10th anniversary Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief edition – Rick Riordan

Good night, guys! I’m sorry for the delay on this post – I had promissed it at my Instagram account for last night, but life isn’t always as we plan, lol.

This week’s must-have edition is nothing less than Barnes & Noble’s 10th anniversary edition of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, from Rick Riordan *–*
this image is Rick Riodan's
this image is Rick Riodan’s 🙂
I first saw it at Rick’s profile at Goodreads and he already listed for me some of the reasons to buy the new edition:
– It features the beautiful new covers by John Rocco, and a special sticker in the front, signaling the 10th anniversary of the edition;
– It comes with pictures of all editions of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief around the world, which is amazing;
– We finally have maps for the Camp Half-Blood and for the Underworld;
– It comes with personal archive files from Rick Riordan about the series;
– John Rocco explains how he did the art for The Lightning Thief cover.
These are just some of the new features. The book also is in hardcover edition and rumors say that it might contain the first story of PJ’s series as well. LOL. Just kidding.
That’s it, thanks for reading! Are you excited about this release too??