Match Made in Mondays: changing the personality of a character!

Good morning, nice first Monday of the year to you! By the time this post goes live, I’ll be with my younger cousin sightseeing my city, so I can’t wait to show him all the hot spots and good food ❤

Geez, I’ve been awfully personal lately, sorry lol

Anyway, the year is new, but my participation at my sweet friend Audrey’s meme Match Made in Mondays is not 😀 She’s from the Forwards and Bookwords, go check her out if you like funny book reviews ❤

Today’s theme is:

New year, new me! THIS CHARACTER + a better personality (What character had a personality that made you cringe and wish that they were different? What character was it, and how would you change them?)

I’m back to I don’t know, haha! I have never thought about it… But I think I’ll go with Jeremy Lovett, from the Night World series, by L. J. Smith. He appears on the second book, Daughters of Night 🙂


I can’t say why I would change his personality without reveling huge spoilers, but trust me. He needs a change of heart. Simple like that!

If I got you interested in the Night World series, you can check my review for book one (Secret Vampire) and the review for Daughters of Darkness is coming soon! [I’ll update this post when available <3]

That’s it, haha! Thank you for reading and sorry I couldn’t elaborate more on Jeremy’s, oops!