BOOK BLITZ: Chameleon, by Zoe Kalo

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Hello and nice Monday, dearies! Welcome to the blitz for Chameleon, by Zoe Kalo! =D In this post, you’ll find an awesome excerpt, a playlist, a Q&A with the author, my cover analysis for the book and a thrilling giveaway!

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by Zoe Kalo

Genre: YA Gothic/Multicultural

Release date: February 15th, 2017


An isolated convent, a supernatural presence, a dark secret…

17-year-old Paloma only wanted to hold a séance to contact her dead father. She never thought she would be kicked out of school and end up in an isolated convent. Now, all she wants is to be left alone. But slowly, she develops a bond with a group of girls: kind-hearted Maria, insolent Silvy, pathological liar Adelita, and their charismatic leader Rubia.

When, yet again, Paloma holds a séance in the hope of contacting her father, she awakens an entity that has been dormant for years. And then, the body count begins. Someone doesn’t want the secret out…

Are the ghost and Paloma’s suspicions real—or only part of her growing paranoia and delusions?


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BOOK TOUR + INTERVIEW: Convincing the Secretary, from Ava March!

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Hi, there! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?! I’m part of an Ava March Book Tour!! *happily dancing around the room*

Fangirlings aside, welcome to my stop on the Convincing the Secretary Book Tour 😀


Convincing the Secretary

London Legal series #3

Ava March

ISBN13: 9781619222526

Length: 34,600 words (novella)

Genre: GLBT: Historical, Red Hot: Historical

Publication Date: March 8, 2016

Business and pleasure is a mix no gentleman should consider.

Lord Grayson Holloway goes after what he wants—be it in the law office on his clients’ behalf or in the bedchamber. His new position as partner puts him closer to achieving his goal of becoming the most successful solicitor in London. There’s just one problem—his new secretary. Broad of shoulder yet mild of manner, Edward tempts Gray like no other. Yet the young man barely notices him.

Edward Fenton tries to be a good secretary, but being in Lord Grayson’s hard, commanding presence rouses Edward’s most forbidden desires. Wicked, naughty desires no gentleman should consider giving in to, let alone with his new employer.

Gray is more than willing to mix business with pleasure. But convincing Edward to take a chance on a future with him? That might be the most challenging case Gray has ever taken on.

Warning: Includes buttoned-up gentlemen who become undone, improper use of a desk, spankings, and a big bad lord who has a soft spot for his virgin secretary.


Where to find Convincing the Secretary

Samhain Publishing | Amazon | iBooks | Google Play | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | ARe

As the dutiful fan that I am, I already have reviews for all three books! Just click on their covers bellow to access their reviews 😀

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Also, being the brilliant and lovely human being that Ava is, she agreed to a quick interview!


  1. First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on the latest releases and thank you for stopping by on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange! The first question is about the hottest release in town, Convincing the Secretary, third book in the London Legal series. I couldn’t help but notice that Edward and Gray were your first couple that didn’t find “the missing piece of their souls” on their relationship. I mean, comparing them to Arthur and Leopold and several other couples, they were more independent from each other. Why this sudden change of modus operandi on your character’s personalities? Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, I’m just nosy, haha!

Thanks for the congratulations, and thanks for having me on your blog, Annelise! As for Edward and Gray, I wanted to do something a bit different with the guys. I wanted them to figure out how to better themselves on their own, and I think this is why their relationship dynamic feels different than other couples from my books. Their self-improvement is intertwined with their developing relationship, but it’s also independent in a way. Their character growth then set them up to be able to resolve conflict and have a healthy relationship together.


  1. The next question takes us back to Leopold and Arthur. On both Convincing Arthur and Convincing Leopold, it is clear that Leopold suffers with a certain mental condition. As mental illness was one of society’s taboos, Leopold isn’t able to give us more details on his condition and us readers are left in the dark. Would his suffering be due a primitive and genetically predisposed form of depression?

I don’t believe Leopold inherited a predisposition toward depression. About 50% of people who develop depression have someone in their family tree with depression, and Leopold would fall into the other 50%. His father had no experience dealing with someone with depression, given he went from calling doctors for an adolescent Leopold to giving Leopold whatever he desired in an effort to make him happy. So I’d say no one his father knew besides Leopold had dealt with it, which would include Leopold’s mother. Losing his mother early in life likely put him more at risk than the average person to develop depression.


  1. Can we expect more books in the London Legal series?

I would say 99% chance of no more books in that series. I’m not planning a 4th book and I don’t currently have any ideas for a 4th book. But one never knows when/if the muse will strike.


  1. What can you tell us about To Kiss a Thief, your next programed release?

To Kiss a Thief features Sam, who is Cavin’s younger brother from Brook Street: Thief. It takes place 6 years after Thief, when Sam is 19 years old. The book will have a bit of a new adult feel, as both Sam and his hero are ‘college age’ (though neither are at university) and both navigating their first real relationship together. Sam’s character intrigued me in Thief – a smart, perceptive, loyal kid who earned his living as a thief until Cavin got him an honest job at Lord Benjamin’s town house. I wanted to see what he’d be like when he got older. As might be inferred from the book’s title, Sam hasn’t completely put his thieving ways behind him and they get him into a spot of trouble with a curious American. Their relationship is sweet, hot and includes quite a few inappropriate questions 🙂 The novella will be available as part of a duology with Cooper Davis, and we are currently targeting a fall 2016 release.


  1. You have two paperback published books besides the vast collection of digital books, The Bound Series and All In With The Duke, the first one in the Gambling on Love series (and a secret autographed copy of Sharp Love just waiting for the next online giveaway to put my name on it, haha!). Can we expect more paperback versions of your books to decorate our shelves? Any plans to do to Brook Street series or London Legal series the same thing that was done to The Bound Series? (Ava reunited the trilogy plus two short stories with the series characters and published one book for them all.)

