Something Blue, from Kristy Nicolle


Hello, lovelies! Welcome to my review for Something Blue, from Kristy Nicolle =D I found this author thanks to my lovely penguin friend Beth, from Betwixt the Pages, so go follow her awesomeness, please 😉 I received my review copy from Quill & Ink Book Tours in exchange for an honest review and the time has arrived! Thanks, guys!



In the city of Monopolis, where happily ever after is just a scientific formula away, Valentine Morland has been waiting nine years for her day to come. Now it’s here, and she will marry the man of her dreams, a stranger to her, before being swept off to life of carefree luxury and bliss, courtesy of the Jigsaw Project.

However, all is not as Valentine imagined as her new husband is quickly discovered as not the man of her dreams, but one who claims he isn’t capable of love at all. Harbouring an intense paranoia for the system, which upholds the very idealist fantasy that Valentine holds so dear, Clark threatens to throw her into a world, not of bliss, but of scary consequence where her every emotion is under scrutiny.

Can it be that the scientific formula with a 99% success rate got it all wrong, or is everything in the world of Bliss Inc. more sinister than it seems?


Me after finishing this book:

tumblr does it depress you to know how alone you really are joker batman.gif

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The Bone Witch, by Rin Chupeco (The Bone Witch #1)


Hi, guys! Hope you are all prepared to talk about one of the most expected books for March: The Bone Witch, by Rin Chupeco! ❤ Since I first glimpsed this book, I just knew I HAD to read it and I did, which means time for a review!

I received my review copy from the publisher through The Fantastic Flying Book Club in exchange for an honest review during FFBC’s tour for this book. Thank you all once again!!

the bone witch


The beast raged; it punctured the air with its spite. But the girl was fiercer. 

Tea is different from the other witches in her family. Her gift for necromancy makes her a bone witch, who are feared and ostracized in the kingdom. For theirs is a powerful, elemental magic that can reach beyond the boundaries of the living—and of the human.

Great power comes at a price, forcing Tea to leave her homeland to train under the guidance of an older, wiser bone witch. There, Tea puts all of her energy into becoming an asha, learning to control her elemental magic and those beasts who will submit by no other force. And Tea must be strong—stronger than she even believes possible. Because war is brewing in the eight kingdoms, war that will threaten the sovereignty of her homeland…and threaten the very survival of those she loves.

Me after finishing this book:

tumblr kuzco disney bring it on

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Emerge, from Tobi Easton (Mer Chronicles #1)

Emerge banner.png

Hi, there! Welcome to a very fangirl review involving mermaids! ❤ Of course I’m talking about Emerge, first book in the Mer Chronicles series from Tobi Easton, the new mermaid pearl in the bookish realm! (You saw what I did there, haha!) Chapter by Chapter organized this cool release day for the book and I’ve received my copy from Month9Books in exchange for an honest review, so I united both posts into only one, haha! Let’s do this!! ❤

from my Instagram!

 the story

Lia is literally a fish out of the water. Being a teenager is complicated, but being a teenager that is also a mermaid – and one that has never lived on the sea – is way worse. She can’t even confess to her high school crush, Clay Ericson, and tell him how handsome his smile is, as he is a human. Never mind the fact that her parents want her to fit into the human world, Lia still is forbidden to date one.

For one year, Lia was in control of her emotions. She put distance between herself and Clay, focused on studying and keeping her legs firmly on the ground – literally. She wasn’t happy, but wasn’t unhappy either, as this is just how things are for her race since the disaster with The Little Mermaid. Yup, that one.

Until Mel becomes the new girl and an octopus on Clay, with her hands and body all over him. It’s beyond painful for Lia to watch them together, but there is nothing she can do to compete with a human girl… Which Mel totally isn’t.

Over Lia’s dead body that she will allow another mermaid to play with Clay’s feelings.

The war is on.


the analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

First things first: OMG EMERGE IS SO GOOD I LOVED IT SO MUCH I CAN’T STOP FANGIRLING ABOUT IT AND I APOLOGIZE TO MY OFFLINE FRIENDS FOR BEING UNSUFERABLE TODAY BUT I CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT EMERGE! It was such an amazing and heartwarming book! Without any doubt, Emerge is one of the best YA books that I’ve read! Also, it officially stole the position of best mermaid book that I’ve already read, but unfortunately there wasn’t many participants on that contest (I’ve only read three mermaid books besides Emerge, that was my fourth. A SHAME, I KNOW!). Tobi did a marvelous job and I have so many technical questions that I wish I could talk to Caspian! And date him. And live in Emerge’s universe forever. *sigh* FIVE STARS!

