TBR of the Week: A Love for the Pages, from Joy Penny

Hi, there! Good Sunday to you 🙂 Hope you had a lovely weekend so far.

If you’re here for a while, you know that Sunday means TBR of the Week day. If you’re not, er, well, today usually is TBR of the Week day.

Today’s choice is a book that I received from author Joy Penny in exchange for an honest review: A Love for the Pages ❤ Thank you again, Joy!

a love for the pages ebook sample.jpg

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TBR of the Week: Melophobia, from James Morris

Hello, guys! Sorry, I know the posts are still messed up, but I’m just back from a 8 hour long trip by car and my younger cousin is staying over, so time is still avoiding me, haha! Hopefully I can go back on my tracks before the end of the week…

Anyway, welcome to the first Sunday of 2016! Yes, it’s TBR of the Week day 😀 And I chose a book sent to me by one of the most talented authors ever, James Morris ❤ I’ve read What Lies Within [review here!] from him last year and can’t wait to read his new novel, Melophobia!


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TBR of the Week: Stepping out of Midnight, by Lee Brailsford

Good morning and good Sunday! By the time this post goes live, I’ll be running in a sunny park with my cousins. Yay, you can’t imagine how I love physical exercise. *raises sarcasm sign*

I’ve been a bit chatty about my personal life, sorry, haha! This is the last Sunday of 2015 and, as my next year will be full of uncertainties, I’ve chosen a book that matches my vibe to be my TBR of the Week 😀

The chosen one was Stepping out of Midnight, from Lee Brailsford! His publisher kindly sent me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review, that shall be coming soon. Thank you again!


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TBR of the Week: Escape to Gettis… And Love, by Gerri Bowen

Hello, good morning! We have reached yet another Sunday in December and it’s TBR of the Week day! 😀 I’m still trying to knock out my TBR pile with readathon that I’m participating, but I’ve only read a full book in two days… Oh God. Anyway, today’s TBR of the Week is a book I received from the author herself, called Escape to Gettis… And Love! Thank you again, Gerri Bowen! Can’t wait to read it 😀


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