My publishers hold the print rights for the Brook Street and London Legal series, so ultimately it is up to the publishers on if a print version is made available. If the print rights ever revert to me, I would release print versions like I did with the Bound series. I like having books available in as many formats as possible, to give readers options.

[Dear publishers, please release her books in paperback. Thanks]

  1. From all your works, only From Afar is a paranormal romance, and one with a great potential for a sequel, if you don’t mind me saying. Do you think of writing another paranormal story in your signature Regency London setting?

I’ve thought about it. When I wrote From Afar, I found the paranormal elements very refreshing. I could make my own rules versus strictly following the rules of the Regency period. I have a concept for a sequel to From Afar, which would be set in Rome. But in the years following From Afar’s release, I was busy with other contracted books and didn’t have time to write a sequel. I also have a werewolf story outlined that’s been sitting in my book concepts folder for some time. So maybe one of these days I’ll try my hand at a paranormal again.


How I love this woman.

me with Ava

Anyway, thanks again for bearing with me for the interview, Ava! And bellow, you can learn more about this amazing writer that currently holds my heart but you already knew that if you’re here for a while:

Ava March is a bestselling author of sexy, emotionally intense M/M historical erotic romances. She loves writing in the Regency time period, where proper decorum is of the utmost importance, but where anything can happen behind closed doors. With over fifteen works to her credit, her books have been finalists in the Rainbow Awards and More Than Magic contest, and deemed ‘must-haves’ for Historical M/M romance by RT Book Reviews readers. Visit her website at to find out more about her books or to sign-up for her newsletter.

Ava’s blog | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

If you’re into historical gay romances, you just HAVE TO read Ava’s books ❤


That’s it, thank you so much for reading and bearing with my fangirlings 😀


Interview: Anya Valentino, author of Misunderstood: Secrets of a Teen Queen!

Hi, there! Hope you are having an amazing weekend ❤ Today it’s a big day for me, as this is the first official author interview going live on the blog!


Our start today is Anya Valentino, author of Misunderstood: Secrets of a Teen Queen!

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You can check my review for Misunderstood here and, without anymore gibber jaber, let’s go to the interview!


  1. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I think writing is a calling and, deep down, I’ve always known that, even if I’ve worked as a professional businesswoman for years now and only seriously acknowledged my call of writing on a vacation to LA back in 2008. There, I met an insightful, older man named Elliott. He saw right through me!
You can check out the story in short on my website: 😉


  1. How did the idea for the “Misunderstood-series” come to you?

I love irony of life and doing things my own way!
“Misunderstood” expresses the irony of the glamorous lifestyle of the protagonist, Enya Utzon, being “on the cover” and “in the spotlight” as her life is perceived as the allegedly and ultimate key to happiness by many. Enya’s life, however, might not be as desirable once one cracks her surface!

Also, there’re so many books out there staring the “underdog”, so I wanted to switch things around and write a book from the most popular girl’s point of view and her struggles in life being a social leader and handling that among other things – even if she at times isn’t very relatable to the reader!


  1. Which book genre do you prefer reading? Do you think your tastes as a reader have an influence on your own work?

Personally, I love books that put life into a larger perspective so I cannot limit my taste of reading down to one genre. Also, it really depends a lot on the writer and the writing style as well.

To name a few writers, I can mention Paulo Coelho, Jostein Gaarder, Sophie Kinsella and James Redfield.

As to my own writing, more than anything, it’s life in general: choices, experiences, and the people I meet and places I go that inspires me!


  1. James seems to have some kind of problem with all the other boys in Enya’s V.I.P friend group, but he never leaves them. Why is that?

High school can be an intense and scary place where girls and boys deal with finding themselves as they’re growing up and handling adulthood.

There are several reasons that James stays with the group. For one, they have been his friends throughout high school so partly because of the fact that he feels loyal to them – especially Enya, who’s a dear friend to him. Second of all, they’re all on the football team together and have to work as a team, which James takes seriously.

Being alone in high school can be scary for James even if he is a strong character that has gotten stronger throughout his last year of high school going through his parent’s divorce and realizing true life values, and he is not afraid to stand up for himself or others; Even so, it’s nice to have friends and somewhere to “belong”.


  1. If you could switch places with Enya for only one day, what would be the first thing that you would do?

The first thing I would do is probably to go to an upscale event and just have fun. That’s really the main part of Enya’s life that’s desirable to my mind! J

The irony is that Enya’s purposively desirably lifestyle being a Teen Queen, fashionista, jetsetter and society girl in the end, isn’t that desirable after all! 😉


  1. You comment on the acknowledgment section of Misunderstood that you plan a sequel for the book. What can you say about the plot for now? Do we have a release date already?

The sequel to “Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen” will reveal more about Enya Utzon, her secrets, travels to Paris among other places, insight into her privileged and luxurious life in LA as she now has moved to her own apartment, as well as her search for what true love really means.

Not to mention, Enya’s future as an A-list movie star, and how she handles the increasing pressure of other people’s expectations while maintaining the “crown”, figuring what’s really matters in her life, and hoping that the one guy – James – that has her heart stops denying their inevitable chemistry together.

The title of the sequel will be “Misunderstood – Queen of the Red Carpet” and will start off in the future at the Oscars. 😉

The sequel will be released around the end of 2016 or in 2017, all depending.


That’s it! I am so excited for this sequel ❤ Thanks for reading and thanks to Anya, for being available for the review and a sweetie all the time! You can learn more about Anya and Misunderstood at her website and follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!