And yes, this is going to be one of those fangirling all over reviews.

friends jumping happy

The narrative style was first person from Lia’s point of view all the time and I can’t express how much surprised I am with myself that I liked Lia so much. Even when she screwed up! I’ll talk more about her personality in a bit, but I really would love to congratulate Easton on making me love her female YA protagonist, as this is hard to happen, haha! Also, the writing style was very good. The reader feels like Lia is their own consciousness and that she is theirs. It’s so easy to just close my eyes and picture myself standing beside her as things go on. She managed to be observant and focused all at once. Lia takes all her surroundings without forgetting that she’s on a mission, having a conversation or just relaxing. Characters like Lia and writers like Easton are the ones that transform writing and reading in acts of magic.

you're wonderful

The plot was very good. Simple, but good. There were minor twists during it, but nothing that blows the mind away. Since day one of Mel in our tails [haha], I knew she was trouble and she indeed was trouble until the very end. I really liked to see how Easton developed the story, the romance and the characters’ relationships. There is no instalove, as Lia and Clay have known each other for one year before the book starts, and there is no amorous triangle, as we know how deep Caspian’s feelings for Lia are and she makes a point of leaving him forever friendzoned (and now I decided that this is a word. I’m a rebel lol). And have I mentioned how much I loved Easton’s construction of the Mer world?


I did, I loved it and I need more! When can I get another book? 😀

I'm waiting

Now, the characters.

Have I mentioned how awesome is Lia?? SHE IS FABULOUS! Seriously. She’s perfect in all her imperfection, besides being a strong and dutiful protagonist – two rare things in female main characters in YA. She puts her family well-being above her own just as much as a teenager can manage and she sticks with what she believes, but also loves to learn new things and see new places. She can be both dutiful and a freedom lover. HOW DID YOU MANAGED THAT, EASTON?!

let me love you

And then there are her males. The childhood best friend and my future husband, Caspian, and the not-so-far-from-actually-being charmed prince, Clay. Clay is human and Lia knows they can’t be together, that they don’t have a future for many reasons, but the previous year holds many events that made inevitable for Lia to fall for Clay despite everything. Clay is the really good boy that acts like he’s bad type, which I personally also find very hot, haha! But who really enchanted me was Caspian, who also was mer. He is so amazingly intelligent and handsome and a merman and we have so much in common! (Many of my offline friends will tell you that I am actually a mermaid in disguise, as I have a strong bound with the sea and the water element overall since I’m a child, haha! Funny thing is that I’m a Leo, hmmm… Caspian and I are bound to be a thing!

Lia’s sisters are also a handful! Em is the strict one, the twins are the wild ones and Lia is the balance. She’s not that strict and not that wild, haha! I felt like I belonged so hard in her family that now I want to go and live with them! 😦

Now, my favorite part ok, not really, but I loved it a lot: Lia’s cousin, Amy. She lives Above with Lia’s family and she has a sweet and cute secret that I actually squealed when was revealed, haha!

anna kendrick squealing.gif

I can’t say more due spoilers, but believe me: the small things will surprise you in Emerge.

Oh, and can I just tell how sweet was the romance between Lia and Clay? IT WAS SO SWOON AND SHIP WORTHING! I loved to see them together and am really satisfied with how things turned out to be, haha!

these are the moments that make life worth living

Overall, if you love mermaids, YA, strong females and a book swoon worthy, you need to read Emerge now! FORGET THAT I HAVE A BLOG AND THAT INTERNET EXISTS ALTOGETHER UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED AND THEN, PLEASE COME BACK AND FANGIRL WITH ME ABOUT IT!!! ❤


goodreads icon

Thanks so much for reading! *–* Bellow, you can check the usual information that I bring you on release blitzes: where to find Emerge, more about Tobi Easton, the mermaid goddess also known as the author, and info on a fun giveaway 🙂

purchase links

You can find Emerge in HARCOVER (!!!!), paperback and ebook formats *–*

Google Play | BAM | Chapters | Indie | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | TBD | iBooks

the author

Tobie Easton

Tobie Easton was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she’s grown from a little girl who dreamed about magic to a twenty-something who writes about it. A summa cum laude graduate of the University of Southern California, Tobie hosts book clubs for tweens and teens. She and her very kissable husband enjoy traveling the globe and fostering packs of rescue puppies. Learn more about Tobie and her upcoming books at her website.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram |Goodreads


Gather here, fellow addicted to giveaways like myself! There will be six lucky winners total and there are three distinct prizes:


  • Three lucky international winners will take home each a digital copy of Emerge


  • One lucky winner will receive an Amazon Fire Tablet;
  • Another lucky winner will receive Emerge stickers and bookmarks, one set of mermaid flash tattoos, a seashell necklace, and a signed paperback of Emerge;

No matter which prizes you aim to win, there’s only one link for the giveaway and it is this one: GIVEAWAY! Good luck and I hope you my lovely friends are among the winners! Sorry for not giving further instruction, but I’m not responsible for the giveaway – I just spread the word like the good addicted that I am 🙂

That’s it, thanks so much for reading! And thanks to Month9Books once again for my review copy, I loved Emerge


chapter by chapter

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Baked Sweet Glasses, from Ayano Yamane

Hello, again! Brace yourself for one more manga review! 😀

I set a goal for myself: no more manga reading until all my reviews are up to date, so you’ll understand me when I say that every day of the next week shall have a manga review, right? 🙂 I can’t live without reading manga, haha!

