NEW BOOK ALERT: Kissing the Best Man, by Elaine Ashford

Hello, guys! Hope eveyone had a great start in the week – I know, that’s hard on a Monday, but I’m an eternal optimistic in life, haha! And I have *great* news!!

So, there was I working last Friday, minding my own business, when I receive this newsletter from Elaine Ashford, an author that I found out about less than a month ago (or at least feels like that) and that I’ve been dying to read. And as if it wasn’t enough to tempt me with hot men playing hockey at college, now she got me good: a couple falling in love in someone else’s wedding.




But without anymore suspense, let me give you all the hot details about this 34k words novella that gripped my heart good and that is on the top of my wishlist 🙂

kissing the best man

Kissing The Best Man

by Elaine Ashford

Release date: June 7th, 2016

Publisher: Lovelight Press


Is new love hearing wedding bells?

Four years ago, Seth’s parents kicked his brother out of the house. Now he’s getting married, and Seth wants to make amends with the brother he hasn’t spoken to since then. Turning up unexpectedly on the doorstep of your estranged, gay brother isn’t the greatest plan in the world, but Seth’s determined not to let their years of separation make him miss his brother’s wedding. He’s not expecting to get swept up in wedding planning immediately, like they’ve never been apart.

 Kent’s just trying to write a best man speech for his best friend’s wedding. But he can’t seem to stay on track when he’s talking to his best friend’s younger brother, no matter how hard he tries. When Seth finds himself falling, what can Kent do but catch him?

 As the wedding looms closer, so does the spectre of the home Seth’s been trying to escape. Will he have to give up Kent to please his parents, or can he keep this man who’s come to mean so much to him?

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SERIOUSLY, ISN’T THIS BOOK PERFECTION?! I just need it, like right now. NOW.

the club can't even handle me

Sorry, I promise I’ll put myself together now. But can we just talk about how beautiful and perfect this cover is? Because it is!!!

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You can get Kissing the Best Man for only 0.99 cents at Amazon! =O


That’s it, sorry for the fangirling, but OMG I NEED THIS BOOK, haha!