TBR of the Week: Baby Daddies, by Harper Logan (The Neeson Boys #3)


Hellooooo, world! It’s Sunday and on Sundays pandas start new books! I just started Baby Daddies, by Harper Logan – third book in The Neeson Boys series =D Let’s talk about this beauty, haha!

baby daddies.jpg


When a baby is dropped on Phil Erwin’s doorstep, he has three questions: Why’s it here? Where’d it come from? And how does he get rid of it? The English professor’s worked hard to distance himself from his trashy family, and he’s got enough going on without taking on his irresponsible sister’s problems. To make matters even worse, an airheaded student is there to witness the embarrassing event.

Jay Neeson has never seen his calm, contemptuous thesis supervisor thrown so far off-balance. Phil’s dazzling intelligence – not to mention his rough-hewn good looks – have always intimidated the masters candidate. Since Jay adores kids, he offers to nanny the chubby-cheeked little girl. Winning Phil’s approval is a potential bonus.

Phil’s sense of duty means he’s stuck with the infant for the moment. As he learns to change diapers and heat up formula, he also begins to appreciate Jay’s intelligence and caring. Forced to spend time more together, the two men realize they care for each other – and for Darlene. But as the three start to feel like a family, Phil and Jay’s custody comes into question.

With outsiders trying to take their baby away from them, will Phil and Jay be torn apart too? Or will they manage to give Darlene a loving home?


I’m on Harper Logan’s VIP ARC team, so there’s a new book, PUFF! It shows up on my inbox. I love contemporary gay romance and I’m more than fine with such arrangements, BUT I AM SO LATE! Harper already sent along ANOTHER book and I HAVEN’T EVEN READ THIS ONE. I need to pick up my shit and turn Pandabot on, haha!


BONUS: you can check here my reviews for other books by Haper Logan!

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Thank you for reading! Have you guys ever picked up one of Harper’s titles? =D

With love,



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