Happy New Year!

Hello, guys! Happy late New Year! I hope everybody has a wonderful 2016, full of realizations, love and health 😀


I’m sorry I’ve been absent those last two days – they were INSANE. I’m not usually a person with a very busy social life, so you can understand my own astonishment in telling you that I simply didn’t stay home during the day and arrived to fall on my bed, dead, right? Haha!

Anyway, I’d like to thank you for sticking around despite the weird first half of year of the blog, haha! I started The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange on Blogspot in May and changed to WordPress in June 22th. Since then, there were 1.495 pageviews, 633 visitors, 129 published posts and 123 followers by e-mail subscription – I think it’s almost 30 via WordPress only.

Guys, honestly. THANK YOU.

I started the blog to have a hobby to compensate my head from my dissertation and this became my life. I was never a compromised person online before – I had many blogs in the past that never got to turn a month old, I could never stick to a social media site before Instagram and now I can’t life without both the book blogger and bookstagram community. You are a second family for me, thank you for everything!

I don’t plan on making any big changes for now, as I already did it in last November. We still have weekly, fortnightly and monthly sections + book/manga/comic book reviews + special random posts. You can see those sections in detail here, but let’s do a quick recap:

Weekly sections

Match Made in Mondays meme

TBR of the Week

Manga of the Week

Fortnightly sections

Authors from my heart ❤ (Book authors and mangakas)


Monthly sections

Must-have edition of the month

Book haul + wrap up + TBR for the next month

New releases of the next month

So far, that’s what we got over here 😀 And there is a new thing: after I had the time to go back home and have a routine again, I’ll prepare a post with a partial balance of my bookish boyfriends since I started the blog. All men that I can think of based on my 2015 reads will be there. Later on, I’ll prepare a page to leave the list there and will do a monthly post with the updates to you guys before including more names there 😀 Do you think this will be fun??

Oh, and I’d love suggestions on new sections, posts that you want to see, anything! 😀 Just leave your comments bellow and let’s talk!

Hmm, that’s it! Thanks for reading once again and Happy 2016! ❤