BOOK BLITZ: Song & Fins, by B. Kristin McMichael (The Merworld Trilogy #2)


Hello, there! Welcome to the book blitz for the second book in The Merworld Trilogy, by B. Kristin McMichael: Songs & Fins ❤ In this post, you’ll find overall info about the book and the author, an excerpt, my cover analysis and a Q&A with the author!

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Songs & Fins

by B. Kristin McMichael        

The Merworld Trilogy #2

Published by: Lexia Press

Publication date: March 14th, 2017

Genres: YA Paranormal, Mermaids


Whitney was amazed she finally had a boyfriend, and was prepared for a new life with him in the siren night human world. And the fact he was a lead singer in a rock band in his free time wasn’t bad, either. Too bad having a boyfriend didn’t mean she was going to see him, as his father’s punishment included separating them. Whitney is certain she can handle it, but sure enough, that isn’t the only wrench thrown into her new life. There’s a new threat in town, a scarier one than the backstabbing siren clan she’s part of now. They are night human hunters, and Whitney is an outlawed night human breed. Could her luck get any better? Quiet and peaceful would be ideal, but that’s not what she’s about to get.



Songs & Fins is available in ebook format at Amazon =)



Sam and his band mates continued to play, but he never took his eyes off her. Her jealousy faded easily, feeling across the bond that there was nothing to be jealous of. Sam didn’t notice a single other person in the room, even though it was filled with people screaming for the band. As the song finished, Jade poked Whitney in the ribs.

Finally realizing that her friends were looking at her strangely, Whitney turned to them.

“I get he’s hot, but, man, you can stop drooling,” Jax complained. “You have a boyfriend, after all, and I doubt he would appreciate you staring at another man.”

“If a guy that hot was staring at me like that, I’d be drooling, too,” Jade replied. “Won’t your boyfriend be jealous when he finally shows up?”

The beat began as the next song started. Whitney tugged on Jade’s arm to pull her closer since it was so loud. Whitney didn’t get a chance to speak as Sam stepped to the edge of the stage and held out his hand to her. Jade’s mouth dropped open. Whitney was able to get out one last thing before Sam pulled her up onto the stage.

“My boyfriend,” Whitney said quickly and laughed as Jax pounded Jade on the back to stop her surprise. Jax laughed at his sister as Sam whisked Whitney away. Whitney would have laughed, too, but as soon as she touched Sam’s hand, the world around her faded away. That feeling from the weekend before was back. Everything seemed to fit right into place, and it all felt right.


Q&A with B. Kristin McMichael!

Q: First off, what is the night human world?

B. Kristin McMichael (BKM): The night human world was first created in the Blue Eyes Trilogy. Basically, it’s a paranormal world filled with all those creatures that stay up all night and live off of human blood, hence the name night humans. This includes but is not limited to vampires, werewolves, and all those wonderful paranormals. There are also the non-paranormals called day humans that the night humans feed off of.

Q: What makes one a night human?

BKM: All the clans in the night human world are different. Some change shape, some change in size, some can’t go outside in daylight, while others can. They vary greatly, but what they all have in common is that their food is blood.

Q: So your new series is also set in this world, what sort of night human is this one about?

BKM: My newest series is the Merworld Trilogy. As the title suggests, this series focuses on mermaids, but these are blood-sucking mermaids. It’s not required to read the Skinwalkers series before this one, but if you did, then you already know the main protagonist Whitney (she was the best friend to Cassie). The Merworld follows her to the beaches of Florida and her accidental encounter with the merfolk that live there.

Q: This isn’t your first night human series. What are the other ones?

BKM: Yes, this happens to be the fourth series I’ve written that takes place in the same night human world. Each trilogy can be read on their own, but if you start with The Legend of the Blue Eyes, you meet characters that might show up in other series also. The first trilogy focuses on a young girl that turns into a vampire-like creature on her sixteenth birthday. The second series I wrote is The Day Human Trilogy, which follows the character Devin as her travels into the sidhe faerie village and finds a new path in life. The third series is The Skinwalkers’ Witchling which focuses on a witchling girl that finds out her whole community is made up of witches or skinwalkers who turn into monsters at night. And the Merworld Trilogy is the fourth in the night human world. I’m already working on a fifth series in that world also.

Q: How would you describe the main character of Whitney in the first book, WATER & BLOOD?

BKM: Whitey is a fun character to write. She is as girly as they come, with pink everything. Sometimes comes off a bit daring and ready to jump into situations without a care in the world, but underneath she is smart and cunning. She also is a very loyal friend, which you see in the Witchling Series. In Water and Blood she is just trying to survive her last year in high school. Having to move to Florida unexpectedly after the death of her parents, she is starting over but has no direction. She’s no longer a night human and has to find a new goal in life as a day human. In Water and Blood, her direction basically falls into her lap and sets her on a new path in life.

Q: In WATER & BLOOD, we get to see a bit into Sam, the male protagonist. Will we learn more about him in Songs and Fins?

BKM: Yes, and even more in Scales and Legends. Sam is central to the story and I don’t want to give away his part in Water and Blood for those that haven’t read it yet. And yes, there is a lot more behind the cute guy that has been watching Whitney without her knowing.

Q: Any last comments you want to make?

BKM: Water and Blood is a fun new series in the night human world and you don’t have to read all the others first. I personally love to read books with the same characters, but as an author, after a few books, I feel like their story is told and I like to move onto new characters. That is what I’ve been doing by staying in the same world of night humans. The first book in the night human world is The Legend of the Blue Eyes, it’s always a free ebook for anyone to try and see if they like the night human world and then there are 10 more you can read in that world, soon to be more. And on a more personal level, being an author for the past four years has been great. All the fans and people willing to give a new author a try have been wonderful. It can be a lot of work (right now we are editing two books, writing a new book, listening and coordinating three audio books, getting new covers made, and working with a translator for another book all while marketing the books out there- it is a super busy job) but all the time spent getting the best book out there for people to read has been worth it. Thank you to all the fans that have read my book and thank you for anyone out there that has been willing to give my books a chance.


While there are parts of the photoshopping that could have been better, overall this is a good cover. The color pallet, the position of the elements, the beautiful art made on the model’s chest and the setting were very good. I personally liked how the designers didn’t allow the wordings to get lost among so many colors and images – believe me, this is SO CHALLENGING! Unfortunately, this cover isn’t so striking beautiful as the first book’s one. Decent, but forgettable.


Water & Blood, The Merworld Trilogy #1


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B. Kristin McMichael graduated with her PhD in biology at Ohio State where she worked as a scientist before taking her passion of writing full-time. Besides writing, she enjoys chasing her kids, playing outside, and baking cookies. She lives in Ohio with her husband and three children.

B. Kristin is the author of YA and clean NA paranormal fiction. Her “Night Human World” includes the YA series “The Blue Eyes Trilogy” about a midwestern girl who comes of age in a world of battling vampire clans, the “The Day Human Trilogy” that takes place among the Appalachian Sidhe fairies, and “The Skinwalkers Witchling” trilogy that follows an apprentice witch in the Pacific Northwest. She’s also the author of the NA paranormal time travel romance series “The Chalcedony Chronicles”.

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That’s it! Thank you so much for reading ❤ I really need to purchase this series ASAP! Mermaids are one of my favorite paranormal themes *–*

With love,


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