Top 10 Tuesday: Top Ten Good Beach Reads

Hello, hello! Get your sunglasses, plastic glittery ball and the sun blocker because this post will be A TRIP TO THE BEACH!

wait what anna frozen

I know what most of you’re thinking: but Annelise, how are we going to be on a beach mood with Christmas AROUND THE CORNER and SUCH A COLD WEATHER?

hannah montana miley cyrus true

I’ll tell you how: come visit my lovely panda hideaway! In Brazil, today is the first day of… SUMMER. It’s so hot in here that Britney Spears totally wouldn’t be able to Breathe On anyone. #breatheonmestupidjoke #sorrynotsorry #it’sabadpun #I’mkeepingit


As my poor panda fur starts to make me sweat like a pig and I find my white parts getting red on this merciless sun, why not try to bring some warmth to my Winterish book dearies? It’s the only logical thing to do before I pass out from the damn heat =D #dramaticpanda


By the way, I almost lost the whole point as usual, but we’re here gathered today because this meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and my theme today is Top 10 Good Beach Reads! You know, in case you didn’t notice?

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