midnight, from Lee Brailsford! His publisher kindly sent me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review, that shall be coming soon. Thank you again!


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