About life, Brazilian Carnaval and following through New Year’s resolutions – but most of all, an apology

Hello, beautiful people! How are you?? =D

First of all, I must apologize for the amount of posts I’ll have to publish today. I had an unexpected problem with wordpress and it hadn’t been publishing my scheduled posts since February 23rd. It suuucks so much! I have already re-arranged the reviews and other posts for the following days, but things such as book blitzes and tours, that I compromised myself to publish on the missed days must go today asap. Meaning, as soon as this post is over. I’m really sorry!

But Annelise, how come you’re only solving the problem on Feb 28th if this has been happening since Feb 23rd??

hannah montana miley cyrus true

I must apologize for this too! I have been relying too much on the scheduling tool and this is completely related with my New Year resolutions. We’ll get there in a moment. As for why I’m only fixing the problem today: I honestly to God hadn’t the time to sit my pretty butt in front of my computer and figure out what was happening with WordPress since Feb 22nd =(

When I started the blog, I was finishing my college dissertation and I needed an escape from life and my offline world. I didn’t have loads of free time, but I wasn’t working either, so I could manage the blog very well when I wasn’t losing my mind and my hairs to my dissertation, haha!

my life back then hahaha


Life happened and all, but I always managed to have a second or two for the blog – even when my precious baby Lady passed away, my hiatus was shorter than I expected, given everything. Until VERY, VERY recently, I used to be an extremely indoors kind of person. Most of my hobbies are still indoors, true enough, but something clicked inside of me in the end of 2016. I don’t know how to explain or to pinpoint exactly what happened, but suddenly I wanted so much more from my own life, you know? I… I felt like I was already dead and people forgot to send me the memo.

To say that I panicked with this epiphany would be a gross understatement, haha! I had about three days of freaking out and utter desperation because I was aiming for drastic changes. Nothing would make me feel better; not food, not books, not anything that usually soothes me. I think not even Ian Somerhalder or Britney Spears themselves appearing on my place on that time would have made me feel better. And seriously, I’m insanely crazy about them.

As I spiraled crazy, I realized I didn’t need to make drastic changes to be happy. Actually, the answers to my biggest problems were only too simple: I needed a change of scenery. I needed to take a hold of my own life. It wasn’t easy or comfortable at all, but I decided I needed to break free of my own shell or I’d literally die. I have already been diagnosed with depression a few years back and after a really long and painful treatment, I don’t feel like being dragged into this particular hole ever again if I can have a say in it.


The first step was given on my annually vacation. I usually travel to this awesome Brazilian city called Curitiba, but I always stay indoors when I get there. Well, not this time. I went out so much, I did so many things, that the days I spent working on my desk started to feel like another life. Part 1 of my mission was accomplished ❤

My royal panda self out in an adventure


When the New Year Eve arrived, I decided I would for once actually attempt to be a new person on 2017. I would say less ‘no’ to new experiences and things. I wouldn’t complicate anything that doesn’t have to be complicated. I would find more solutions than problems. I would reborn.

And I did.

The third step was actually apply those changes. I didn’t want to feel like I was being obligate into anything, so I took things slow. I tagged along into my older cousin’s fitness life and he taught me how to prepare my body for exercises, how to run (apparently we are able to get this wrong, haha!), and how to make smarter choices when eating without actually starting a diet. It wasn’t part of my plans, but I actually put down some weight during my vacation, haha!

Did I mention that I also dyed my hair? Now I’m technically a red panda lol


Fourth step was keeping up with this enthusiasm at home. It’s way easier to change yourself when you’re on a new place, so I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t fall back on my shell as soon as I hit home. After several talks at home, the first change I’ve made was to quit my job. The place sucked my soul and my living energy, so it had to go asap. #anothermissionaccomplished

However, I didn’t even had the time to enjoy my new found free time, haha! I arrived back on January 28th, so I used my days before going back to the agency to clean my bedroom and organize my stuff and get a gym associate card. I quitted my job on Feb 1st and started to go out with all the friends I didn’t see for ages thanks to the cursed place. From Feb 2nd to 10th, I jumped from one social function to another like crazy. One particular friend insisted for me to stay on her house for nothing less than FOUR DAYS. IN A ROLL.


When I finally hit the social freak for a bit, I started to be serious about the gym. I go there every day except Sundays (the place is closed, what can I do? Haha!) and the results are already starting to show. I feel stronger and my resistance is crazy good! I thought I would hate it, but I actually fell in love with the place, the people, everything! It also helps that one of my childhood best friends goes to the gym with me almost every day, so we can train together ❤ ❤

What I’m trying to say here is that, while I feel a boss for this turn in my life, I’m also struggling to adjust all aspects of it, oops! I used to have all wee hours to prepare my posts or to just post my heart away, I had plenty of time to read, to play, to anything, and now my indoors time was severely affected. My reading slowed down a little (I’m on a human rhythm now, seven books behind on my Goodreads’ challenge) and my blog writing too.

The way I found for this was to save one or two days in the week to write as many posts as possible and schedule them, answering comments always asap. Hence the bottom of our problem since Feb 23rd. In Brazil, we are currently on the last day of one of our biggest holidays in the year; you may have heard of it around the internet or on movies: Carnaval.

credits: Google


To see more images and understand better what I’m talking about, click here

While I didn’t hit the streets to celebrate (I’d need new friends in order to accomplish this), my family and I always receive people over and do a major clean-up on our house to see if we can donate stuff to charity or if we’re storing too much trash. Between the receptions and the organizing matters – I live in an apartment, storage space can be SO TRICKY – I ended up my days so dead I’d fall asleep as soon as my shower was over, haha!


This year, I created a dresses closet in my bedroom, reorganized my manga and book collection and my parents’ book collection. I feel like a champion for more reasons than one. Oh, and did I mentioned we only got our Christmas’ tree down this Saturday? HAHAHAHAHAHA

All that said, I’d like to apologize to you, my lovely reader. You take precious minutes off your life to read my blog and I haven’t been feeling worthy of you. I’ll work harder to dedicate more time in my day to make sure the blog is running smoothly and to bring my reviews to you as fast as I can ❤

Thank you so much for bearing with me so far. All 340 of you are the best ❤ And, again, I’m sorry for the 43758948903 posts of today >.<

With much love and a bit sleepy,


2 thoughts on “About life, Brazilian Carnaval and following through New Year’s resolutions – but most of all, an apology

    • Awww, thank you, Amanda!! ❤ You are the best!! But I do feel awful for not being able to be around more, not only on my blog, but on my friends' blogs too! And I still couldn't manage to come back to Instagram, that I was forced to drop last year thanks to my job… ugh. One step at a time, one step at a time… But thank you for your support, trully!!!

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