But let’s go to the star of the day: Baked Sweet Glasses, from Ayano Yamane!

Just for fun, guess which the genre of this title is: ( ) shoujo ( ) adventure ( ) yaoi ( ) other

The correct answer is on the end of the post, haha!

from my Instagram 😀

The Story

Mikami is a top class busy businessman, with a tight schedule and little time to trivial things of life – much less to spend with insistent and annoying salesman Fujiya, who insists on trying to sell his companies products to Mikami’s on the worst places ever.

Fujiya knows Mikami’s reputation, but he has a secret reason to insist so hard with the businessman. They have already met a long time ago under very different circumstances…

As Fujiya fights to get both Mikami’s respect and attention, Mikami realizes how little he has been really living – starting by his gastronomic indulgences. Despite having a real sweet tooth, Mikami simple has not the time to go to his favorite bakery on a weekly basis and grab the perfect desert only served there.

Maybe the way to his heart is simpler and sweeter than Fujiya expects.

The Analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

If you are around the blog for a while, you may already know how I love Yamane-sensei’s works. I’ve read my fair share of them, but not even close to enough. She simple doesn’t know how to make a poor job: the plot is always well executed, the art is exquisite and the characters, more than human. Truly people next door. Baked Sweet Glasses is a really short story (unfortunately), but slays every element needed in a good manga. Five stars without any doubt 🙂

The narrative follows mostly Mikami’s point of view, but we have small glimpses of Fujiya’s as well. The story pace is fast, as it is a short story, but not rushed. Yamane-sensei just don’t get to deep in descriptions or reflections herself, leaving this role to her reader. Honestly, I loved it. After reading Baked Sweet Glasses, I started to think about all the small things that we won’t do every day because we take them for granted. Like playing with our pets, eating good food or simply taking a walk on a cool place. It took me something like ten minutes to read this, but I stood staring my bedroom’s wall for almost an hour, lost in thoughts and reflections.


Anyway, sorry for going with the wind here, haha! The plot was simple, but full of twists. As it is so real, we don’t know how the story is going to end. Will Mikami and Fujiya get together? Will Mikami change his ways? Will Fujiya focus and grow up? It’s a big mystery until the last pages, haha! It worked very well for me. As long as the plot is well executed, the length of the title matters not. And if you didn’t take the hint, Yamane-sensei did a hell of a job here, haha!

As in almost all manga titles of this genre (gotcha ya, I bet you thought I was going to spill the beans!), the couple are the main characters and we barely know anyone else in the plot. Funny thing is that deeply bothers me in books and makes me give a shit on mangas. I’m weird, haha! Mikami was the typical strong and decided top, all dominance and impatience and beauty. I really connected to him because he was so well succeeded and yet too lonely. He had everything… yet he didn’t. Although deep serious guys don’t suit me in any way, I love appreciating them from afar, haha!

Fujiya could be classified as Mikami’s opposite, but they have things in common. Just like Mikami, Fujiya works hard to get what he wants and stands for what he thinks it is the right thing to do, no matter the consequences. Both also love good book, specially sweets. And that’s it, haha! End of similarities. Fujiya is the typical common bottom that catches the eye of his top by chance, always smiling, being positive and gentle no matter what. I like the balance between their looks as well: as Mikami is insanely beautiful, Fujiya’s regular beauty balances the reader’s eyes. I have serious concentrating problems when both parties on the relationship are divinely beautiful, oops!

But my babbling is worthless without some illustrative images*:

from left to right: Mikami and Fujiya ❤
look how well they look together ❤ I took the liberty of erasing the text due to spoilers 🙂
honestly, this man.

Now you see what I mean? Yamane-sensei simply doesn’t miss a single item on the list of “what to do to release a five stars manga title”. Her draws are delicate, firm and male, even when she does soft bottoms. I like the cleanness and maleness of it all. Darn, I think I’m drooling.



Bonus point: the sex scenes. Yes, there are sex scenes among all this cuteness and Yamano-sensei kicks ass on them! They are usually filled with fantasies, but the desire of the couple is so real and palpable that the reader doesn’t get bothered. The best delivered fan service in the field, I assure you as I have quite some experience with this genre.

Overall, I think this is a good option if you want a quick, fun and cute read with some steamy hot scenes 🙂


That’s it, thanks for reading! On the next week, the blog shall have one manga review per day, so I can put myself on the tracks. Please, bear with me, haha!

Oh, and the correct answer was… Yes, that’s right, yaoi! A.K.A. gay mangas and all 🙂




*ps: I do not own the illustrations, they were found on Google, belong to Ayano Yamane-sensei and were used with illustrative purposes only 🙂