March’s Wrap Up + Book Haul + April TBR


THE TIME HAS ARRIVED, PEEPS. March is over, the math is done and we’ll finally know how this panda fared in this last reading month =D You’ll also find which books I got for exchanged bamboos (they are precious, just saying!) and my TBR list for April in this post ❤

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April TBR!

Hello, there! If you have a weak heart, please stop reading this post right now, as my April TBR is INSANE.

daughter of smoke and bone.JPG

Don’t you believe me because you only see one book in the picture? Okay, here we go:

  • The Copper, from Bonnie Dee
  • Annabeth Neverending, from Leyla Kader Dahm
  • Princess of Tyrone, from Katie Hamstead
  • The Requiem Red, from Brynn Chapman
  • True Colors, from Krysten Lindsay Hager
  • The Wedding Date, from Kelly Eadon
  • Love Me Never, from Sara Wolf
  • Broken Down, from Amanda K. Byrne
  • Nobody’s Goddess, from Amy McNulty
  • The Way Home, from Linda Oaks
  • Beneath The Surface, from M. A. Church
  • Nobody’s Lady, from Amy McNulty
  • The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller, from M. Pepper Langlinais
  • Alice in Underland, from DeAnna Knippling
  • Emerge, from Tobie Easton
  • Cracking the Career Code, from Tom Henricksen
  • Anomalies, from Sadie Turner and Colette Freedman
  • Omen Operation, from Taylor Brooke
  • Ashes in Waterloo, from Olivia Andem
  • Painting The Sky, from Rita Branches
  • Falling Light, from Dayana Morency
  • Wish, from Grier Cooper

They are all ebooks, darling.

And, as I don’t have enough books for the month, I’ll also be participating of two buddyreads:

Also, I’ll try to keep reading the following books sometime this month (you see, not finish, just… keep reading):

  • A Court of Thorns and Roses, from Sarah J. Maas
  • Emma, from Jane Austen
  • Two Towers, from J. R. R. Tolkien

If I manage this TBR, it will mean that Hermione’s time-tuner is real. #justsaying

That’s it, thanks for reading and wish me luck! Have you already decided on your April TBR??